PING Announces PING G430 MAX 10K Driver and Blueprint Irons for 2024

PING G430 MAX 10K driver sets new MOI and forgiveness standards 

PHOENIX, AZ – Founded by Karsten Solheim nearly 65 years ago on the concept of engineering more-forgiving, easier-to-hit golf clubs, PING continues that never-ending pursuit with today’s introduction of the G430 MAX 10K driver, its highest MOI, most forgiving and straightest driver to date.

The G430 MAX 10K driver is available for custom fittings and pre-order at authorized PING golf shops around the world beginning today.

“Our new G430 MAX 10K joins the G430 driver family and earns the distinction of being the most forgiving driver we’ve ever engineered,” said John K. Solheim, PING CEO & President. “The ‘10K’ in the name refers to its record-setting combined MOI that exceeds 10,000 g-cm². It’s a great addition to our G430 driver line, giving golfers another custom-fitting option loaded with innovations. It has a lot of the proven performance of the G430 MAX driver, but differs in several ways from a design standpoint, including a fixed backweight, larger head profile, and a Carbonfly Wrap crown – each contributing to the new level of forgiveness.”

Combined MOI exceeds 10,000 g-cm²

The fixed tungsten backweight in the multi-material 460cc head contributes to the record-setting MOI as it drives mass down and back to increase forgiveness and optimize the center of gravity position, lowering spin and ensuring ball-speed preservation across the clubface for added distance. The heavier backweight (28g) is in part achieved by weight savings of 5g from the Carbonfly Wrap crown (13g installed) to create a powerful combination of accuracy and distance to meet the performance needs of all golfers.

PING’s biggest head profile to date maximizes the USGA-allowable heel-toe and front-back dimensions to extend the perimeter weighting, adding to the forgiveness while staying within the 460cc volume limit. The larger, confidence-inspiring head helps square the golfer to the target and produces a less muted and slightly louder sound than the G430 MAX to give golfers a sense of even more powerful, satisfying tee shots.

Thinner, forgiving face design

PING engineers advanced the face technology of the G430 driver family by thinning the forged T9S+ titanium face of the G430 MAX 10K. The shallow face height and variable face thickness (VFT) are optimized for more flexing to ensure faster ball speeds. Spinsistency, a variable face curvature innovation, delivers consistent spin across the entire face, helping preserve ball speed on mis-hits for more distance and accuracy.

G430 MAX 10K HL (High Launch)

The lighter overall weight of the G430 MAX 10K HL driver offers all the technology and performance of the standard version, including the record-setting MOI, for slower-swing-speed golfers who don’t generate sufficient clubhead speed and ball velocity from traditionally weighted clubs. Custom engineered and custom built at 46″ with a lighter backweight (19g), ultra-light shafts (PING Alta Quick 35/45) and grip (Lamkin UTx Lite, 41g), the result is a lower overall system weight so golfers can swing faster and generate more ball speed for higher-launching, longer-carrying and straighter tee shots. Available in 9.0°, 10.5°, and 12.0° lofts.

Tour-winning Blueprint “S” and “T” models advance performance in forged-iron category

PHOENIX, AZ – A long-time leader in iron innovation and performance, today PING introduced the Blueprint S and Blueprint T, two new forged iron models engineered and custom built for golfers seeking to improve their games through tour-proven technology.

The Blueprint S and Blueprint T are available for custom fittings and pre-order at authorized PING golf shops around the world beginning today.

“Our two Blueprint irons represent a new strategy for us in the forged-iron category,” said John K. Solheim, PING CEO & President. “With the forged and forgiving cavity-back design of the “S” and the traditional muscle-back shape of the “T”, we’re targeting a wider range of golfers who prefer tour-style forged irons. The Blueprint name is a signal to skilled golfers looking for control, precision and feel from their irons. As the name implies, no details have been overlooked in the development of the new irons. Both models are engineered and manufactured to exacting standards and deliver the performance expected in a PING iron.”

Blueprint S Overview

Developed following extensive testing with top PING professionals, the Blueprint S delivers score-lowering performance in a forged cavity-back design. Much of the design influence can be attributed to PING’s long line of tour-proven “S” series irons.

The compact shape fits the discerning eye with a thin top line and minimal offset. The forged 8620 carbon steel head boasts a clean cavity design, distinguished by an eye-catching textured pattern and hydropearl 2.0 chrome finish. The grooves are precision milled for optimal launch and spin. A high-density toe screw and shaft tip weight allow for swingweight fine-tuning.

“The Blueprint S is going to be a pleasant surprise for a lot of golfers who might not think they are good enough to play them,” Solheim said. “Its design speaks to the lower handicap, but its technology broadens its appeal to the player who is looking for a forged, blade-style iron that’s a little easier to hit but still delivers the look and feel expected in a blade.”

An Industry First

A patented construction technology called “Precision Pocket Forging” in the Blueprint S allows for a pocket to be forged into the cavity of the 3, 4 and 5 irons. The pocket saves 10 grams of weight, which is re-allocated to increase the MOI and optimize the center of gravity position for more distance and trajectory control. An elastomer insert is concealed in the pocket of the 3-5 irons ensuring the solid feel and sound expected in a forged players iron.

“The ability to design a pocket into a forged iron in this way is an industry first,” said Solheim. “It’s a brilliant collaboration between PING engineers and our supplier who thankfully accepted the challenge, and we developed a solution to a never-before solved problem. Until now, this level of long-iron forgiveness and the forging process have been mutually exclusive. We’re excited to bring this score-lowering technology to golfers.”

Blueprint T Overview

For the highly skilled golfer who relies on workability and prefers the size and look of a muscle back, the Blueprint T is engineered as a single-piece, 8620 carbon steel forging that puts a premium on trajectory control and superb feel. Its muscle-back design concentrates mass through the impact zone to ensure a pleasing sound and feel with the workability to take on any shot.

A shorter heel-face height allows the hosel transition to blend smoothly into the top rail, creating a clean, distraction-free appearance at address. The narrow soles enable consistent turf interaction from all conditions. Precision-milled grooves ensure the preferred launch and spin for players who rely on pinpoint control. A high-density toe screw and shaft tip weight provide precise swingweight control and a slight boost in MOI.

“Traditionally, an iron like the Blueprint T relies as much on the skill level of the player as it does on the technology,” Solheim said. “We understand that, but we’re always looking for ways to improve every iron we design. In the Blueprint T, every detail is extremely precise and calculated to ensure the performance demanded from a forged blade. It’s a true shot-maker’s iron crafted with precision, for precision.”

The Blueprint T lofts match the Blueprint S and i230 irons to allow golfers to create blended sets within PING’s precision iron offerings. The standard length of the Blueprint T 3-9 irons is ¼” shorter than Blueprint S to promote a lower ball flight.

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