Precision Pro Nexus Laser Rangefinder Review

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The Precision Pro Nexus laser rangefinder is the best surprise in distance measuring devices this year.  Superior performance at a budget price.


I first saw the Precision Pro Nexus laser rangefinder at the PGA Show this past year.  To be honest, it didn’t exactly turn my head.  “A budget rangefinder,” I thought, “Meh.  They’ll fold up shop before the snow melts.”

As the weeks and months passed, however, I kept seeing their name pop up for sponsoring junior golf and high school golf associations across the country.  I started to take note.  “Maybe these guys are for real.  If nothing else, they’re actually doing what everyone talks about – working to grow the game.”

Then I got the Nexus in my hands.  Now I know they’re for real.

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Set-Up & Ease of Use

There’s a big difference between a product that does what it needs to do simply and a product that’s light on features.  The Precision Pro Nexus laser rangefinder is the former.

There are just two buttons on the Nexus: Power and Mode.  To get your yardage, push the Power button to turn it on, then push it again for the distance.  Pushing the Mode button toggles the Target Lock function on and off, and the status is clearly indicated by a flag in the lower left corner of the display.  Holding the Mode button switches you from yards to meters.  What else do you need from a rangefinder?  Nothing, that’s what.

The Precision Pro Nexus is the easiest-to-use rangefinder that I’ve ever tested but it doesn’t compromise on important features.

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Accuracy & Performance

Laser rangefinders have been accurate for years.  Yes, some may boast about being accurate to .0001 yards in Seattle fog, but realistically, plus or minus a yard is the standard, and the Precision Pro Nexus rangefinder delivers.  And for the Johnny Miller’s out there, it actually displays your distances to the tenth of a yard.

Where there has been real improvement is in speed.  A few years ago, you pressed the button, made a sandwich, then got your yardage.  Now, the distance is displayed in milliseconds.  Given the price, speed is where I was expecting the Nexus to lag behind the competition.  I was way wrong.  The Nexus is as fast as any rangefinder I’ve tested, even the units costing two and three times as much.

The Target Lock function is very well designed.  When it’s turned on, you press the button and wait for about one second before the Nexus displays the shortest yardage that you scoped.  This might feel like a delay, but, to me, it makes better sense than having different numbers popping up and changing, potentially leaving you confused about the correct distance.  This form of Target Lock is also a great feature for golfers with shaky aim.

Finally, it’s worth noting that the Nexus is very comfortable in your hand.  The size and weight are in the middle of the pack meaning it will be well-sized for your average golfer.  There’s soft, textured rubber in the areas where you hold it, and a small curve in the bottom of the unit locks your thumb in place to steady your aim.

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This is where the Precision Pro Nexus rangefinder really blows the competition away: it’s only $200.  Virtually everything from the big names starts at $300.  While there are some things that you will get by paying more, if you’re looking for a basic rangefinder without slope, the Nexus is the best value on the market.

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Precision Pro has the motto, “Make products that work well, are easy to use, and are affordable.”  With the Nexus rangefinder, they’ve accomplished all three in spades.  I came into this review with very modest expectations, but as it stands now the Nexus is among the first units that I’d recommend to a friend and easily the best value in rangefinders.

Buy the Precision Pro Nexus rangefinder HERE

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  1. Adam Anava

    I’m really glad to see rangefinders being offered at a lower pricepoint now. I hesitated for years and relied on my GPS App in my phone, but since I got a V3 on sale for about $225 about a month ago it has totally changed my perspective. I think that the lower price allows more golfers to look seriously at adding one of these to their bag and it will likely be the best piece of equipment they add for a long time.

    Great review Matt!

  2. Nice review Matt!
    I was wondering if you guys have any experience with the “breaking 80” brand range finders? How does it compare to the nexus?

  3. Hello Matt,
    I have more benefited from your laser-rangefinder-review post, just great and more informative. thanks a lot

  4. Mike Whitehead

    I love mine. It is very accurate. I am a 7 handicap and I have a Bushnell one previously that broke down. I have had mine for three years, no issues. It does yards and meters! Light weight, and is much less $ than most of the others out there. I highly recommend it. 5 out of 5 stars for me. Mike W.

  5. Richard Klapp

    How do you turn it off?

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