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Red Rooster Golf has a glove to meet the need of any golfer.  Whether your main goal is comfort or performance, they have an option for you.  This goes for the younger players too, as they offer junior sizes.


Following the success of subscription boxes for everything from razors to wine to meals, Red Rooster thought, “Why not do the same for golf gloves?”  If you sign up, they ship gloves on a monthly basis to you.  This is convenient and cost-effective, but there’s also a little philanthropy at play, too.  That’s because, for most of the adult gloves you purchase, a junior glove will be donated.

Cost and convenience aside, a golf glove succeeds or fails based on how it feels.  Feel is subjective so having more options in your repertoire is never a bad thing.  That’s why it’s exciting that there’s such variance in Red Rooster Golf’s lineup of gloves.  While there are a number of styles, they fit into two categories: Classic and Sport.


Across the board, Red Rooster gloves are solid in the looks category.  There is an elegant, handsome chicness to the Classic line.  The Comb is their red model.  Also available in the Classic line are a number of other colors: black, grey, silver, white, and white with a black thumb.  As someone who actually likes to wear different colored gloves with my outfits, I love the options.  The red, black, and silver are absolute standouts that I would wear every round if I could.  Each of the six options has their own name, and are made of AAA Cabretta leather, available for $25 per glove.

That’s not without a caveat though.  The Comb I received came with a note saying that the dye will sometimes bleed from the glove onto the skin if compromised through heat, humidity, body chemistry, and prolonged wear.  So, although these are handsome gloves, they will lose their color and look with time.

The Sport line is still good-looking, but instead of looking classic, they look…well, sporty.  They are all white with secondary colors like black, red, or grey to accent the areas that utilize different materials.


Between the two lines, the feel is noticeably different.  The Classic line is the better feeling of the two.  There’s a fundamental difference in the material used with the Classic line utilizing AAA Cabretta leather.

My experience with the Comb was that it’s a snug fit that relaxes a bit with time, and the feel is buttery smooth.  It’s a glove I didn’t want to take off.  Even though I don’t putt with a glove, it made me want to keep it on during putts.

The Sports line doesn’t feel as luxe.  But at the same time, it’s not really supposed to.  They’re designed for more flexibility and durability.  For example, their Silkie model pairs Cabretta leather with spandex for a bit more flexibility and range of motion.  My experience with the Cape model is that it lies somewhere between the luxurious feel of the Comb from above and the less premium feel of the Range Rooster.

The Range Rooster isn’t recommended for use on the golf course.  Instead it’s designed to be used primarily on the range.  Using microfiber technology, this glove felt the most flexible by far, and a bit loose in the same size.  While it felt comfortable enough and easily allowed me to articulate my fingers, there was a noticeable decrease in the soft feel in the palm.  The extra padding and different material that help durability make the glove not feel as good as the other options.


Just like in the looks category, the performance of the gloves between the Classic and Sports lines are noticeably different.  Those of you who have played with Cabretta leather gloves will know that the leather doesn’t last forever.  I’d say these are average when it comes to their durability when compared to other AAA Cabretta leather gloves from other manufacturers.

One standout to me in performance was the Range Rooster glove.  This one did last.  The Range Rooster is billed as the glove to slap on when you just want to work out your swing on the range.  While I don’t think I would enjoy wearing this glove during a round of golf, I was able to get into the zone on the range.  After hundreds of shots, it didn’t look at all worse for wear.


Outside of gloves, there is one other thing that Red Rooster is known for: their “Glove Compartment.”  Not too different from what you’d find in your car, the Rooster glove compartment is a handy little box to safely store your wallet, keys, phone, and glove.  Storing them well lengthens the amount of time the gloves will retain their usefulness.

Coming in three colors, black, grey, and red, these compartments feature a zippered hard case on the outside, with a plush lining on the inside.  After zipping it open, one side is dedicated to the glove while on the other side, there’s a pocket for anything else you’d want to store.  It’s large enough to carry 3-4 gloves in that right pocket and also features Velcro pads on the outside to stick a glove to it while you putt.


As a brand, I really like what Red Rooster Golf is doing.  Any time golf is made more accessible for others is a huge win in my eyes.  Not only are they doing that through value golf gloves, they’re helping to grow the game with the donations of junior golf gloves.  While Red Rooster didn’t reinvent the golf glove, they have streamlined the buying process through the monthly subscription.  They are worth a try, especially if you’re consistently wearing through gloves.

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