PuttOUT Compact Putting Mirror Review

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The PuttOUT Compact Putting Mirror is exactly what it sounds like: a more portable version of a classic training aid.  Sturdy and well-designed.  Excellent value.


PuttOUT has become one of the most trusted names in training aids thanks to a combination of novel designs and meaningful improvements on the classics.  In 2019, PuttOUT created the best putting mirror available [review HERE].  For 2021, they’re miniaturizing the mirror to make it more useful to players on the go.

Set Up & Ease of Use

No set up required.  The PuttOUT Compact Putting Mirror is ready to go the moment you unbox it.  Drop it on the ground – indoors or out – and you’re ready to get feedback on your set up position.  This mirror has 158 rubber spikes on the bottom to hold it in place on grass or carpet, so you don’t need to stake it down with tees.


Where the original PuttOUT Putting Mirror packed in every possible feature, the Compact Putting Mirror cuts it down to the essentials.  There’s a slot to place the ball in, a series of parallel lines to square your putter face, lines to get your eyes and shoulders parallel to the target, and a series of dots to calibrate backswing length.

The reason that putting mirrors are consistently one of the most-used training aids is that they provide clear, unambiguous feedback.  Regardless of how you want to set up, the mirror provides an immediate assessment of your success.

The PuttOUT Compact Putting Mirror has become a mainstay in my office set up because it adds value without adding work.  Now, when I’m rolling putts on my Pressure Putt Trainer [review HERE], I can know that I’m also setting up consistently.


Weighing under 100 grams and measuring approximately 8.5″ long, the PuttOUT Compact Putting Mirror is designed to live in your golf bag.  If it lives in your bag, it’s going to be with you when you’re practicing, and that means it’s going to get used more often.

A putting mirror isn’t the most fun trainer to use, but the serious player recognizes the value of checking on your putting set up regularly.  The Compact Putting Mirror may not get hours of use at a time, but it’s something you’ll pull out once a week for a few minutes, which is excellent longevity.


The PuttOUT Compact Putting Mirror retails for $29.99.  At less than the price of a dozen Tour balls, this is an excellent value.  Even if you only use it occasionally, it’s a powerful tool, and its size makes it more versatile.


If you haven’t invested in a putting mirror yet, it’s time to do so.  The PuttOUT Compact Putting Mirror is cheap, portable, and provides important feedback on the quality of your set up.

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Matt Saternus


  1. As always, I enjoyed your review of this, Matt — and selfishly, because I just got one and put it in my bag! You are right, it is cheap and always usable. I enjoy your reviews of training aids, as by your own words, you are very choosy (skeptical) about them, and during the current golf “boom” it is easy to buy something online that really isn’t worthwhile. Your reviews of this putting aid and earlier with the DUB were (and are) appreciated. Again, thanks.

  2. How does the Compact Mirror compare to the PuttOUT regular size version for checking shoulder alignment and not just eyeline?

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