PING G425 SFT Driver Review

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The PING G425 SFT driver is the strongest slice-buster on the market.  Tremendous forgiveness.

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Dating back to the G30 line, PING’s SFT drivers have been on the leading edge of slicing busting.  I was eager to test the latest version, the G425 SFT driver, to see how much help it can provide to those who want to pound draws off the tee.


At address, the PING G425 SFT driver is extremely hard to tell apart from the G425 Max [review HERE].  Both have matte black crowns with turbulators at the leading edge.  The shape is stretched slightly beyond round but not yet in the realm of triangular.  What I really like about PING’s approach to draw-biased drivers is that they don’t make the driver look hugely asymmetrical at address.

On the sole, the G425 SFT is again similar to the Max but with one major difference.  Rather than an adjustable weight at the rear, the SFT driver has a set weight positioned toward the heel.

Sound & Feel

Whether outdoors or indoors, I found the G425 SFT driver acoustically identical to the G425 Max.  Impact felt stable and solid, even on mishits.  There’s good feedback on strike location, but making this head twist is quite difficult.

The impact sound is quiet and fairly low pitched.  It has a slightly hollow “pop” or “clap” that doesn’t change much whether you pure a shot or strike it off center.


PING does two major things with the G425 SFT to promote a draw.  Most importantly, they fix a 23 gram tungsten weight near the heel to shift the CG.  According to PING, this promotes a 25 yard draw compared to the neutral G425 Max driver.  The other tweak is the swing weight – PING sets the SFT at a lighter D1.  If that’s not enough to cure your slice, you can also use the hosel to close the face at address.

My first test session with the G425 SFT driver couldn’t have been any better.  I was warming up with my G425 Max and hitting nothing but pushes with the occasional push-cut.  When I changed to the G425 SFT, it was just like flipping a switch.  With the exact same swing, my pushes turned into beautiful push-draws.  In subsequent testing sessions where I was hitting it fairly straight with the G425 Max, the G425 SFT driver was pounding strong draws that occasionally bordered on hooks.  If you want help keeping the ball off the right side of the course, you can’t do better than the G425 SFT.

Two other things stood out about the G425 SFT driver in my testing.  The first is that, despite being draw-biased, it produces high launching shots with mid-spin.  PING offers the SFT driver in only one loft – 10.5 degrees – which I found to work well.  I play the G425 Max at 9 degrees, and was hitting the 10.5 degree SFT slightly higher with about 150 RPM more spin.

The other standout characteristics of the G425 SFT driver is its forgiveness.  Being draw-biased, the center of gravity is slightly toward the heel.  For me, that meant a lot of “mishits” whenever I switched from my G425 Max.  Despite making contact away from the sweet spot, the ball speed was excellent, and the head felt very stable through impact.


If you’re sick of slicing the ball off the tee, see your fitter and get into the PING G425 SFT driver.  There’s not a driver on the market that does more to turn pushes and slices in booming draws, all while delivering exceptional consistency of ball speed.


PING G425 SFT Driver Price & Specs

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  1. Tom Duckworth

    Over the years I have tamed my slice into a fade that I pretty much have control over. I have never played a draw biased driver. How do you think this type of club works for a fade? Do you feel like it’s worth trying to straighten out that fade or just be happy and adjust to it. One of my misses is when I aim up the left to account for the fade I will block it straight off into the left.

    • Matt Saternus


      You should absolutely try it, but if you play a manageable fade, the G425 SFT may be overkill for you. If you want to hit a straight ball or draw, something adjustable like the G425 Max may ultimately be the better choice.



    • Matt: I appreciate your many reviews. I currently use the G425 MAX, 9° with ALTA CB (R) I have the adjustable weight set on the DRAW position. I still tend to fade my drives. I prefer a push draw for greater roll out. In your opinion, will the SFT D1 swing weight give me a consistent draw tendency or should I simply close my G245 MAX face at address? Please advise.

      • Matt Saternus


        I would start with the less costly (in fact, free) option of closing the face on your current driver. You could also experiment with a lighter swing weight by using a heavier grip or a back weight before buying a new driver.



  2. Is this better than the G410 SFT? How do they compare? Worth upgrade?

    • Matt Saternus


      I think the G425 may be slightly more forgiving, but I doubt most golfers will see a significant difference between the G410 SFT and the G425 SFT.



      • John Whitworth I HAVE to ask…I have an older Ping G 30 SFT (2016 model) ..and am thinking it might be time for an upgrade….if the upgrade from a G 410 SFT to a G 425 SFT will be negligible to non existent for most golfer…what about an upgrade from a 6 year old club like a G 30 SFT to the G 425 ?

