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The Pelz Player Putting Mat is a high quality putting surface.  Markings to promote focused practice.  Over ten feet long – make sure you have the space before purchasing.


With the off-season rapidly approaching for many golfers, our attention turns to ways to keep our game sharp indoors.  The Pelz Player Putting Mat is a quality option for making sure that your flat stick doesn’t gather rust during the snowy months.

Set Up & Ease of Use

The Pelz Player Putting Mat requires no significant set up – unroll it and start putting.  It has a rubber backing similar to the PuttOUT mats [reviews HERE] which helps it to lie nearly flat right out the box.  I found a couple small undulations in my mat, but they were easily smoothed with a little time under some heavy books.

This mat comes with a foam wedge which you can use to create a backstop or to put some break into your putts.  The mat measures 126″ X 26″, so make sure you have enough space to use it all before you purchase it.


The putting surface of the Pelz Player Putting Mat rolls quick and true, once it’s been given a final flattening.  This gives the golfer honest, realistic feedback that they can use to get better.

In terms of what makes this mat unique, it comes down to the markings.  There are three “holes” at one end, each opposite a “T” alignment aid.  The distances from the Ts to the holes are 3, 6, and 9 feet, a nice range of makeable putts.  Finally, there are markings every foot on both sides of the mat and a dashed line 17″ beyond the 3 and 6 foot holes.

All together, these markings allow golfers to work on a nice range of skills.  I found the Ts to be excellent for promoting good aim.  They’re also very useful if you train with a putting sensor like BioMech Putt [review HERE].  Finally, the dashed line is a good reminder not to blast your short putts into the hole.

The photo above shows the Putting Mat in use with the Pelz Player Putting Cups [review HERE].  I liked using these trainers together because I enjoyed the cup capturing the ball, and it gave me the ability to raise the difficulty by shrinking the cup.  The negative side of using the cups is that you won’t see how far past the hole your putt would have gone.


The Pelz Player Putting Mat is well made; it’s at least the equal in quality of any consumer-grade putting mat that I’ve used.  Whether it will be used regularly is up to the individual.  I like the markings on the mat, but they’re not so unique that they’ll cause this mat to get more use than any other quality putting mat.


The Pelz Player Putting Mat retails for $110.  This price is in line with other mats of this size and quality.  For the serious player, I think having a quality putting surface in your house is pretty close to a must.  If you want to really work on your stroke, putting on carpet doesn’t give you the precise feedback you need.  If you have the space to use all ten feet of this mat, I think it’s a solid buy.


While there’s nothing revolutionary about the Pelz Playing Putting Mat, it’s a very solid piece of gear that will help you to become a better putter.  The markings are well thought out and will keep you from mindlessly bashing putts all winter.  If you have enough space for this large mat, it’s a worthy addition to your kit.

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  1. Peter Auerbach

    Thanks for the review Matt. Is this easy to roll up and put away when you’re not using it or is it best to leave out? Also are there any guards to keep the ball from rolling off of the green? It doesn’t look like but thought I’d check.

    • Matt Saternus


      Yes, it rolls up easily thanks to the rubber backing. There are no guards against putting off the sides of the green.



  2. Does it work well on thick carpet or tile floors with grout?

    • Matt Saternus


      It can work on any surface, but the flatter the surface underneath, the easier it is for the mat to lay flat.



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