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Patton Eagle Putter Review

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The Patton Eagle putter is a flowing, space-age design from a new maker.  Very easy to align.  Forgiveness is solid.

patton eagle putter headcover


Like many golfers, Doug Patton wanted to make his mark on his favorite game.  Unlike most golfers, Doug has the professional training as an industrial designer which might make that dream a reality.  After designing hundreds of products in a wide range of fields, Doug turned his attention to creating the Patton Eagle putter, a unique, flowing design which claims to be a revolution in both form and function.  I tested one to find out if that’s true.

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My first thought on removing the Patton Eagle putter from its head cover was “Star Trek.”  That’s not intended as a pejorative, it’s just what the unusual design brought to mind.  The overall shape of this putter is actually pretty traditional – there have been semicircular mallets around for decades – but what’s happening inside that footprint is not.

The biggest break from orthodoxy is the coloring.  I think that without the blue, this putter wouldn’t turn anyone’s head.  The shaping is all very smooth, which allows your eye to take it in easily.  That color change puts extra emphasis on the sloping facets.  You can dial that down somewhat by ordering the putter in the silvery/gray colorway.  The gold/black variation puts these contours into even starker relief.

This putter’s designer knew that there was no need to further decorate this flat stick, so they left the sole largely blank.  There is a small eagle logo on the center, but it’s left without paintfill.  That same logo rests on the heel of the face, too.

patton eagle putter face

Sound & Feel

The Patton Design website speaks of “revolutionary haptic feedback” and “tuning fork technology,” so I had no idea what to expect from this putter’s sound or feel.  Despite the talk of revolution, what I found on the green was a putter with a pleasant, conventional impact experience.

I really enjoyed the sound of impact with the Patton Eagle putter.  It’s a medium volume “tock” that is extremely consistent if you keep the ball on the grooves of the face.  If you do get all the way to the heel or toe, the sound gets thin, more of a “tick.”

The feel of impact is muted.  This is likely a function of the large, thick grip and the aluminum face.  Like the sound, the feel of impact doesn’t change unless your impact location is awful.


As I put the Patton Eagle putter through its paces, the thing that stood out most was the ease of alignment.  The tapering line felt like an arrow that naturally pointed to the hole.  I also liked the small triangle on the leading edge.  The three dots felt like an unnecessary addition, but perhaps other golfers will find them to be the key to better alignment.  In either case, from any distance I felt very confident that I was aimed precisely.

During the swing, the Patton Eagle putter feels like a mid mallet.  Given the unusual shape, I thought it might be a bit ungainly to swing, but that’s not the case.  The short flow neck creates a toe hang of roughly 4:30 or 45 degrees, which I found very comfortable as an Anser player.  This putter feels nimble in motion, giving the golfer a good sense of where the face is pointed at all times.

The Patton Eagle comes with a proprietary grip which is large and taper-free, like a Super Stroke grip.  I would compare the size and shape to the SuperStroke 2.0 or 3.0 – a round grip with a flat “top”.  Many grips of this size use a light foam to keep the weight down, but this grip feels more substantial, heavier.  The swing weight of this putter was E5 at 34″.  I was surprised – the putter doesn’t feel that heavy to me – which leads me to believe the grip is not as heavy as I suspect.

Finally, I would rate the Patton Eagle putter as being roughly average in forgiveness relative to its size.  It doesn’t have the bulletproof stability of the putter like the TaylorMade Spider GTX [review HERE], but it handles mishits better than a traditional blade.

patton eagle putter sole


While I think the Patton Eagle putter falls short of “revolutionary,” it is a very nice putter.  The shape is unique – something I rarely get to say –  and I found it be a great help with alignment.  If you’re looking to putt with something totally new, this is worth a look.

Visit Patton Eagle HERE

Matt Saternus
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