Project X HZRDUS Yellow Shaft Review

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The Project X HZRDUS Yellow shaft provides the same low spin and accuracy as the HZRDUS Black but with a slightly counter balanced feel.


In the late part of the 2015 golf season (which is technically the early part of the 2016 golf season, but we’ll leave the silliness of PGA Tour scheduling for another day), Project X’s HZRDUS Black absolutely took off.  To build on the success of the new HZRDUS line, Project X has released the HZRDUS Yellow.  Already a winner on the PGA Tour, the HZRDUS Yellow has a unique construction designed to create a slightly counter balanced feel.

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Though the HZRDUS Yellow has the same graphics as the HZRDUS Black, the change in the base color makes them very different animals.  Where the Black is subtle and stealthy, the Yellow screams, “Look at me!”  While the bold yellow won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, I think it’s a great fit for golf’s younger, bolder niche.

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Overall, the HZRDUS Yellow feels very similar to the HZRDUS Blackvery stout with just enough kick to keep you from over-swinging.  This tip-stiff design is a big part of why the players on the PGA Tour love it: they can swing hard without fear of overpowering the shaft.

The key difference between the HZRDUS Yellow and the HZRDUS Black is the weighting.  The HZRDUS Yellow has a little more weight in the butt section of the shaft which drops the swing weight approximately 3 points.  Depending on your sensitivity, this could be a huge difference or a non-factor.  For me, it was just enough to notice a difference without it feeling too alien.



If you look at the hazmat placards on the two HZRDUS shafts, you’ll see that they’re nearly identical: 2.9 torque ratings, low spin, and just one gram of weight difference.  As such, you’d expect that they’d perform almost the same, and you would be right for the most part.  Overall, both shafts are low spin, fairly low launching, accurate, and consistent.

Where the two shafts diverge is weighting or balance point.  The counterbalancing in the Project X HZRDUS Yellow shaft did affect my driving.  I found that with the counterbalanced HZRDUS Yellow, my angle of attack was more positive (I “hit up” more) leading to higher launch, a bit more spin, and a drop in accuracy.  Please note: that is only how counterbalancing impacted me in this particular shaft.  You may experience the opposite result with a counterbalanced shaft.  If you want to get the full benefits of upgrading to a HZRDUS shaft, be sure to see a qualified fitter to make your purchase.

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The Project X HZRDUS Yellow shaft has a very clear target in mind: players who want low spin and accuracy without a high swing weight.  The HZRDUS Yellow delivers the same feel and performance as the HZRDUS Black, but with a different weighting that could unlock improved distance and accuracy from some players.

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  1. What head and loft did you test these shafts in?

  2. Hi Matt,
    Sorry for the weird question but I amthinking about buying one of these for an M2 and may not get a chance to demo the shaft before I decide.

    Did you notice a difference in how the weight of the club head felt with each shaft? IE Does the counterbalancing allow you to “feel” the weight of the club head throughout the swing more than the PX Hzrdus Black or is it the opposite that the counterbalancing makes it feel like you are swinging the shaft with no/less club head.
    If you want an example of what I am talking about swing the stock stiff 3 hybrid sldr and then swing the stock stiff 3 in the aeroburner.

    • Matt Saternus


      Higher swing weight means the club head feels heavier. Counterbalancing lowers the swing weight.


  3. Matt,

    I currently have a diamana ahina 70 xstiff, do you thing HZRDUS yellow or black will launch lower or spin lower?

  4. Read that the two (black and yellow hzrdus) shafts played similar and stout for you. However, what i’ve read on px’s website was that the yellow has a slightly softer mid section for more feel compared to the black. Was that so for you in anyway? Also, the kuro kage xt (my current gamer) is a one piece feel that still has that subtle kick throughout the shaft (similar to your review with the xt). How would you compare the kkxt and the hzrdus yellow?

    • Matt Saternus


      To me, the difference in weighting between the Black and Yellow HZRDUS is much more impactful than any change in bend profile. Both put the premium on stiffness, not kick.

      The KK XT and HZRDUS are pretty similar. If you like the XT, you’ll probably like the HZRDUS.



  5. HI Matt…

    I’m looking to a shaft for the M1 driver. Was looking at the results between your reviews..I see that there is a big distance drop between the rogue shafts n hzrdus shafts…I can see that the spin is higher with the rogue which is more suited for that clubhead speed…but does it make such a huge difference? Perhaps they kicks differently?

    • Matt Saternus


      Those reviews were done months apart so the numbers should not be compared head to head. If you’re going to invest in a high end shaft like a HZRDUS or Rogue, you should get it fit.



  6. Jeffrey Porcheron

    Some project x shafts have a handcrafted label. Is there any difference in or the other?

    • Matt Saternus


      The ones labeled “Handcrafted” are hand rolled in San Diego. The others are machine made.



  7. Is this shaft similar to the Kuro Kage Silver Dual Core TiNi?

  8. looking at the epic driver with this shaft . I have a slight draw but need distance swing speed around 95-100 . i hit the ball around 225 carry and stops and spins . Will this shaft help eliminate this and give me more roll or do suggest a different shaft. I am a handsy player . thanks sir your the best

    • Matt Saternus


      There’s no way to know without seeing you in person on a launch monitor. I would suggest working with a qualified fitter.



  9. Hi matt,

    is there any aftermarket shafts that are similar to the ping tour 65 S shaft?

    • Matt Saternus


      The PING Tour shafts are stiff throughout, particularly in the tip. There are plenty of shafts like that, including the HZRDUS line.



  10. donald morgan

    will the shaft fit a Cobra Amp cell head

  11. Bought the Ping G400 Max with the Hzrdus 6.0 yellow shaft. My fitting for this was great and I found another 20 yards in flight!!! plus the roll out. Changed my game now where I am hitting lower irons into green by one and two clubs.

  12. Was this before you got your big boost in swing speed or is the Tensei white just that much softer with 109 SS.????

    • Matt Saternus

      My swing speed has gone up and down over the years due to a variety of things. As we’ve said dozens of times, the launch monitor data from one review should not be compared apples-to-apples with any other.


  13. If you were to add more weight to the clubhead when using the HZRDUS Yellow to match the swingweight to the black how do you think that would change the results of the comparison?

    • Matt Saternus


      If you make the head heavier, the shaft is going to feel softer, proportionally to how much weight you’re adding. How that affects the numbers will depend on the individual’s reaction to the change in feel.



  14. Justin Sinibaldi

    If I’m swinging 125-130 club head speed what shaft do you recommend?

    • Matt Saternus


      There are many factors involved in picking a shaft beyond swing speed. I would recommend getting a fitting so that you can put all that speed to its best use.



    • If you can find a piece of Rebar that is straight enough to cut a 45.50″ piece. I would go with that but make sure you get a light weight grip because rebar is quite heavy and you’ll want to cut the overall weight by as much as possible.

  15. james andrew doherty

    i cant seem to find the difference between the hzrdus yellow that is yellow and the one that is black. thanks

  16. What is the current equivalent to the HZRDUS YELLOW handcrafted 6.5 flex, 63g, 2.9 torque??

    I can’t find them anywhere

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