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The PURE Pro grip improves on the standard rubber grip with better durability and bold colors.


It used to be that the established leaders in the industry, products like the Golf Pride Tour Velvet and the Titleist ProV1, were revered.  Now, new companies like 3 Up Golf and PURE Grips think they can just come out of nowhere and challenge (and sometimes beat) the traditional powers.  The nerve!   /sarcasm

In all seriousness, the standard rubber grip has been the Tour Velvet since courses were maintained by sheep.  Thanks to PURE Grips, however, we can now enjoy a standard rubber grip that doesn’t turn into a slick mess after a handful of rounds.

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The PURE Pro is offered in 7 bold colors.  Given the durability and vibrance of the colors, this alone would make PURE’s grips some of the best looking, but PURE has an ace up their sleeve – customization.

With the PURE Pro or P2 Wrap, you have the ability to order 13 custom designed grips.  You can choose from 7 grip colors and 11 paint colors; 77 possible combinations to fit any color scheme.  Additionally, you can add 14 characters of text in 9 different fonts and one of 12 different symbols.  This is a level of customization that you won’t find from any other grip company and all at a very reasonable price (under $11/grip without text, roughly $13.50 with text).

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The Pure Pro feels exactly like you’d expect a rubber grip to feel.  It has a little tack and a light tread pattern.  When you hit shots, you get good feedback mixed with some shock absorption.  It’s not too hard, not too soft; it’s that “just right” feel that could make it the new industry standard.

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It would be fair to ask, “What makes this rubber grip better than any other?”  In most cases, this question would be tough to answer, but there are clear benefits to using the PURE Pro.  Most important is durability.  PURE guarantees their grips for 12 months, something you won’t find from any other grip maker.  Having used PURE Grips for many years, I can attest to their longevity.  I’ve literally never cut a PURE Grip off for being worn out.  Have I taken the clubs they were on out of the bag because I have golf equipment problems?  Yes, but that’s another story.

Additionally, PURE Grips are made in the USA and made to tighter standards than other grips.  PURE Grips can be installed with tape and solvent, but PURE pushes the concept of installing them with air.  While you can install other grips with air, I’ve found that you’ll occasionally have grips that slip off or twist because they are not made perfectly to spec.  I’ve never encountered this issue with a PURE grip.

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For the millions of golfers who just want a basic, no-frills grip, the PURE Pro is perfect.  It has a balanced feel, good performance, and, most important, it lasts forever.  That means less time in the shop replacing your grips and more time on the course playing golf.

Matt Saternus


  1. Great write up and spot on. I’ve been using the PURE Pro for almost 3 seasons now and I have a wedge or two with the first set I put on and they are still tacky and useable.

    Durability + Colors + Price = one of the best bangs for your buck you can get in grips

  2. hello shop.
    i would like to buy 10 PCS “pure golf grip”.

    thank you so much

    • Matt Saternus

      You need to go to the PURE website to buy their grips, we don’t sell anything on Plugged In Golf.


  3. Someone here advertises these as 100% natural rubber. Do you know if this information is true?

  4. Les Stutzman

    Question is , I just re-gripped my extra set of clubs and will they be ok to be in the garage all summer in the AZ heat ?

    And i love the Pure Grips

    • Matt Saternus


      I wouldn’t store my clubs in a hot garage both for the life of the grips and for the epoxy that holds the clubs together.


  5. Scott Wettleson

    So what do you need to install these grips?

    • Matt Saternus


      You can install them normally with solvent and tape or you can install them with an air compressor and a special grip tool.


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