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Puma Golf continues to use space-age technology in the Puma PWRWarm golf clothing that is both comfortable and practical for those crisp Fall and Winter rounds.



Living in Chicago and having an unhealthy golf addiction leads to many a cold round of golf in the fall, winter, and early spring.  In fact, the first time Matt and I played golf together was a nice 40º day in March or April a few years back.  It’s just a necessary evil we have to live with to feed the sickness.  The hardest part is always keeping warm but maintaining enough flexibility to put a normal swing on the ball.  This means the fewer layers the better.

Insert Puma Golf’s new PWRWarm technology.  Puma introduced this new technology in their 2015 Autumn/Winter collection with the intention of maintaining an optimal body temperature via an innovative ceramic print that retains the golfer’s body heat without the bulk of traditional cold weather clothing.



At a functional level, the Puma pullover pictured in this review is great.  It’s lightweight, breathable, comfortable, and not restrictive at all.  Ok, great, but how does the Puma PWRWarm technology perform?  This isn’t Puma’s first foray into thermoregulation.  As you recall, Puma launched the Titan Tour golf shoe with a focus on keeping your feet cool.  In this pullover the materials are strategically placed to retain body heat and create a “warm microclimate” so as to help guard against the cold elements.  I wore this pullover with PWRWarm tech on a cloudy, windy morning with temperatures around 40-45º.  While this isn’t an unplayable temperature, I typically would have a long sleeve baselayer on under my golf shirt, then a jacket or pullover on top of that, and still be a little cold.  With the PWRWarm pullover, I was able to wear only a polo shirt underneath and found myself plenty warm.  All in all, the PWRWarm technology worked well and has me considering playing golf deeper into Chicago winter.


Style & Fit

While Puma Golf is notorious for being the Rickie Fowler jailhouse orange jumpsuit enablers, there are plenty of options out there for everyone.  As seen here, the blue and grey combination in this pullover is modest and stylish without drawing too much attention to itself.  I would call the fit modern, but not ultra slim so you don’t have to look like Rickie to wear it.  In this era of Puma Golf apparel, I feel like the clothes are really pretty cool.  You can go extreme on the whole So-Cal look, but you don’t have to.



When Puma bought Cobra Golf, it seemed that Puma really put the foot on the gas when it came to evolving the Puma Golf apparel line.  With the major athletic apparel companies already well established in the golf industry, it was up to Puma to figure out innovative ways to separate themselves and bring in a new audience.  While Puma initially accomplished this with big and bright colors, they’ve also started doing by using futuristic materials unlike anything from their competitors.  Aside from being able to define a unique sense of style, Puma also makes their product line affordable and available to a wider audience without sacrificing quality.

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