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PING G700 Irons Review

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The PING G700 irons are distance irons in disguise.  Good look at address with tremendous ball speed.


Perception is a funny thing.  Some irons feel “hot,” so they’re perceived to be longer than others.  Sometimes OEMs trumpet the distance you can get from their irons, so golfers believe they’re longer.

In my time writing about golf clubs, I’ve never found PING irons to be short on distance, yet few golfers would describe PING irons as “long.”  That may all change with the introduction of the G700.


At address, there’s not too much that separates the G700 irons from the G400 irons.  Both have top lines and soles that are average for a game improvement iron.  The G700 appears to have slightly less offset, but, again, both fit comfortably in the GI category.

In the bag, the G700 has a look that’s closer to the G400 Crossover than the G400 iron.  It’s a hollow-bodied iron rather than a cavity back, and the look is extremely clean.  There’s no color anywhere, just a stripe of chrome with the company’s name on it.

Sound & Feel

The sound of the G700 is substantially different than the G400.  Where the G400 is very solid with a modest impact sound, the G700 announces each shot with authority.  Impact is a fairly loud “knock.”

Feedback is hard to come by with the G700.  Whether you flush it or miss it, the sound is almost identical, and there’s little difference in the sensation through your hands.


As I mentioned earlier, I’ve never found PING’s irons, particularly the G400, to be lacking in distance.  With this in mind, I was curious how much longer the G700 could be.

In head-to-head testing, I was seeing 3-4 MPH more ball speed with the G700.  Not only that, I was launching the G700 around 2.5 degrees higher.  The result?  An extra 10 yards of carry.  If you love your G400s but need more length, the G700 is the obvious answer.

Having seen these results, I pulled out my phone to check the specs.  I assumed that the G700’s lofts had to be much stronger to produce the extra ball speed.  Wrong.  The lofts of the G700 irons are only 0.5 degrees stronger than the G400 through most of the set.

The forgiveness and consistency of the G700 irons are also excellent.  Barring a massive mishit, the ball speed stayed within a 2-4 MPH window which led to tight dispersion.  My shot pattern from left to right was tight as well due to the club’s high MOI.


I found PING’s G400 irons to be extremely impressive, but the G700 is the G400 on steroids.  You get equally impressive forgiveness with more ball speed and more distance.  Importantly, you get the additional distance with higher launch so those long shots land softly.  If you want to get longer, get the G700 irons.

PING G700 Irons Price & Specs

Matt Saternus
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  1. hula rock

    How for did you hit the 7-iron ? Hit my friends, easy 190 carry….

  2. Matt,
    Is there any reason to consider the G400 if someone was looking for a game-improvement iron? I was torn between the i200 and G400 but I know the G400 is a better fit for my game as it stands today.

    Thanks for the great reviews.

    • Matt Saternus


      I think the G400 is still a great iron. If you don’t need the extra distance or prefer the feel of the G400, it’s the way to go.



  3. Thanks, Matt. I am getting fitted for a set of G 700s in two weeks. I have “outgrown” a 13 year-old set of Mizunos. Yes, I am going to the dark side seeking a GI iron with a graphite shaft if I can find one that isn’t a noodle. As Clint Eastwood said in a movie many years ago, “A man’s gotta know his limitations”.
    I can’t wait to give these a go. Thanks for your review as always.

  4. Mike Payne

    Is there an advantage going to Recoil over Alta? 78/80 SS 7iron, 9hcp 60yrs. Thx

    • Matt Saternus


      Only if the Recoil is a better fit. The Recoil is not inherently or universally better than the Alta.



  5. Hi Matt, another great review. However, my take on these irons was not good. I have played Ping equipment for over 25 years. These don’t look like Pings, terrible feel and sound. Glad I kept my Ping eye+ irons. Sorry, if I sound too negative, but there you have it. How did you think these compared to the PXG irons?

    • Matt Saternus


      There’s certainly nothing wrong with having an opinion on the sound and feel; that’s entirely personal.
      I haven’t tested the Gen2 PXG’s, and I don’t have current numbers with the first series, so I hesitate to make any comparisons. I will be testing the Gen 2 PXG’s soon. The early reports from people I trust is that the performance of Gen 2 is no different than the originals, despite marketing claims to the contrary.



