PING G400 SFT Driver Review

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The PING G400 SFT driver is ultra forgiving and has extra help for those that want to hit a draw.  Draw bias isn’t overdone like many slicer-reducing drivers.


Playing a draw-biased, extremely forgiving driver often means making compromises: ugly shape, terrible sound, bad feel.  PING doesn’t think that should be the case.  With the G400 SFT driver, they’ve kept the great look, shape, sound, and feel of the other G400 drivers, but added some help for those that slice.


I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time staring at the G400 SFT driver and the standard G400 driver trying to determine if there’s a difference at address, which tells you all you need to know.  If there is a difference, it’s minute.

The G400 SFT, like the other G400 drivers, has a matte black crown, Turbulators, and Dragonfly technology.  At 445 cc, it’s a little smaller than other drivers, and it looks sleek and fast.

Sound & Feel

One of the hallmarks of the G400 line is the sound and feel of the drivers.  They’re unbelievably solid, unlike anything else on the market.  That feel carries over to the G400 SFT driver as well.

Despite the high level of forgiveness, there is still good feedback.  More experienced players will note immediately that the sweet spot, and the best feeling, is shifted slightly toward the heel.


There are two things that separate the PING G400 SFT driver from the standard G400 driver.  First, the swing weight is lighter.  Second, and more importantly, the 5 gram tungsten weight is shifted toward the heel.  This moves the sweet spot toward the heel which promotes a draw (if you’re not sure why, click HERE).

What I like about the G400 SFT driver is that the draw bias isn’t overdone.  Could I tell that it’s draw biased?  Absolutely.  I saw my overall dispersion shift a little left, and it was harder to move the ball to the right.  However, I could still hit a cut if I worked at it, and it was plenty easy to hit a straight shot.  This is a driver that can give you help when you need it, but you won’t outgrow it when you improve your swing.

Aside from the draw bias, this driver has all the same hallmarks of the G400.  The forgiveness is off the charts and the ball speed is excellent.  Shots launch high with low spin (slightly lower than the standard G400, in my case) and carry forever.


For players that battle a slice, the PING G400 SFT driver is the #1 driver that I would recommend.  It’s an equally good choice for players that just want more help hitting it a draw.  There’s nothing on the market with more forgiveness, and the draw bias is helpful without being overdone.

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PING G400 SFT Driver Price & Specs

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  1. Got a SFT 12 degrees with SR shaft. And slice ! Been playing for 30 years with reg shaft , so I wonder why?
    Any cure exept to go back to XXIO.
    My swing speed is about 85 mph

  2. what loft sft driver are those specs from? Thanks

  3. I use to have a big slice but after buying this driver I now have a huge draw. How would I reduce the amount of draw? I was thinking about getting a lighter weight to replace the stock one. Would this help fix the problem?

    • Matt Saternus


      It’s possible that the weight change could help, but the quicker fix would be to decrease the loft on the head (which will open the face). Try the -0.6 setting and see what happens.



  4. Hi Matt. I’m 65, shoot in the low to mid 80’s (on average) and just had my first 79. I tend to fade the ball but sometimes hit it dead straight. This club sounds like something worth trying, especially after reading a recent article in Golf Digest on Draw drivers. I am current using a 10.5 deg R shaft driver. I have no issues with height on my drives What specs would you recommend I try with the Ping G400 SFT? Thank you for your imput! Todd

    • Matt Saternus


      The best thing to do is visit a qualified fitter like Club Champion or True Spec. All I can offer is a best guess which could easily result in $400 wasted.



  5. Sound advice. Thanks!

    • Ferdinand Orias

      I read the positive reviews of this G400 sft driver and since I always go to the right on most of my drives, I purchased this 2 days ago. I played yesterday and majority of my drives are going to the left .Should I adjust the loft and to what degree?(0 loft when I played) Thanks for your input. Ferdie

      • Matt Saternus


        I would spend some more time with it before making adjustments. If you want to open the face, go to a “-” setting.



  6. Absolutely love the Ping G400 SFT. 70 years old with about 80 to 83 mph swing speed. Just spent the day killing drives. I had used a Taylormade R-11 10 degree for years and had slice and consistency issues. With the Ping G400 SFT I’m straight, long and consistent. You couldn’t pay me to move away from this driver. I now am getting down into the 70’s even with my erratic putting do to the length increase and accuracy.

  7. Russell F. McLatchey

    What company makes the alta shaft?

  8. Mark Blair

    My swing 14 handicap swing is so inconsistent that I often hit draws and slices in the same round. My desired shape is a draw. Should I just get a new driver that sets up square and take more lessons rather than buy the Ping G400 STF. Thanks.

    • Matt Saternus


      There’s no right or wrong answer there. If you want to take lessons and practice a lot, do that. If you want a club that will help cut down on the slices, get the SFT. The only thing I would caution against is buying the SFT then taking lessons, because you may come out of the lessons wanting a more neutral club.



  9. William Covington Sr.

    I have a Ping G 400, can’t get it to draw. 10.5. How do I set it to draw at least sometimes

  10. Just want your followers to know that the g400sft is superior for distance and accuracy over the G410 sft. Tried them both and no comparison.

  11. Agree on G400 v G410. To me, G400 is far superior. Not sure why.

  12. I am using a Taylormade Burner Draw 10.5 driver. I want to upgrade to a newer driver and have been reading a lot about the Ping G400 SFT trying to get a few more yards. I’m 69 and still fade a bit. Wondering if the purchase of the G400 SFT will help. I like the look of the burner closed face. Help

    • Matt Saternus


      The PING G400 SFT is excellent, but you should be fit before buying a new driver. It’s the only way to know that what you’re buying will give you better results than your current club.



  13. Steven Johnston

    My g410 plus looks closed faced. When I address a G400 sft the face looks way more square or even slightly open. Is there a difference?

    • Matt Saternus


      I haven’t found that in the ones I’ve hit, but there can be variance from head to head.



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