PXG Dagger Putter Review

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Adding modern MOI design elements to an old school design, the PXG Dagger is a putter that offers forgiveness for golfers who relish feel.


PXG is known for pushing the envelope.  Their mallet putters are as varied as their stable of pros.  So why not step back and take on a classic design, add some screws and a $500 price tag?  Why not indeed.


When I first saw the PXG Dagger, “old school” came to mind.  Then of course the screws, I mean, weight ports, drew my attention.  For me, the screws are distracting.  I get adjustability, but how about putting them in the sole?  The thick, elegant back flange deserves its clean, sleek curves.  I’m not a fan of the screws in the face plate either when there aren’t options to swap it out.

Sound & Feel

I was a little harsh in the looks department, but I will say the PXG Dagger has incredible feel.  The aluminum insert and elastomer behind it produced a pleasing medium ‘tock’ at impact.

As one might expect in a more classic design, there was plenty of feedback on mishits.  Off the heel, the tock was a bit higher pitched and the putt felt dead.  A hit towards the toe really twisted in my hands.


With a 6 o’clock toe hang, the PXG Dagger is designed for toe flow through the putting stroke.  Instead of trying to produce a mechanical stroke, I found myself feeling in control – letting the mind and small muscles direct the ball into the hole.

The overall design, including the positioning of the added weight of the tungsten screws, makes this putter much more forgiving than its design inspiration.  The Dagger also comes in a centered shafted version and with a milled face that actually “saves” you a hundo.


The PXG Dagger turns out to be an enjoyable putter.  It provides great feel and good forgiveness.  There’s no mistaking it’s a PXG, but some golfers find that appealing.  If this putter was available 50 years ago, the record books would be a whole lot different today.

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  1. Greg Harper

    Just got one love the feel and control and it’s not bad on the eyes.

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