        In addition the old G 30 SFT had 12 degrees of loft which seemed to help my 65 year old swing speed)…would I be hurt at all with only the 10 degrees of loft on the G 425 ?

        • Matt Saternus


          Easy part first: loft is all about fit. If you’re optimized at 12*, going to 10 is going to cost you some distance. How much? Only your fitter will be able to tell you.

          Now for the harder part. When you’re moving up three generations, you’ll likely find a measurable difference in forgiveness. Whether it will be noticeable depends on how well you hit the driver. There’s also the difference in launch and spin which may be modest or may be large, depending on how your swing works with the two clubs.

          Ultimately, my suggestion would be to take your club to a shop and demo the G425 against it.



          • John David Whitworth

            Over 2 months since my last post and indeed I did buy the G 425 SFT .. As you stability and forgiveness were there…but sometimes I found that the ball would go pretty far left..even though the majority of hits were straight..I bought a 13 gram weight off of Amazon..just to experiment. Changing from the stock 23 gram weight to 13 gram weight…is that likely to see a noticeable difference in hitting it too far left ?

          • John,

            I think 10 grams will be enough for you to notice a difference in the ball flight.



        • Michael Barber

          I have the same problem and purchased lighter weights, have had a chance to hot it yet, how did it work for you??

  3. I’m a high handicap golfer and have had a very hard time learning to close the club face and release my wrists at impact which has obviously resulted in wicked slices. I was recently fitted for clubs at the Pebble Beach Golf Academy. The Ping 425 SFT was the recommended driver, and it has been a very positive addition to my bag. I still occasionally slice them right when I swing too hard but most of the time my drives are straight and 200+ yards (good for me, I’m 55). I even manage to invoke a decent draw when I get it right. My driver was built with the “soft regular” graphite shaft. BTW-the SFT is adjustable for lie up to 12 degrees.

  4. Being very excited to grab a new G425 Max (not SFT) the minute they showed up at my favorite golf store. I grabbed a 9º by mistake, noticed it at the counter, went back and quickly grabbed a 10.5º. Played the next day and NEVER in my life have I hit so many hard , long draws. Always play a baby fade. It was great but perplexing that the G425 Max had that hard draw shape. So, on the back nine, I was going to shift the weight to a fade position only to find there was no weight adjustment on this head! I had accidentally, in my haste, grabbed a 10.5ºSFT. Took it back and exchanged for the Max. Long story short, the SFT REALLY moves the ball right to left like I had never experienced. I immediately put the Max into the draw position and now have learned to play a baby draw. If you need real correction, go SFT.

  5. How would you compare the G400 SFT to the G425 SFT.???

    • Matt Saternus

      Both are excellent. The G425 SFT is going to be a bit more forgiving and possibly a little stronger in terms of draw bias.



  6. Leslie FREEDMAN

    I have purchased this driver and it’s the best driver I have ever used… totally transformed my game .
    I even hit it of the deck so it kind of gives me an extra club in my bag …. .It’s awesome

  7. I’m wondering if there is much performance difference between the G425 SFT and a G425 MAX with the weight positioned in the heel? With regards to the swing weight, I think the G425 MAX moveable weight is 26g. Not sure if 3g less weight (23g) in the head is what is reducing the SFT swing weight to D1? Does reducing swing weight from D3 to D1 allow the face the square more easily?

    • Matt Saternus


      That is PING’s claim, that the reduced swing weight makes it easier to close the face. I haven’t tested that myself, but I it makes intuitive sense that a lighter head could be manipulated more easily.



    • The weight on the SFT is further in the heel than the Max adjustable weight can go.

      Keep that in mind.

  8. Dave Gangemi

    How does PING SFT, any newer version, compare with Callaway Big Bertha B21?
    I’ve hit the B21 indoors and got some good numbers with it. Was thinking of getting fit for one, but now might weigh it against the SFT. What’s your opinion? I’m not a big slicer, but would like more consistent ball flight and of course distance. Thanks

  9. Just looked back at your G410 SFT data. Interesting that the 425 spun 500 more RPM than the 410. You got a little more carry distance from the 425 because of it but total distance was slightly better for the 410. Sounds like you preferred the 425 slightly more but both put out similar excellent numbers. I just ordered the 410 SFT, was playing the 400 SFT, hope to see an increase in both distance and a little more draw. Can’t wait to try it out! Thanks for the review!