    • John,

      Save your money regarding PXG at $400 per club, and I own PXG Gen1 XF. Nice irons, but I hit the G700 and while the look at address and sound were not as appealing as PXG XF, the G700 seemed easier to hit longer – I’m thinking about a G700 4i instead of a hybrid.

  6. Bill Malone

    I am currently playing the Ping i25 and playing them very well… but am considering the G700 or G400 because I’m interested in getting more distance (who isn’t)… My concern is do you think it will be a difficult adjustment from my current clubs to one of these two (or which would be the easier transition)… I’m not really sure why this is so hard for me, but I’m so happy with my current set that I’m scared to change…. but technology is moving so fast I don’t want to be left behind… I would appreciate any advice you can offer.

    • Matt Saternus


      My best advice is to get together with a fitter and test the new irons against your old ones. That will be the best way to put your concerns to rest or find out that your current irons aren’t that outdated at all.



    • I had Ping Raptures…… the 700’s based on a fitting………hate them. I hit my old clubs further and way more consistently. In my mid 70’s age wise and hit a 7 iron 130 yards. Difficult adjustment….will keep working with them but think the Gmax might have been better because of adjustment or familiarity . 700’s feel, sound, swing different….for me at least.

  7. Robert McCain

    Took delivery of my G700 set 2 months ago, prior set was Ping I10. Spent 2 hours at a time 3 visits in the cage getting fitted. Took turns between G400 and G700 with various shafts. I got over the clunk sound real quick when it came to performance. I’m a 63 year old with a 9 handicap and just posted a 76 today. Each round gets more comfortable with yardage. Sure everyone is building a better mouse trap but Ping has been as reliable as anyone.

    • Got a set of 700 demo’s I’m trying out, have some G25’s, with age moving along thought about going graphite, this deal came up with 700’s… only hit a few, but what a wierd sound and feel is certainly light… but they go higher and longer… how long has it taken to adapt to these new sticks?? Tks, greg

      • Matt Saternus


        If I’m committed to making a change, I try to give a piece of gear at least a couple weeks before deciding if it needs tweaking or not.



      • Kenneth Patterson

        I am looking at G700 irons. I wanted to see if anyone out there got the power spec on them and if they have any problems getting the ball in the air with less loft?

  8. Changed to g700s from ping eye2s this year. I hit the new irons appropriately 12-15 yards longer. PS I also recorded my first hole in one with the new clubs.

  9. I am a 70 year old (Avg score mid-90) and present my iron set is Callaway forged APEX(#5-SW) with metal regular shaft. My iron shots have been terribly short in general (#7-120 yards). So I visited local Golftown today to see if I can improve my iron shots (distance) with graphite shafts instead of metal. I tried Pings G700 with “regular”(Not stiff) graphite shaft as no Titleist 718 (AP2/AP3) with regular graphite shaft was available.
    Definitely ,I felt much easier (lighter)to swing with Pings than my Callaway . I still want to try Titleist with “regular” graphite shaft to compare before making final decision. Pls advise me which one (Pings G700 or Titliest 718) you would recommend. Thanks Matt !

    • Matt Saternus


      If distance is your focus, the G700 will crush the AP2 and beat the AP3 by a fair amount. The G700 is also the most forgiving of the 3.



    • I am 68 and a fitter, switched from Apex CF-16’s w/Recoil’s) to the G700’s w/Recoil’s & Power Spec Lofts. Normally carry 6-PW, with a 4-5 hybrid, but added the 5i after hitting the 6i 175 yds over a pin off the deck! I’ve sold 6+ sets to my senior group members, as well as many customers. No one has complained! Great irons, especially when pared to the G400 MAX driver.

  10. The G700s are, plainly and simply, great. I’m 66 years old, have lost some club speed due to bad knees and age. These things are letting me hit long and generally very accurate irons. Much better for me than G400s. Hitting the irons longer than I have in years. Take these things for a ride.


  11. These clubs are great. I’m 66 years old, bad knees and still have a desk job. These things have given me back length but they also are accurate (though nothing can save me from the occasional bad hook). With most clubs, my 7 iron is around 150 yards. I’m up over 160 with these. Takes some re-calibrating, but they have made golf more fun. Very forgiving. Not the easiest for delicate shots around the green, simply because they are big–but I’ll take that trade-off. Give these clubs a try.


  12. Matt, have you heard or seen any of the issues regarding the G700 irons losing their pearl finish? I have heard and read some reports online about this issue. I tested the G700 at Ping and I want to get them but I do not want to spend $1100 on clubs that are going to lose their finish and look terrible soon after I purchase them.

