PXG 0311T Irons Review

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50 Words or Less

The PXG 0311T irons are solid players irons, but not hugely impressive.  Unique feel.


While their clubs in other categories are solid (more than solid when it comes to the 0317 hybrid), PXG has really made the biggest impact with their irons, and the Tour version of their 0311 irons is a verifiable hype machine.  The gear heads on the forums, already frothing at the mouth over the 0311, could not wait for the “better player” version.  In this review, we break down whether or not this set is worthy of the hype and the price tag.

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The PXG 0311T is designed to be the Tour version of their 0311 iron.  This means less offset and a thinner top line and sole.  They definitely deliver on the promise of less offset, but there’s a little sleight of hand with the top line.  The top line is actually rather thick, but it’s rounded dramatically on the back edge so that it looks thin at address.  Overall, these are fine looking players irons, very comparable to the PING i Series, but guys who want rail-thin butter knives are going to want to look elsewhere.

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Sound & Feel

The thing that really stands out about the PXG 0311T compared to other premium players irons is the feel.  Where most aim for that soft, buttery forged feeling, the PXG 0311T has a hot feel off the face more like a game improvement club.  The sound – which I can best describe as a “snap” – enhances the hot feeling.  As with anything that cuts against the grain, the sound and feel will be polarizing: some players will love the sense that they’re flushing everything, others will want the more traditional characteristics.

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Let’s keep this short and sweet: are the PXG 0311T irons more forgiving than any other players iron?  No, or at least not by any measurable amount.  Are they forgiving for what they are?  Yes, they will absolutely help you out on small mishits, but it’s not as if these will magically fix a near-shank.  If you’re playing a Tour-style iron, you know about how much forgiveness to expect, and that’s what you’re going to get.

Are the 0311T irons longer than any other players iron?  Again, no.  They are long, certainly in the upper end of the players iron category, but they’re not crazy rocket launchers like Callaway’s Apex irons.

Overall, this is a very solid club – longer than average and more forgiving than average – but not a category leader in either area.

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As with all things PXG, the price tag is going to be an immediate deal breaker for many – a full set will cost around $3,000.  While I don’t think the performance justifies the price – you can get the same or better from clubs that cost much less – these are solid performers with a unique feel, and there’s an undeniable status associated with playing super premium clubs.

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  1. Tom Duckworth

    I’m sorry I just think these clubs are a ripoff. I’m sure they are nice clubs as you say very good but not a category leader in any one area. I have seen them in person at a club fitter here in KC but I would buy Miura or a number of others custom built for me before I would buy these. I know a good fitter would be able to make a set for me that would maximize my game from any number of good companies. I would feel like a poser with these in my bag. I hope that’s not too harsh sounding but that’s how I feel about them.

  2. How’d you say they feel compared to the ie1?

  3. Your tv commercial spokesman is HORRIBLE we instantly mute or change the channel the instant it comes on

  4. Matt- I’m a 3/4 handicap and for the last couple of years I’ve had the titleist-CBs in my bag. How would you compare theses pxg 311t to the titleist 716-cb?

    • Matt Saternus


      They’re not really in the same ballpark. The CB has very little forgiveness and is very thin, very attractive to the better player. The 0311T is not a small club. It’s smaller and thinner in the top line and sole compared to the 0311, but not close to the CB. On the other hand, the 0311T is quite forgiving.



  5. BP Martin

    Lots of haters….why? What’s PXG adobe except create a bit of choice at the club market’s upper end. You can’t afford it ? Boo-hoo. Not everybody wins and not everyone can buy the Ferrari … guess life isn’t fair for you then. For me I love it – sooner or later there will be a trickle down effect from the upper end and all will prosper from it- or have the opportunity to do so at least. Better packaging, better fitting process, better aesthetics – whatever it is it will filter down – always does.

  6. I play an older version of AP2 ,, the 714. What would your input be as far as these two comparisons? I’m upgrading very soon!

    • Matt Saternus


      Are you considering the original 0311T irons or the Gen3? If you’re talking about the Gen3, there’s not much comparison – it will be faster, longer, more forgiving. If you’re comparing to the original 0311T, I can’t offer much because it’s been a long time since I hit those.


  7. Matt, Just bought a new Gen 1 PXG 0311t (fully fitted) for the same price as market price for Titleist T100,

    It was on sale for 50-60% off for GEN 1, and I thought it was the perfect time to buy one as the design in my opinion still looks as timeless and good. I think in that price range older model PXG irons shines very well and it still is a very good iron that performs amazingly well against what the market offers to this day. I was comparing it to T100 and while both have diff pro and cons (Prefer t100 compactness, but prefer PXG that they retain alot of distance in off hits), the Luxury branding in the end won me over- feels like im owning a vintage mustang hahaha.

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