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PXG 0341 X Gen2 Fairway Wood Review

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The PXG 0341 X Gen2 fairway wood produces good ball speed but doesn’t launch the ball easily.


To say I was unimpressed with the first generation of PXG woods would be an understatement.  Relative to their price, they were terrible. But then I tested the 0811 X Gen2 driver and was impressed with the lower price and improved performance.  Can the 0341 X Gen2 fairway wood walk a similar path?


The PXG 0341 X Gen2 fairway wood is a miniaturized version of the Gen2 drivers.  It has the same raised segment in the middle of the crown and PXG’s signature all black color scheme.

To my eye, PXG got the proportions of this FW just right.  The face height made me feel comfortable hitting off the tee and the turf, and the overall head size isn’t too big.

Sound & Feel

My favorite thing about the 0341 X Gen2 fairway wood is the sound.  It combines the prototypical high-pitched “tink” of a fairway wood with a strong “crack” for an impact that’s both satisfying and hot.  When you catch a shot well, you feel like it will go forever.

Like the drivers, feedback is not this club’s strong suit.  The sound is clearly less explosive when you miss the center, but your hands don’t feel impact precisely.


Like all PXG clubs, the 0341 X Gen2 fairway wood is covered in weight screws.  There are two in the heel, two in the toe, and four along the leading edge.  This allows for settings that promote draws, fades, lower spin, or more stability.  The differences between settings isn’t huge, but it is noticeable.

Regardless of the setting, I found that the 0341 X Gen2 produced good ball speed.  The downside is that it doesn’t launch particularly high.  It is fairly consistent, but, for me, the 3W was well short of optimal.  This is another good example of the importance of fitting, as is it entirely possible that I would be longer with the 5W than the 3W.


While not as close to the mainstream price as the driver, the PXG 0341 X Gen2 fairway wood does pull off the feat of being cheaper and better performing than its predecessor.  There are plenty of fairway woods that perform as well or better for less money, but this release brings PXG closer to contention.

PXG 0341 X Gen2 Fairway Wood Price and Specs

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  1. I purchased the 15 degree GEN2 Fairway wood and I was blown away by the ease of hitting this club and the distance. I adjusted by club to 16.5 degrees to make up for the lower launch and lower spin. However I gained big on distance. I am hitting this fairway 15 yards pass my playing partners driver. Outstanding club….worth every penny.

  2. Hey Matt,

    When you’re testing out a club what’s the method you use? Do you try various shaft combinations in the head?

    Also where did you have the weights situated? I’m really curious if you optimize each individual club when testing? Or do you always use the same shaft to mitigate potential shaft discrepancies?

    Thanks! Love all your reviews!


    • Matt Saternus


      Shaft choice depends on the OEM. Most often we test the stock shaft. For OEMs who don’t have a stock shaft, we choose something that will work for the person testing it.
      If a club has adjustable weights, we test the club in a variety of settings to see how much effect the weights have and to try to optimize the results.


  3. Is the 0341 Gen x 2 suitable for a senior player ?

  4. Terence Hayman

    hi Matt, excellent information on the fairway wood. Would you happen to know the volume/cc of the head.

    thank you

  5. Chris Moore

    When u can bomb it 295+ u gotta ❤ it

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