PING G Fairway Wood Review

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50 Words or Less

The PING G fairway wood is incredibly easy to get in the air, and the low spin rates mean that it still hits the ball a long way.


Despite all the advances in technology, the gap between how pros and amateurs use their fairway woods has probably never been bigger.  Every week we see players like Bubba Watson landing balls softly on the green from in excess of 260 yards while the average golfer never takes the cover off his 3W because he hits it so poorly.  PING’s new G fairway wood strives to close that gap.  By being easier than ever to elevate while maintaining low spin for distance, it will have more golfers thinking about going for par 5s in two.

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The first thing that struck me about the G fairway wood is how it sits perfectly at address when set in the neutral position.  It’s just a touch open and ends up perfectly square with a slightly strong grip.  The G FW is adjustable, so you can make it sit more open or closed if you prefer.

The footprint of the G fairway wood isn’t exactly small, but the slightly triangular shape makes it look a bit more compact than it is.  Like the G driver, the crown of the G FW is matte black and features Turbulators.

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Sound & Feel

When the PING G fairway wood meets the ball, the sound is fairly quiet, more of a “crack” than the metallic “ting” you get from most fairway woods.  The feedback from this club is excellent both in terms of feel and sound which will help you dial in your ball striking.

The stock Alta shaft is counterbalanced to offset the heavier head, but the overall lighter weight of the shaft means there still isn’t much weight in your hands.  If you prefer to have more heft in the butt of the shaft, you can opt for the PING Tour shaft.



In designing the G fairway wood, PING’s engineers took on one of the biggest difficulties that golfers have with fairway woods: getting them airborne.  To combat this problem, they lowered the leading edge.  This means that it’s easier to contact the ball higher on the face, and thin shots find more of the club face, which all leads to higher launching shots.  Though the PING G 3W has slightly lower loft (14.5 degrees as opposed to 15), I was able to launch it as high or higher than any fairway wood in recent memory.  This translates directly to longer carry and total distances.

Two other things make the G fairway wood stand out: the low spin and the forgiveness.  The low spin is critical, because a high launching fairway wood with high spin isn’t going to create long shots.  Only when you pair high launch with low spin do you get shots that hold a strong trajectory and get plenty of roll out.  Forgiveness is also important because, especially when we’re swinging with everything we’ve got, we can occasionally miss the center of the face.  The G fairway wood forgives those little journeys away from the sweet spot, dropping only 1-3 MPH of ball speed.

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With the new G fairway wood, PING has created a club that could be as dominant in its category as its big brother, the G driver.  This is the easiest-to-launch FW that I can recall, and it combines that with forgiveness and great distance.

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  1. Jason Warlond

    Matt, how would rate it against the Tour Edge Exotics?

    • Matt Saternus


      Which Tour Edge Exotics model? The last one I tested was the E8 Beta last winter/spring. The ball speed on the E8 Beta was great – when hit pure – but it wasn’t nearly as easy to launch. I’m hoping to get to review the new models later this spring, so I’ll be able to speak to that comparison then.



      • Jason Warlond


        I was thinking the EX9. So might need to wait for that review. I have a few of the TEEs and keep coming back to them. Although obviously what Ping are doing with the G30 and now the G is all getting rave reviews.


  2. Why is there a big difference in swing speed in the fairway woods you tested…96 mph for ping G, 103 mph for Cobra King LTD?

    • Don,

      The bottom of the posts shows who conducted the review. I reviewed the King LTD, Matt reviewed the PING G, and we have different swing speeds.



  3. Doug Jamieson

    I just got back from trying out my new G 3-wood at the range, and I am stoked. This is a wonderful club, solid feeling at impact, long, and almost impossible to mishit. Great looker too. I have the G30 driver, and this compliments it perfectly. I had been considering a new 3-wood and your review convinced me. Many thanks. This now completes my transition from Taylormade to Ping.

  4. Thanks, sorry i didn’t see

  5. Svend Andersen

    I have read your rewiev of the Srixon z f65 3 wood and you hit that one way longer than the Ping G. I wonder how you would rate them against each other – I don’t suppose you have rested them z f65 vs G….
    Thanks for a lot of nice reviews and your time.

    • Matt Saternus


      You’re correct, I did not test them head to head.

      With regard to the LM numbers, those are just the numbers from one set of testing sessions at one time. Since the time I reviewed the G, my swing speed has improved (and now gone back down a bit), and I’ve gotten MUCH better at hitting fairway woods. They’re never meant for apples to apples comparisons.



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