PING G SF Tec Fairway Wood Review

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50 Words or Less

The PING G SF Tec fairway wood is the club for players who want to hit long, high draws with their fairway woods.


The next time you’re at the range, keep an eye out for guys who are practicing with their fairway woods.  You’ll quickly notice two things: 1) they hits lots of very low, thin shots and 2) the shots that get in the air tend to flare to the right.  The choice between 100-yard grounders and 150-yard banana balls isn’t much of a choice at all, which is why so many players leave their fairway woods covered round after round.  Thankfully, PING has addressed both of those problems with their latest fairway wood, the G SF Tec.

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Unlike the G drivers, which all look nearly identical, each of the three PING G fairway woods have a unique look.  The G fairway wood is triangular in shape, but the G SF Tec fairway wood is bigger and round.  Also, where the G FW sits square to slightly open in the neutral setting, the SF Tec fairway wood is decidedly closed.  The SF Tec FW is adjustable, so you can get a square look if you prefer.

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Sound & Feel

Though the PING G SF Tec fairway wood looks very different from the G FW, both clubs sound very similar at impact – quiet and only slightly metallic.  The SF Tec also provides solid feedback despite the excellent forgiveness.

Just like the other clubs in the G line up, the stock shaft is the counterbalanced Alta.  The purpose of the counterbalancing is to allow PING’s engineers to keep the swing weight in a standard range while using a heavier head to provide more distance and forgiveness.



The PING G SF Tec fairway wood is designed to do two things: launch the ball into the air easily and promote a right-to-left ball flight.  It does both very well.  It gets a head start on launching the ball into the air by having slightly more loft – the 3W is 16 degrees and the 5W is 19 degrees.  Just as importantly, it has a lower leading edge like the G FW which means that you’ll hit fewer thin shots.

When it comes to shot shape, the G SF Tec FW absolutely eliminates the right side of the course.  With a slightly closed face and a center of gravity more towards the heel, shots will start straight or left and curve left easily.  If you’re a slicer, this club is an absolute godsend.  If you’re more of a hooker, like me, you’ll need to set the face a bit more open or just opt for the standard G FW.

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For all the low handicappers and skilled fairway wood players, the G fairway wood or the G Stretch FW will be great choices, but the majority of mid to high handicap players need to make a beeline for the PING G SF Tec fairway wood.  The combination of a lower leading edge and more loft means that you’ll hit shots with optimal launch and spin, and the draw-bias will allow you to hit them straight and long.

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  1. Mike Pennell

    What is the difference between G5wood and a G30 5wood as I am thinking of buying one?.

    • Matt Saternus

      One of the main differences is the lower leading edge in the G. I recommend trying both before you buy.


  2. Pontus Grönberg

    Hey! Is the Ping G FW3 SF TEC lighter then the original Ping G FW3?
    // Pontus

  3. Pontus Grönberg

    I have a Ping G FW5 SF TEC and it’s feels a lot lighter then my Ping G FW3 as not are the SF TEC model, so just wonder if the FW3 SF TEC is lighter than my FW3 orininal?

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