PING G410 Crossover Review

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The PING G410 Crossover is a substantial aesthetic upgrade over the G400, and an easy-to-hit replacement for your troublesome long irons.


Designing a successful utility iron is difficult.  These clubs are meant for better players, so they need to have a slim look.  At the same time, they need to be larger than traditional irons to provide improved performance.  The PING G410 Crossover manages to upgrade both aspects by pairing a smaller head with improved construction for better performance.


The G410 Crossover offers a much sleeker look than its predecessor, the G400 Crossover.  In the bag, the G410 nods to the not-yet-released Blueprint iron with the look of a blade iron.  At address, there’s still a healthy amount of offset, but the back of the club is less visible behind the top line.  Also notable, the blade length is shorter and the sole is narrower.  Finally, the face is taller, making it look more like a standard iron.

All in all, the G410 Crossover is one of the better looking driving irons on the market, both in the bag and at address.

Sound & Feel

While the look of the G410 Crossover is very traditional, the sound is not.  Impact creates a fairly loud knock that’s mid-pitch and slightly hollow.  It’s a sound that’s neither hybrid nor iron, which is fitting for this club.

Similar to the G410 hybrid, feedback is mainly through the hands.  You will hear a slight change in the sound on mishits, but it’s not drastic.


My first look at the G410 Crossover had me thinking that it wouldn’t have the forgiveness of previous versions.  However, this latest iteration has a 50% heavier tungsten toe weight which boosts the MOI.  That higher MOI is paired with a maraging steel face to create high, consistent ball speed.

For me, the G410 is the best PING Crossover yet, and a real threat to my current 4 iron.  As a low ball hitter, what I value most is how this club puts every shot on a playable trajectory.  Whether I hit the ball pure or a little thin, launch angles were staying within a window that created similar carry distances.  Spin rates were also robust, giving every shot a strong ball flight.

The G410 Crossover delivers on forgiveness, but it doesn’t sacrifice the iron-like characteristics that better players will want.  PING placed the CoG forward so there’s very little gear effect.  That means more predictable ball flight.

Finally, PING is offering the G410 Crossover in 10 different color codes.  This will allow golfers to choose not only the loft and shaft that they need, but also the correct lie angle.


If you love long irons but need a bit more distance and forgiveness, the PING G410 Crossover is one of the best solutions available.  The consistency is far superior to standard irons, but you’ll retain control of your shot shape and ball flight.

PING G410 Crossover Price and Specs

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  1. Matt,

    Let me guess, you hit it with the Even Flow Black 😊

    Nice write up

  2. Keith Finley

    The older generations were both fairly ugly. At least the G400 played ok. The G was not a great club… Opinions?

  3. If you were to compare it to the recently reviewed Srixon U85, what would be your thoughts? I have narrowed it down to these two. Thank you!

    • Matt Saternus


      I did not review the U85, Dylan did, so I can’t give you a comparison. I would suggest trying them both in a fitting.



  4. Blake Thuelin

    I saw you reviewed both the G410 crossover and the GAPR mid. Which one did you prefer and which one produced better numbers and more forgiveness? Thanks for the great reviews of everything golf related.

    • Matt Saternus


      I haven’t hit them head to head, but my gut reaction is that I prefer the G410 Crossover to the GAPR Mid. The Mid might be a bit more forgiving, but it’s much bigger.



  5. does this come with a head cover

  6. Hi there,
    Mid Handicapper and looking at either the Titliest U510 1 iron or G410 2 Crossover (delofted to 16 degree) for a low launch option off the tee. Obviously, I would be testing this soon but wanted your opinion on what you would recommend and which one is the most forgiving?

    • Matt Saternus


      The U510 is a bit bigger, based on my recollection, but I don’t think there’s much of a forgiveness gap between the two.



  7. Hi matt
    I have ping g410 hybrid 4
    Would the crossover 3 be a similar distance to the hybrid?

    • Matt Saternus

      It depends on the player. For a lot of golfers, there will be diminishing returns between the 3 and 4 Crossover because of lack of speed or launch angle.



  8. Would you recommend the Ping G410 or the Sim DHY for a mid handicapper thats looking for that distance club off the tee on narrow par 4s and that second shot on a long par 5?

    • Matt Saternus


      My recommendation is always to get fit. Those two options are good, if they fit the player, but there are so many others – hybrids, distance hybrids, fairway woods, etc. Find a fitter you trust and let them save you the hassle of buy-try-repeat.



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