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The Pelz Player Putting Cups are simple training aids that can add more challenge and interest to your indoor putting.  Also great tools for learning to read greens.


In addition to being one of the most famous short game instructors in golf, Dave Pelz is also the owner of one of the most enviable backyards in the world (check it out HERE).  Since 99.9999% of us can’t even dream of that kind of practice facility, Dave Pelz has developed a line of training aids so we can practice in our more modest surroundings.  In this review, I’ll take a look at the Pelz Player Putting Cups.

Set Up & Ease of Use

The Pelz Player Putting Cups include two cups, eight inserts for shrinking the hole, and a carrying case.  There’s also an instruction pamphlet.

If you’re unclear on how to use the putting cups, you’re probably on the wrong site.  As for how to shrink the cup, the inserts clip into the hole from the underside.  There’s no way to install them incorrectly.


Each putting cup has a small ramp leading up to regulation golf hole (4.25″).  With the Pro reducers, the hole shrinks to 3.75″.  The Super Pro reducers drop that down to a very slim 3.25″.

I enjoy the Pelz Player Putting Cups largely because they simulate the feeling of making a putt.  Seeing the ball get captured by the cup is much more satisfying than watching it roll over a “hole” marked on a putting mat.

Beyond the enjoyment, the ability to shrink the hole adds a lot of value to your indoor practice.  Rolling four footers into a regulation cup on a perfectly flat surface is not challenging for most players.  Shrinking the cup not only raises the challenge and engagement, it will also make the regulation hole look enormous when you get back to the course.

Finally, as you can see in the instruction pamphlet above, you can use the Pelz Player Putting Cups to work on your ability to read greens and visualize break.  While I don’t see many players taking these cups to the practice green, this is a nice feature if your indoor green has the ability to add break.


The Pelz Player Putting Cups will have the most longevity if used in conjunction with a quality putting mat like the Pelz Player Putting Mat [review HERE].  It’s a synergistic effect: the cups make using the mat more fun, and having a quality putting surface makes using the cups more fun.

All that said, the longevity of these trainers is only average.  If you’re a serious player who wants to practice, you’ll use them.  The recreational player will use them occasionally, perhaps more often if they’re conveniently set up.


The Pelz Player Putting Cups retail for $40.  For the same price, I prefer the PuttOUT Pressure Putting Trainer [review HERE], but there’s no reason you can’t have both.  I think the Putting Cups represent a good value if you know you’re a serious golfer who needs more challenge on their indoor green.  For the casual player, they’re not necessary.


If you’ve already invested in a high quality putting mat and are looking for a way to make that practice more engaging, the Pelz Player Putting Cups will fit the bill.  Being able to shrink the hole adds needed challenge to the endless onslaught of flat five-footers.

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