PXG 0317 X GEN4 Hybrid Review

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PXG’s GEN4 hybrid offers a bold new look paired with exceptional performance.  Long and straight.  Sweet sound and feel.


PXG isn’t afraid to show a little bravado.  That sense of daring is the first thing golfers are likely to notice when they pick up the new GEN4 woods, but the AV material on the crown has a purpose beyond setting itself apart visually.  The truly important thing with the 0317 X GEN4 hybrid is the performance.


I won’t wait any longer to address it.  The contrasting silver portion in the center of the crown is distinctive and unlike any other club out there at the moment.  The material is carbon fiber sprayed with a thin layer of Aluminum Vapor (AV) material.  You may have seen this look near the butt end of the latest Mitsubishi Tensei shafts, and it is indeed the same material.

The purpose of adding this material is two-fold.  First, it gives the clubs a look unlike anything else.  Second, the AV strengthens the carbon fiber that helps move weight away from the center of the crown.

Aside from the crown, the rest of the club appears fairly traditional.  The shape finds the sweet spot between a slimmer iron-like profile and a stretched, wood-like profile.  The head shape is slightly different from previous generations with the face becoming a bit taller and the head longer.  Looking at the sole of the club, you’ll also notice moveable weights near the face and the heel.

Sound & Feel

Striking one solid sounds pure and satisfying.  There are elements of a metallic ‘ting’ as well as a deeper and more reverberating ‘crack.’  There is enough feedback on the strike to be able to determine the location of mishits as well as get the satisfaction of knowing you hit one right out of the center.


The 0317 X is straight as an arrow.  I need a hybrid to execute proper gapping in my bag, but historically I’ve had a problem with left misses.  Despite having a weight port in the heel that can help promote a draw, I found in its stock setting the 0317 X just wants to fly straight.  The moveable weights are available from 2.5 all the way up to 20 grams to dial in the club for your needs during a fitting.

The other issue I’ve consistently had with hybrid performance is low launch.  The primary purpose of carrying a hybrid is so I can feel confident going for a green from 200 or so yards out.  I had gotten used to figuring out how to get up and down instead.  The 0317 X gets in the air quicker for me than other hybrids I’ve gamed, and I’m looking forward to taking dead aim on longer par 3s and attacking the shorter par 5s this year.

The PXG 0317 X is long, too.  I noticed a couple extra yards of carry, which is good because it needs to be able to keep up with the GEN4 irons, which are quite long.  Dispersion is also top notch.  I’m not the most accurate player in the world but I’ve found my misses to be within a workable margin of error.


PXG’s GEN4 woods and hybrids sport a bold look.  Underneath it, there’s all the performance and innovation the brand is known for.  The hybrid, in particular, seems to be a star of the lineup and it’s not surprising considering the acclaim PXG’s hybrids have received in the past.


PXG 0317 X GEN4 Hybrid Price & Specs

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  1. Kevin Wood

    Not being a hybrid fan at first, I too have a gapping problem with that part of my bag so I started to learn how to hit a hybrid. I ended up with a Ben Hogan, though there are so many good options out there, strictly from the price (which pleased my wife) and it seems to get the ball up pretty decent. The PXG line of clubs have fascinated me and this hybrid is no different. Maybe one of these days, especially with the price drops. I’d like to see one of their fitting centers.

    • Dylan Thaemert

      Thanks for your comment, Kevin. I will have a feature on the PXG fitting process coming soon so keep an eye out for that.


  2. Kevin, I can only offer this as an “opinion of one.” I am a big hybrid user – but alas, the price point on the GEN 4 will make me balk. ‘That said, I bought a set of Gen 3 irons and a Driver after a wonderfully thorough and professional fitting experience here in Sarasota, FL. No. I did not buy a set of PXGs to impress anyone. I bought them when I found, for me, the best iron and graphite shaft combination so far in my rather aging career. The fitter was patient and low key — without ever giving me the impression he was trying to upsell me. You owe to yourself when the time is right, to give it a try.

  3. Jonathan Espejo

    I’ve been looking for a new hybrid to replace my old Callaway Apex hybrid. I came across a review from Today’s Golfer where PXG 0211 hybrid is their top choice, now I’m confused about which one to go 0317 or 0211. Any help? PXG fitting is not very accessible here in Australia and I have to order online.

    • Dylan Thaemert

      Hey Jonathan,

      It’s a great question and I think one many people will have as they look at what’s available from PXG and weigh their options. While the 0317 X GEN4 offers the highest of the high end in terms of materials and performance, the 0211 is clearly no slouch (I haven’t personally hit it, but Matt’s review makes that clear: https://pluggedingolf.com/2021-pxg-0211-hybrid-review/). I think ultimately it probably comes down to the value of a dollar for you and just how important it is to have the best and newest in your bag. Finally, PXG has made it easy for people in your situation to get expert advice on choosing the right clubs by calling 1-844-PLAY-PXG. Hope that is helpful for you.


  4. Looking at the PXG Site, the Prototype of this Hybrid is selling for $249 until April 30.

    I used the Gen 1 Hybrid for 4 yrs and this Proto is tempting at the price with a Riptide 80 Hybrid shaft.

  5. Ben Thomas

    Can you just buy the heads without shafts?
    I have gen 2 hybrids and love the shafts i have just want to upgrade the heads without the cost of buying another shaft

    • Dylan Thaemert

      Good question, Ben. I’d give them a call at 1-844-PLAY-PXG and I’m sure they’ll be able to answer that for you very easily.


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