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The RevCore cart bag has a classic, upscale look with modern features.  Loads of storage.  Velvet-lined top cradles your clubs.


For almost my entire golfing life, the golf bag market has been dominated by nylon bags with giant logos.  Over the last couple years, however, we’ve seen the emergence of more classic, upscale golf bags from brands like Vessel.  The newest entrant into that market is RevCore, a sister brand to CaddyDaddy and the excellent Claw golf gloves [Claw reviews HERE].  Their first bag, the RevCore cart bag, has the look of a classic leather Tour bag but with modern features.


When I unboxed the RevCore cart bag, I was struck by the quality look of the bag.  Similar to bags like the Vessel LUX XV 2.0 [review HERE], the synthetic leather gives it a look that’s miles from the typical nylon bag.  The zippers and zipper pulls also have a heavy duty look and feel.

Another thing that elevates the look is the subtlety of the branding.  The RevCore logos on other side of the bag are moderate in size, but they’re embossed in the material making them almost invisible at a glance.

The RevCore cart bag is available in two colorways: navy (shown here) and black with grey trim.


Though the look harkens back to classic Tour bags, the features list for the RevCore cart bag is decidedly modern.  That starts with a total of nine pockets – enough room to stash your gear, your apparel, and your snacks without straining.

On the front of the bag, there are three pockets.  The ball pocket is cavernous, and the two mid-sized pockets above that are great for rangefinders, GPS, speakers, or other devices that you’ll want within arm’s reach.

The right and left sides of the bag are laid out identically.  Each side has a full-length apparel pocket, so you can carry rain gear and cold weather gear.  There are also twin insulated cooler pockets with drains.  If you’re really taking your “golf and chill” game to the next level with cold drinks, the drains are a must.  Finally, each side has a felt-lined valuables pocket.

In addition to all this storage, the RevCore cart bag has a metal towel ring with glove attachment on either side of the bag.  This may seem like overkill, but it gives you the option of having a dry towel and a wet towel or rotating several gloves when it’s hot and humid.  Finally, there’s an umbrella holder and rain hood for those that play in all conditions.


Judging any cart bag starts with the top, and the RevCore cart bag passes with flying colors.  As you can see, this bag has a 14-way top which includes a massive putter well.  Like the best bags in this category, each compartment has a full-length divider which makes sliding clubs in and out effortless.  Something novel is the velvet lining of the dividers, which extends about 5″ into each slot.  This soft lining babies your clubs’ shafts, which is something to consider, especially if you play graphite throughout the bag.

The other unique feature of the RevCore cart bag is the “Stay Flat Base.”  As you can see, there are three different levels to the base and a substantial carve out in the middle.  This allows it to sit securely on a wide variety of push carts.  Also, while no substitute for a stand, I did find that it was a little more stable on grass than cart bags with simple, flat bases.

Everything else about the performance of the RevCore cart bag is very solid.  All of the pockets “face forward” for easier access when strapped onto a cart.  There are molded rubber handles on the top which make the bag easy to load and unload.  Additionally, there’s a handle underneath the ball pocket and another underneath the shoulder strap.  With an unloaded weight of just more than nine pounds, the RevCore is average in weight but can be carried easily with the well-padded shoulder strap.


If you’ve been searching for a cart bag with a more classic look, this is it.  The RevCore cart bag has a clean aesthetic but is loaded with all the features you’d want from a modern bag.  At a price of $299, it’s not cheap, but the premium materials will help it outlast many less expensive bags.

Buy the RevCore Cart Bag HERE

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  1. Looks good and price isn’t too bad for premium materials. On the heavy side though.

  2. Jim W Rosteck

    Good review. If this bag is not cheap does that mean Vessel is expensive? Although I really like both of mine.

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