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REKS combines bendable, flexible frames with quality lenses to create stylish and colorful sunglasses.  A great value at $50 if you can find the combination that suits your eyes.


When I hear about a brand I’m unfamiliar with, the first thing I do is glance at their website.  What I saw on the REKS Optics site were words like unbreakable, bendable and extraordinary optics, along with pictures of some nice looking sunglasses.  Intriguing.  Then I noticed all the sunglasses were $60 or less.  Sounding too good to be true, it was time to get my hands on a few pairs.

Here’s what’s in the pictures:

Sling-Blade (black and white), with brown Lumolux Lens

Wrap Around, with smoke Lumolux lens

Seafarer, black, with blue mirror Lumolux lens


For golf, REKS recommends the brown Lumolux lens to “ensure clarity, and give you extra contrast”.  I found the pure visual clarity of the lens very good, and the color conducive to keeping the greens of grasses and plants crisp.  While the contrast was noticeably heightened, my eyes felt like they were working to achieve it.

The smoke Lumolux lens was much better on my eyes – no fatigue at all.  Clarity was again very good and although the grey tint didn’t boost contrast, it didn’t make things look dull or flat like low quality lenses often do.  I’ve enjoyed the Wrap Around sunglasses for many rounds now.  Regardless of color, all Lumolux lenses are polarized.

As far as the unbreakable feature – it’s real.  I significantly bent the temples and body of the frames, and they sprung back to their original shape instantly.  The frames are designed so the lenses pop out before they break.  When that happened, it was simple to put them back in.  Be mindful that the lenses will scratch, so don’t sit on them just because you can.

Before you berate me for not discussing performance of the blue mirror lens, you need to know that I only included the Seafarer in the photos because I thought they looked cool.  That, and to show the variety of styles REKS offers.  The Seafarer is one of three frame styles in the leisure category, of which there are six frame color and seven lens color choices.

Style & Fit

Both the Sling-Blade and Wrap Around have a satin touch coating that not only looks and feels groovy, it also keeps the sunglasses in place.  The Sling-Blade frames are a bit wider (I was able to slide a finger between the temple and the corner of my eye) as you can see in the picture above.

The Sling-Blade lens only came down to the bottom of my eye socket, which for me was a little short.  Without any bottom to the frame there’s no blockage of vision, but the transition from lens to open was distracting for me.  This model also didn’t stay in place once perspiration started flowing.  The flexibility feature doesn’t allow for any adjustment, and the sunglasses continually slid down my nose.

The Wrap Around frame was a much better fit for me.  With the closer fit and deeper lens, I enjoyed a wide field of vision and felt better protected from the sun’s harmful rays.  I believe the frame going completely around the lenses provided less flex ear to ear thus providing enough tension to hold the sunglasses more securely.


Offering a handful of classic styles with plenty of frame and lens color options, REKS is a fun new brand.  Add quality lenses and pricing maxed at $60 and the brand becomes compelling.  Oh, and don’t forget a 2 year warranty on breakage.  I had issues with the brown lens, and the Sling-Blade frame wasn’t a good match, but I wouldn’t hesitate to wear the Wrap Around’s with smoke lenses any day on the golf course – or about town.

Buy REKS Sunglasses HERE

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Matt Meeker

Matt lives in sunny Orlando with his wife who allows his golf obsession to stretch the limits of normalcy. He's also a proud coach with The First Tee of Central Florida who loves teaching kids about golf and life skills.

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  1. Do the Reks sunglasses come with prescription lenses.

  2. Fernando Campos

    Matt, which lens is better for reading the greens on the golf course? I am 75 years young but need extra light to see the breaks on the greens! Which lens would you recommend?
    Thank you,

    • Matt Meeker

      I’m glad you are protecting those eyes Fernando. REKS has changed lenses since this review, but based on what I can see on their website, their Golf Lens at 30% light transmission appears to be what you are seeking. Let us know your results.

      – Meeks


    Just got mine yesterday 🕶️ prescription lenses sling – blade sunglasses, wow,!!!!!!! awesone , unreal price😎
    Just arrived at the Sports Book here in Vegas showing them off to all my regular friends even a few strangers. Once in a while a product comes along that’s 100% perfect and these are that product.

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