PING G410 Hybrid Review

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The PING G410 hybrid is the first PING hybrid with an adjustable hosel.  Incredible consistency and surprising distance.


Improvements in hybrids are often impossible to see.  OEMs may move some weight or use a new material, but the clubs look largely unchanged.  With the G410 hybrid, PING is making at least one of the upgrades very obvious: the hosel is now adjustable.  This is a first for PING and could be an exciting improvement for those seeking more precision in their long game.


To my eye, the G400 hybrid was a knockout, so I’m pleased to see that PING didn’t change too much visually.  The matte black crown has no alignment aids except the Turbulators.  The combination of the painted grooves and Turbulators frame the ball perfectly, giving me confidence in my set up.  In the standard hosel setting, this club sits perfectly square.

The G410 hybrid has a larger head than the G400 so that it will be more forgiving.  I’ll get to the performance later, but I can tell you now that the aesthetic difference is minor.  The G410 hybrid is average or slightly above average in size for a modern hybrid.

Sound & Feel

As much as I like the look of the G410 hybrid, I may like the sound and feel even more.  It’s quiet, solid, with a very modest “tink” to give you the sense that the ball is going for a long ride.  If every hybrid sounded like this, I’d be very happy.

Feedback is good through the hands, modest in terms of sound.  If you really miss one, the sound changes a bit, but you’ll mainly notice your misses through feel.


There are plenty of interesting technology talking points in the new G410 hybrid.  PING has textured the face to reduce spin, reshaped the Turbulators for improved aerodynamics, and used a thinner maraging steel face to create more ball speed.  There’s also the headline feature: the ability to adjust the loft up or down 1.5 degrees, a first for a PING hybrid.

Despite all these cool tidbits, the story for me is really simple: this hybrid is unbelievably consistent.  Thanks to a bigger head and a tungsten back weight, the MOI of the G410 is 6.5% higher than the G400.  What that translated to for me was shot after shot carrying nearly the exact same distance.

Knowing that PING targeted a higher MOI, the forgiveness did not surprise me.  What did was the ball speed and distance.  On my best swings, I was seeing ball speed that rivals many 3Ws.  Paired with a strong, mid/high launch and mid spin, the ball flight was absolutely perfect to my eye.


The PING G410 hybrid pulls together an array of performance characteristics that is uncommon, maybe unprecedented.  It combines tremendous forgiveness with great distance and a strong ball flight.  Many hybrids will give you one or two of those, but rarely can you get all three in a club that also looks and feels this good.

PING G410 Hybrid Price and Specs

Matt Saternus


  1. matt,
    when will you review the driver (410 plus)?

  2. Between the PingG 410 and the CBX119 that you recently evaluated, would you have a preference? What shaft did you use in the Ping G410? Another excellent review.

    • Matt Saternus


      I could very easily have both in my bag. The CBX119 is a distance machine, the PING is the high water mark for consistency. I may bag the CBX119 as my 3W replacement and the G410 instead of a 3I/4I.
      The PING I tested had the Tensei Blue shaft.



  3. Scott Richards

    Hi Matt,

    I appreciate the review and am going to get a G410 hybrid today. If I hit my 4 iron 170-175 and my 3 wood 210-220, should I get a 3 & 4 hybrid or only the 3?



    • Matt Saternus


      Do you want to replace your 4I? I would go to the store with my 4I, 3W, and then hit the hybrids also and figure out what works in terms of slotting in or replacing the clubs I want to replace.



  4. Dave Hammond

    As always, very nice review Matt. That said, will you be reviewing the G410 fairway woods anytime soon. Cheers,


  5. Did you try the flat setting? Would like to know your thoughts on how that might help

    • Matt Saternus


      I got a great shot pattern from the standard setting, so I didn’t delve into the flat setting. In theory, the flat settings should help a player who is hooking the ball.



  6. Would you say you preferred the G410 or Cobra F9 hybrid more overall? Thanks.

    • Matt Saternus


      It really depends how you’re going to use it. Subjectively, I have a slight preference for the PING because of my history and comfort with the brand, but I’d have no problem bagging the F9 in the right situation.



  7. Rick Talley

    Matt, I have the Ping g400 hybrids with the Alta 70 shaft. Is the g410 longer than the G400, and besides the color, is the Alta 70 shaft the same? Worth upgrading?

    • Matt Saternus


      The biggest difference is the adjustability. If you don’t need that, and the G400 is forgiving enough for you, I don’t think upgrading is necessary.



  8. Nice review. I was just at Ping last week for a fitting. I was really interested in comparing the 410 hybrid vs crossover. I ended up liking the hybrid better. More forgiving than the crossover so no reason for me to get the crossover. Both clubs hit the same distance and trajectory it seemed, the hybrid felt more solid on mishits. I also was hitting the Tensei Blue.

  9. Gary Block

    Hi Matt!
    Question, If I want to change the loft on a 19 degree #3 hybrid, to a 18 degree, for a little better distance and better gaping with my other equipment, do you use the small – adjustment? Is that right?

  10. Gary Barros

    Thanks for getting me on your list.I really enjoy it.

  11. Hi Matt!

    G410 or TS2 hybrid? Looking for something to hit into par 5’s and long par 3’s.

  12. Hi
    Ive got a G30 hybrid which is pretty consistent and thinking about upgrading to G410
    Do you think theres enough improvements to justify the $$

    • Matt Saternus


      The best way to find out is to bring your club to the fitter and test it against the G410. I do think the G410 is noticeably better than the G30, but that’s no guarantee that the G410 will be better for you at the thing(s) you want a hybrid to do.



  13. Hi Matt

    Can you tell me what hosel size is on the Ping G410 because I can recall that a few years ago Ping used to use 355 instead of the usual 370 for their hybrids, also does lofting down by 1 or 1.5 degrees also open the face angle irrespective of whether the lie angle is set to neutral or flat?


  14. Werner M.

    Hi Matt
    Going definitely for a G410 Hybrid but I did not decide on the shaft. Since I am getting older I will go for a R flex – what is the difference between a Project X EvenFlow Black 5.5, and a Mitsubishi Tensei Pro Blue 70. What shaft would you prefer. I would prefer some “silky” smooth feel, relatively high launch. Would it make sense to replace a TS2 5 wood by a 17° hybrid. On my home course, I would approach with these clubs 3 par 3´s.
    Thank you very much for you feedback and the excellent reviews.
    Best regards from Austria

    • Matt Saternus


      To me, the Tensei Blue feels smoother than the EvenFlow Black, but I would strongly recommend that you try both shafts and see what they feel like to you before you buy.



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