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Are the Puma Ignite Spikeless golf shoes the most comfortable spikeless shoe you can buy right now?  Yeah, pretty much.



Puma Golf had a hit with the TitanTour Ignite shoe so expectations were running high for the Ignite Spikeless shoe in 2016.  Similar high-end materials were used on the Ignite Spikeless with a focus on comfort, use on and off the course, and solid performance.  The Puma Ignite Spikeless shoe certainly do a great job in achieving those goals.



Simply put, the Puma Ignite Spikeless is by far the most lightweight and comfortable spikeless shoe I’ve worn.  I’m a big fan of the Ignite foam that’s been used in the entire Ignite range thus far.  This foam in the midsole makes the footbed extremely cushioned while maintaining strong stability and traction.  The collar of the shoe is a mesh design that is supposed to be comfortable and breathable.  If there were to be one “risk” wearing the Ignite Spikeless, it is that this collar is pretty lightweight and flexible, so if you’re looking for ankle support, you may want to wait until Rickie Fowler’s hi-tops get released.  Overall, these make for a very comfortable wear over a long period of time.  I put them through a three hour session of rigorous equipment testing and experienced zero discomfort.



The Puma Ignite Spikeless is pretty minimalist shoe with solid touches of character that make it a little more fun than the standard spikeless kick.  The colorways are very similar to the spiked Ignite brother with the highlight being the white, blue, and neon green.  Somewhat different from a lot of other spikeless shoes, the overall look of the Ignite is a little more in line with a traditional golf shoe than a casual sneaker or running shoe.



Comfort plays a big role in the performance of a golf shoe and the Puma Ignite Spikeless was already very successful in that area, but if it’s going to be billed as a golf shoe, it still has to hold up playing the game.  The 39 “strategically placed hexagons” certainly give the Ignite Spikeless very solid traction for a spikeless shoe, and are extremely “grippy” when walking around “outside the ropes.”  I’m not telling you I think these are the greatest soaking wet weather shoe, but the Ignite Spikeless will hold their own, or better, any other spikeless shoe’s traction while playing.  Overall, I found the Ignite Spikeless to be a very solid shoe that would be an easy go-to for me this coming summer.



I love a good spikeless golf shoe.  I absolutely love them.  They’re the best to throw on, run over to the course, beat a thousand balls on the range, roll some putts on the practice green, and then grab a burger at the 19th hole.  I’ve put plenty of spikeless shoes into play, and the Puma Ignite has been far and away my favorite.  These shoes are so damn comfortable and simply do their job well which is about all I can ask for in a spikeless golf shoe.  If you were a big fan of the TitanTour Ignite, round out the set and pick up a pair of the Ignite Spikeless shoes.  I promise you’ll be more than happy to have them in your arsenal.

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