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The RevCore Premium Stand Bag is a strong entry into the field of elevated carry bags.  Two top designs available.  Single and double straps.  Fairly heavy.  Premium materials and good storage options.


Earlier this year we introduced you to RevCore and their Cart Bag [review HERE].  This newcomer is jumping head first into the premium golf bag market with high end materials and a premium, classic look.  They’ve now added the RevCore Premium Stand Bag to their line up for the golfer that wants a bit more versatility.  We tested it to see how it compares to the likes of Vessel and Stitch.


The RevCore Premium Stand Bag has a classy, understated look like its Cart Bag brother.  The branding is done in a subtle tone-on-tone embroidery with one word logo on each side of the bag.  It seems that the scales are clearly tipping away from the “golf bag as billboard” era.

What stands out most about the Premium Stand Bag is the material.  Per RevCore, it’s a “foam backed premium synthetic leather” that looks nothing like the thin nylon that has dominated the industry for the last decade plus.


There are stand bags focused on light weight and stand bags that are feature-packed, more like cart bags with legs.  The RevCore Premium Stand Bag is in the latter group.

For its basic storage, the Premium Stand Bag opts for fewer, larger pockets.  The ball pocket is huge, and there’s a magnetic, velour-lined pocket on top of that.  On the left side of the bag, there’s one large zippered pocket, big enough for snacks, gadgets, or a jacket.  The right side has an enormous, full-length apparel pocket and an appropriately-sized valuables pocket.

Each side of the bag also has an insulated sleeve for keeping drinks handy.  In keeping with this bag’s elevated look, there are no call out “Cooler Here!” markings.  I didn’t even realize the insulated sleeves existed until I started my deep dive.

Finally, the standard bag features are all present.  There’s an umbrella holder, Velcro tab for gloves, and a large towel ring which you can use to clip accessories like brushes.  The RevCore Premium Stand Bag also comes with a rain hood made from the same heavy duty synthetic leather as the bag.


One of the first things that sets apart the RevCore Premium Stand Bag is the ability to choose your top.  Seen above is the 14-way topRevCore also offers a 6-way top with a 1-2-2-1 configuration.  In both cases, all the dividers are full-length to allow you to easily pull your clubs in and out.  Additionally, the dividers have a soft lining so they won’t scratch up your shafts.

Sticking with the theme of options, RevCore doesn’t make you choose between a single and double strap – they give you both.  Whether you opt for the traditional option or the backpack straps, you’re going to get thick padding for maximum comfort.  Changing straps can be done in a few seconds with four clips.

In addition, the RevCore Premium Stand Bag has three smartly placed handles.  There is a heavy duty plastic handle along the back of the bag, and a handle molded into the top.  A third handle is tucked underneath the ball pocket for easy loading and unloading from your trunk.

The one downside of the premium materials and hardware is the weight.  At 6.75 pounds with a 14-way top and 6.6 with a 6-way top, the RevCore Premium Stand Bag is on the heavy side for a carry bag.  This isn’t so heavy that you can’t carry it regularly, but it’s probably a better choice for the player who walks, rides, and pushes.  If you’re going to carry this bag often, be mindful about how much gear you pack into it.

Finally, the RevCore Premium Stand Bag has a strong stand mechanism.  The legs pop in and out easily, and there’s a Velcro strap for keeping the legs in when you’re riding or pushing.  While I prefer stands that are activated with the entire base of the bag rather than a “foot,” this mechanism feels sturdy, like everything else on this bag.


At $279 the RevCore Premium Stand Bag comes in on the more affordable side of the premium carry bag market, but the heavy duty materials will keep it in service and looking great for many seasons.  This bag is packed with storage and smart features whether you walk, push, or ride.

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