PUMA Golf Spring Summer 2019 Apparel Review

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Integrating performance fabrics and expressive style, PUMA Golf’s Spring Summer 2019 collection is perfectly suited for today’s modern, athletic golfer.  Super comfortable.


Ever notice that summer clothes seem to come out in the middle of winter?  Kinda nice if you live in sunny Florida, but not so inviting if you’re buried in two feet of snow in Illinois.  Luckily, PUMA knows seasonal needs vary and offers a variety of options for golfers no matter what their climate situation is – or will be soon.


Overall, the Spring Summer 2019 collection stays true to the modern, athletic style that is PUMA Golf.  With vibrant colors and unique designs, PUMA offers shirts to satisfy a wide range of style preferences.  The two biggest male faces of PUMA – Ricky and Bryson – couldn’t be more different personality wise, yet both look snappy in PUMA gear.  The polos pictured above showcase the collection’s variety with the Alterknit Prismatic polo’s fresh take on stripes and the Faraday polo’s chest pocket flair.  My personal favorite is the botanically inspired Verdant polo in the center – wonderful for both on and off the course.

Golf shorts and pants aren’t always thought of as being at the forefront of style, but PUMA designers made sure they play an integral part in the overall look of the SS’19 collection.  Whether you prefer the laid back 5 pocket look or a more traditional silhouette, the new Jackpot bottoms seem aptly named.  Looking for the quintessential Fowler mono-color look head to toe?  The Jackpot shorts come in 14 colors!


I was pleased to see that PUMA stuck with tags that describe the fit on each piece of apparel. The tags on the Performance Fit polos I tested aptly describe the fit as “Relaxed through the shoulders, chest, and sleeves to ensure maximum comfort and freedom of movement,” and included a nice silhouette of the shirt on a torso for a visual.  PUMA “relaxed” does not equate to generous but more aligns to an athletic fit that isn’t form fitting.  Sizing is spot on.  The one exception was the neck of the Faraday polo which was just simply too big.

The Jackpot shorts also feature Performance Fit – “Sits at the knee with some ease through the thigh.”  And again a silhouette on the tag provides useful illustration.  The Performance Fit Jackpot pants are the same, but with a straight leg.   PUMA offers waists in one inch increments which allowed me to skip the dance of going up or down from my 33″ waist.  With the waist dialed in, the fit is sublime and the number one reason I always reach for my PUMA shorts and pants.


The common technical element in all the pieces (except the ¼ zip pullover) is dryCell – PUMA’s time tested moisture management fabric technology.  I worked up a nice sweat during an unseasonably warm spell and the various fabrics wicked moisture from my skin and kept my comfort level high.

The Faraday and Verdant polos also feature all new Fusion Yarn Flex that blends a touch of cotton with performance fibers for a lightweight, super soft, 4 way stretch fabric.  Outstanding comfort in the golf swing and in the clubhouse.

Part of the brilliance of the Jackpot pants and shorts fit is found in the new stretch waistband.  The mesh construction is lighter weight and more breathable than past models, plus features gription that kept my shirt locked in place.  The waistband and main fabric stretched easily during my swing and while squatting trying to figure out break.

With all my focus on the polos and bottoms, I almost forgot about the Bleu Azur pullover.  Warm and comfortable, the Tech ¼ Zip is like a cozy blanket – great for a chilly arrival at the course or when the sun goes down.  I enjoyed the large front pockets and it was easy to slip on/off, but I found the fit a bit voluminous for wearing during play.


Based on my experiences with the brand last year, my expectations were high for the PUMA Golf Spring Summer 2019 collection, and I wasn’t disappointed.  In fact, the new Fusion Yarn Flex material and improved waist band on the bottoms has raised the bar.  The quality and performance of the materials PUMA utilizes seem perfectly suited to golf.  I just hope my play can rise to the level of my style game.

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