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50 Words or Less

Very traditional.  Reliable.  Comforting and trustworthy.


In today’s day and age, most golf club manufacturers are putting space age “science” and gimmicks into the latest clubs.  Thankfully there are companies like Ping that stick to making a simple club with a high level of quality and performance.  With their latest hybrid, the Ping i25, Ping continues to offer a traditional feeling club with top-shelf looks and performance.
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When it comes to looks for hybrids, it really doesn’t get much better than the Ping i25.  No crazy colors, no extreme logos, and no strange shapes.  It’s a beautiful matte black head with a black face, and polished black sole that makes it very easy on the eyes when you’re standing over your shot.  I believe our own Andrew Jesernig referred to the G25 fairway woods as “sexy” in his review, and now I know exactly what he’s talking about.  Ping makes some sexy and sleek woods and hybrids.

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Sound & Feel

It’s interesting just exactly how different all clubs sound and feel.  I know that seems pretty obvious, but you would think there would be some levels of consistency across the top end of the clubs on the market.  For better or worse, every clubs is different and it’s always a surprising experience when you try out a new club.  When you pick up a Ping club, that’s not the case.  Simply put, the Ping i25 feels EXACTLY like a hybrid should feel and has one of the most satisfying “thwacks” off the face that you’ll ever hear.  As soon as you strike the shot, you know exactly where you’ve heard that sound before: out of other great Ping clubs from previous generations.

The feel is not all that forgiving, you’ll know when you miss one, but the i25 hybrid is still fairly easy to hit and extremely responsive off the sweet spot.

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The Ping i25 hybrid performed just as one would expect: tremendously.  It’s easy to hit out of almost any lie and its finely tuned placement of the center of gravity gives you a nice trajectory that doesn’t quite balloon on you, but it isn’t a low, tracking laser beam either.

I felt like I lacked a little distance with this hybrid, but frankly, I was fine with that.  I was able to control the ball really well and maintain a tight dispersion.  The lack of spin gave me a little extra roll compared to what I normally see from a hybrid, but considering I was testing a 17º hybrid, I’m going to be ok with having the ball roll out with the distances I’m looking for using that loft.

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Putting a Ping i25 hybrid in your bag is like putting up a billboard that says “I mean business and I’m serious,” but most players playing these hybrids aren’t looking to advertise anything.  The i25 hybrid is for the player that lets their clubs and their game do the talking for them.  When you have the game, and you bag a Ping i25 hybrid, you are going to be able to get every bit of performance out of that club and know that you will be able to rely on it time and time again.

Price & Specs

The Ping i25 hybrid retails for $220.

It’s available in lofts of 17º, 19º, 22º, and 26º.

The stock shafts are the PWR 80 in Regular, Stiff, Tour Stiff, and the PWR 90 in Stiff, Tour Stiff, Tour X-Stiff.

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  1. Having trouble deciding between g30 n i25 hybrids? I’m a 13 handycap n i play with g20 irons wich I’ve had trouble being consistent with my lower irons so i need a hybrid that’s going to work the best for me!

    • Honestly, there’s no magic bullet here and just blindly ordering one based on what you read from the specs would be a bit of a crapshoot. I think you have to hit both of them and see which one feels best for you. I haven’t hit the G30 line yet so I can’t give a fair comparison.



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