PXG 0341 X GEN4 Fairway Wood Review

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The PXG 0341 X GEN4 fairway wood is powerful and versatile.  It sports bold looks at address and is adjustable and customizable.  A step forward for PXG.


While the drivers and irons in the GEN4 line have three different models to suit three different types of players, the fairway wood and hybrid (review HERE) have just one.  This indicates that the company feels the product is versatile enough to go into the bags of high and low handicappers alike.  I took the 0341 X fairway wood for a spin in the fitting bay and on the course to see how it performs.

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If you’ve caught any of the GEN4 driver or hybrid reviews to this point, this section should sound pretty familiar.  The most striking visual aspect of the 0341 X is the crown and its AV carbon fiber tech.  A bold silver contrasting with the black of the rest of the club, the material is carbon fiber covered with a thin layer of aluminum vapor (AV).  While this obviously serves a visual purpose of framing the ball and making the club stand out, it also removes weight and adds a bit of tensile strength in key areas.

In terms of shape, the club’s silhouette presents a nice blend of round and teardrop.  It is by no means an oversized clubhead.  The face is noticeably taller than previous generations, and the company has stated that is intentional, aiming for better ball speeds, distance, and forgiveness.

On the sole, the 0341 X has a T-shaped section that helps the club move smoothly through the turf.  There are also two changeable weights.  With the heavier weight forward (factory setting) the club is set up for more ball speed and lower spin.  Moving it to the heel makes it draw biased.

Sound & Feel

The 0341 X sounds great.  It reminds me of the sound of an upper deck home run coming off a wood bat.  It’s thundering, solid, and produces no trace of a thin, metallic ‘ting’.

Feedback through the hands is also good.  Those home run balls hit out of the center of the face feel exceptionally good.  While the feeling is not quite as sweet on mishits, the club lets you know where you missed it.


Towards the end of my fitting session, my fitter said, “You might want to consider using this off the tee.”  While I struggled to get comfortable hitting driver during my fitting, the 0341 X GEN4 fairway and I got along right away.  Good distance, reliable launch and spin, admirable forgiveness.

My experience in the fitting bay followed me onto the course as well.  I found that even poor swings with marginal contact produced “good miss” moments.  Good swings and center contact produced sweet satisfaction for me and oohs and ahhs from my playing partners.  As I alluded to above, the club is a pleasure to hit.

This club could absolutely stand in for driver on a day when the big stick is just not cooperating.  Its consistency also makes it work well trying to get near long par 5s in two or even as an approach club into a long par 4.  Launching the ball up in the air and controlling spin have been an issue for me in the past with fairway woods.  This club can help mitigate those deficiencies in my game without having to loft up and lose distance.

Since the loft can be changed +/- 1.5 degrees, we explored the idea of lofting up to 16.5° but the slight increase in launch and peak height didn’t equate to more distance for me.  Since I consider my swing a work-in-progress, I always like to know I have options for adjustability in case launch conditions change significantly in the future.


The performance is there.  The quality is there.  With this club, I think bagging it comes down to two questions.  Can you swing the price and do you dig the look?   Devotees of PXG probably already have this in the bag or on order and are just reading this to pass the time.  For someone new to the brand or on the fence, the best recommendation I can give is to find a PXG store near you and see how the 0341 X suits you.


PXG 0341 X GEN4 Fairway Wood Price & Specs

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  1. Michael Lubarsky

    Just purchased both 3 and 5 woods to replace SIM 2 Max D. Gained about 5-6 yards of carry distance and 10-12 yards of total distance with each club! Really like the look at set-up.

  2. Do you recall if it sits square or a little open? Definitely interested in adding it to the bag but can’t handle a fairway that looks close faced at address – thanks in advance for your response.

    • Dylan Thaemert

      Hi Brian,

      It looks pretty square to my eye but I’d encourage you to confirm that for yourself if you can.


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