    • Matt Saternus


      I haven’t heard of that, but I also don’t personally know anyone who has been gaming the G700 for any significant amount of time. Definitely troubling if true.



  13. I have a new set of G700’s the finish is fine but I bought iron covers due to posts.

  14. Very nice irons. They do everything ping says they will do. Long and high ball flight. The only problem is the easy scratching and scuffing on the
    irons. I’ve had my set a few weeks and only hit them at the range but they look like I have been carrying them around for years.

  15. Andre Resner

    I was just fitted for the G700 irons today. I hit the Callaway Rogue, the Ping G400, the Ping i500, and the TM P790. I also tried out the Alta, the Recoil, and the AWT 2.0 steel shafts. For me (61 years old, 2 handicap), the Alta regular shaft performed best with the G700 heads. They flew higher, longer, and straighter. I was hitting in 40 degree outdoor temps here in NC and was hitting the G700 7 iron consistently between 172 and 178 carry (with 120 mph ball speed and 21 degree launch angle). When I tried to really uncork one, I could bust a 184 carry. The really impressive thing to me overall was that when I hit out toward the toe (just toe of center, not off the grooves), I lost almost nothing in either distance or feel. I was using face tape to see when that happened. This sounds like an exaggeration, I know, but the G700s were 15-20 yards longer than the G400s, and they flew higher and straighter and felt much better. Against the P790s they flew so much higher that there was no comparison. No debate for me which were to go in my bag. Can’t wait for them to arrive.

  16. I got a set of G700’s when they came out last March. I’ve also had problems with them. Love the feel but the clubs look like they are 30 years old with both rust spots and s huffs on the finish. I have a set of G20’s 7 yrs old that look better than these.

  17. william Neal

    I have a set of the G700’s with graphite regular shaft. Great clubs for distance and forgiveness but the feel is a little clunky.

  18. Darryl Duran

    I have the G700 irons for almost a year. I’m retired and play a lot of golf at my club. I have iron covers on them and have NO issues with scuffing or rust etc. Clean them when the round is over and they will retain the finish.

  19. John Jacobs

    I disagree. It seems to me that Ping has become completely lost in its design. I remember at the beginning when the original pings looked so strange yet how they captured our imagination. They were brilliant. These 1400 and up are not brilliant. And, they are not achieving what they are trying to do so hard to do ——- make every club look like a blade. (they don’t even come close)
    I’ve played them for a quarter of a century and I have never been as disappointed at the new versions – hollow clubs, G400’s that feel harder that the original pings ever did. They also have an awful”Quack” sound at impact.
    It seems like they are trying for a whole new family of clubs with a new Ping look. It fails miserably because it left behind the
    “real” ping look —- Abandoned it for this fake blade attempt. Obviously when you see this type of mistake it usually means that a new wave of 30 somethings have taken over the design operations. It also means, I’m sure a new group of people at the top levels who “Know better.” Get back to your heritage before it’s too late.

  20. Pingback: PING G710 Irons Review - Plugged In Golf

  21. mark craig

    Best irons Ive played. Love the look, feel and sound. The finish will wear pretty quick and they will look 3 or 4 years old after first year…..but then again I dont care how a club looks….I care about results. If you want to look pretty perhaps you need to take up chess.

  22. william magee

    after reading your preview went and got customised set g700,,performance wise they are brilliant..10 yards further on each club than my former ping ei..always use girlie iron covers but after 6rounds the faces look like they have played a 100 rounds every ball mark shows even with a good clean and a soft steel brushing the ball marks are still visible.obviously results count more than looks but for £900???

  23. rob wilson

    Hey Matt
    I’m an 8 handicap and take a divot, does the wider soul affect that performance?
    P.S Love your site!

    • Matt Saternus


      Thank you.

      The benefits of the wider sole are lowering the CG (makes it easier and higher launching) and being more resistant to digging. You can still take a divot, but the club will resist digging a trench.



  24. Hello, Been doing a little research on a new set of irons, been zooming in on the G700 and G425 and the Srixon zx4. Im a 20 hc 62 yrs old. have lost some swing speed. Play stiff now, going to go regular shaft. Any advice on these 3 sets would be appreciated. Thx Brad

    • Matt Saternus


      I would offer the same advice I give everyone: get fit. There is no substitute if you want clubs that will help you play your best.


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