  10. Keith Roach

    Hi Matt: Just purchased the G425 SFT; previously had the G5 (15 + yrs old). Could drive it 250 with the G5 (12.5) but consistency wasn’t there. I’m not a high ball hitter so I get the luck of the roll for distance. My miss is a hard pull left. During my fitting (G425 SFT) distance improved about 5-10 yards but consistency of being within 3 degrees of club face center were clearly in the fairway. This is my first driver with weight or club head adjustments. Please explain how the one position weight (23 gram) would affect my swing if I add or lessen that weight. Also how the settings within the driver affect my swing. If there is a link you can share – that would be great.
    Thank you in advance!!!

  11. With a swing speed of 84-86 mph do you recommend the SR or R shaft.
    My miss shot is a slight over the top cut do you think the SFT would be too much correction?

    • Matt Saternus


      For shaft flex, it depends on your preferences, tempo, feel, etc. My best advice is to get a fitting and try both. I’d have the same answer for your second question.
      Also, though you didn’t ask, I’d strongly recommend forgetting about “over the top” and just focus on the actual Ball Flight Laws –
      As one of the best instructors I know often says, “Over the top of what?”



  12. william eggers

    Matt, my lack of a full finish with my driver at time causes drives to often to be somewhere between a fade and hard fade. I play a Ping 400 SFT, will the additional heel weight on the 425 SFT help in correcting my problem. Any suggestions? Thanks Bill

    • Matt Saternus


      Yes, more weight in the heel is going to make the head more draw biased. What I would suggest, however, is that you test them head to head to make sure the difference is noticeable and meaningful to you. If it’s the difference between a 25 yards fade and a 24 yard fade, that’s a difference, but it might not be worth the cost of the upgrade.



  13. Why don’t they offer the SFT in a 9 degree head as well? Taylormade’s SIM 2 Max Draw comes in a 10.5 and 9 degree head. For those better players out there that still want the draw bias it’d be a nice addition to the line up.

  14. Is it possible to shorten the shaft of the G425 SFT to 44 inches and increase the weight In the sole appropriately to keep the swing weight at D0 – D1 without unduly affecting the draw a bias of the club? Also, would adjusting the loft to 11° materially impact those changes if they can be made?

    • Matt Saternus


      Yes, all this is possible. I would suggest ordering the club to those specs from PING or a high quality builder like Club Champion. Either could meet these requests easily.



  15. Hi Matt –

    Did you play the weight in the max at neutral or draw and compare the numbers?

    If you did, do you have any info on that?

    • Matt Saternus


      I adjusted the weight just to experiment with the effect, but the numbers I gathered are all from the neutral position.


  16. Have you, or will you, do a comparison using the Max with the weight in the draw position and the SFT? I’m curious how much of a difference there is between the two. I will obviously need to test both to see what difference I get with my swing, but it would be nice to read about other results.

  17. I bought the Ping G425 SFT Driver and 5 wood to cure my slice. I did just that but it goes straight and does not produce a draw. It hard to complain about shots going straight but what adjustments can I make to try to get it to draw?

  18. The fact that Ping still doesn’t offer the SFT in a 9 degree is about the most frustrating and senseless thing in the golf industry. It absolutely makes no sense and is downright offensive to their clientele imo. They are basically saying that no half decent player would want draw bias. It’s such a shame too because this SFT albeit forgiving is SUPER short on distance.. As in 35+ yds short compared to a 9 degree LS for a 107 mph player.

  19. I just had a question with the G425 max driver & SFT version. I’m looking to buy one or the other. If I have the weight in the draw setting on the max driver is it pretty much the same club as the SFT version other than the difference of the weight of 23 & 26? I tend to hit some slices & just trying to figure out which would be better. I’m assuming the max driver with the weight shifted to the draw would be about the same club as the SFT almost

    • Matt Saternus


      They are very close. The SFT comes stock with a slightly lower swing weight, which PING suggests will help some players square the club face.



  20. I have a SFT, but I find it inconsistent, some lovely draws, aiming to the right of the fairway, then a straight hook, which would be my swing path. I am going to replace the weight to a 9g, hopefully by the weekend.
    What would be the pro/con of removing the weight all together?


  21. So replaced the weight to a 9g , and the difference is like light and day, after struggling for nearly two years , I saw my drives on Saturday with a slight draw, gives me confidence for next season!!!!!!

  22. I am 71 years old. Can’t believe how much the G425 SFT has improved my driving ability. Hitting it farther and straight. Still using stiff shaft adjusted to 11.5 degrees. Only driver I would ever consider using.
    Thank you PIng.

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