PING G Stretch Fairway Wood Review

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The PING G Stretch fairway wood is a great option for the player who wants to use their 3W off the tee or needs lower launch and spin to maximize their distance from the turf.


The “mini driver” isn’t as prevalent as it was a couple of seasons ago, but the concept is no less valid: merge the shorter shaft and higher loft of a fairway wood with the bigger head of a driver for the ultimate fairway finder.  That’s exactly what PING has done with their new G Stretch fairway wood.  Using the G fairway wood as a base, they’ve lowered the loft and increased the head size to create a club that’s long and accurate off the tee while still being playable from the turf.

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The shape of the G Stretch fairway wood is similar to the standard G FW, but it’s bigger. The other hallmarks of PING’s recent woods are also there: the Turbulators and the matte black crown.  The most noticeable diffrence is the taller face.  That attribute is particularly important for tee shots – it’s confidence inspiring to know that you have a little “wiggle room” with your swing.

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Sound & Feel

At impact, the PING G Stretch fairway wood is a bit louder than the G FW.  The sound is also a touch more hollow and metallic, more like a driver than a fairway wood.  There is excellent feedback both in the sound and feel of impact despite the larger, more stable head.

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Long time readers and equipment geeks with good memories will recall that the PING G Stretch fairway wood isn’t PING’s first venture into mini drivers.  The PING Rapture FW created a rabid following when it was released a couple of seasons ago.  With such a strong offering in PING’s recent past, the expectations for the Stretch were high, and it managed to meet them.

The primary thing I tested for was the performance off the tee, and here the G Stretch certainly fits the description “mini driver.”  The ball speed was excellent, the spin was low, and the result was plenty of distance.  While it’s obviously much smaller than a modern driver, the head is big and forgiving enough that average-to-good players should have no problem producing consistently solid shots with it.   In fact, what really stood out to me was how straight it is.  When paired with the right shaft, the G Stretch FW was a true fairway finder.

With just 13 degrees of loft, the G Stretch FW is not the most forgiving club off the turf, but the playability is good relative to its peers.  When you make a pure strike, the G Stretch sends the ball on a long trip.  The launch is fairly low – again, it’s only 13 degrees – but the spin is low, too, so you get plenty of roll out.  For me, the ball flight on thin shots can best be described as “worm burners,” but that should be taken with a grain of salt.  I’m not a great fairway wood player, and I hit a low ball.  Players who tend to launch shots high can expect the G Stretch FW to add significant distance to their second shots.

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PING’s G driver family is the most comprehensive in the game, and with the addition of the G SF Tec FW and the G Stretch FW, the same can be said of their fairway woods.  For players that like to hit their 3W off the tee, the G Stretch FW will become a favorite club.  Similarly, powerful, high launching players will bring many more par 5s into reach when they’re hitting their second shot with this club.

Matt Saternus


  1. Matt,

    Will this one make the top 5 list of 3 woods so far this year? you got pretty good numbers or is it all attributed to the 13* loft?

    • Matt Saternus


      It certainly is among the longest. I’m not much for 3W off the tee and I need more help/loft off the turf, so this won’t go in my bag, but it is a really good club for the guy whose needs it fits.


  2. Ashley Bierman

    Hi Matt,

    I read your reviews all the time and find them helpful.- Thank you
    Question- Are you going for a Ping 3 wood stretch 13* or the Ping rapture 3 wood 13*?
    I currently game a TM 3HL and swing speed with that club is 108- 110 MPH. I hit it 250 mtrs approx +-10mts.- amazing control
    Driver is so erratic so this solution is a major consideration.
    I look forward to you thoughts as its not like I can test both as Rapture can only be secured on Ebay.
    Thanks Matt

    • Matt Saternus


      It’s been a while since I’ve hit either club, so I’d be hard pressed to give you a reliable comparison. Both impressed me at the time, and if you’re hitting your current FW that well, I’m sure both will perform well for you. The biggest thing will be getting the right shaft.



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