Oxford Spring 2019 Apparel Review

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Integrating premium fabrics and contemporary styles, Oxford provides comfortable, performance driven apparel for the golf course, club house, or wherever life’s journey takes you.


Looking over the Oxford Spring 2019 catalog, it was interesting to note the mix of new styles and those that I’ve reviewed in the past.  There’s something comforting in knowing that when you’ve found that ‘just right’ shirt or pant, you can get another one down the road.  For this review though, the good folks at Oxford offer up some fresh styles to showcase what’s new for the season.


Oxford starts off 2019 continuing with their refined, contemporary style.  Whether solids, prints or plaids, the color palette is fresh and inviting.  Another stand out element of the spring line is the fabric weaves that provide depth and texture to pieces like the Woodruff 5 Pocket Pants.

Offering both golf and lifestyle pieces, Oxford is a brand that keeps you looking sharp head to toe.  Speaking of toes, the Cain Sneakers are wonderful for filling the style gap between running and dress shoes.

For an easy transition from the golf course to the boss’ cocktail party, the small print (did you spot the mini horseshoes?) and self collar of the Fillmore Polo provide for a classy look.


I’d describe the fit of the shirts as traditional American – roomy in the shoulders and chest.  In my typical medium, the polo sleeves cover the bicep, with enough material to tuck the sleeve in as a swing reminder.  The ultra-soft Wright ¼ Zip pullover sleeves aren’t clingy and offer the room needed for wearing over a long sleeve shirt.

I was thrilled to learn that Oxford now offers odd waist sizes.  I opted for my desired 33” waist size and was very pleased with the fit.  The Woodruff 5 Pocket Pants have room in the seat and legs that combine for a wonderfully comfortable fit.  I found the Wagner shorts a little snug up the – uh – saddle region.  Not uncomfortable, just noticeable when slipped on.


For a brand that offers both golf and lifestyle apparel, Oxford continues to impress me with their use of fabric blends.  Utilizing world renowned fibers to keep golfers cool and dry is so important to Oxford that the brands are included in the names of polos like the navy Elliot Coolmax and Fillmore Drirelease.

Common to all the clothing in this review is the use of spandex – yes, even the spread collar, long sleeve Morris.  The stretch spandex provides is great for maneuvering around the golf course, but I really have come to appreciate it in the casual wearing of the Woodruff Pant.  Even at just 2%, that hint of stretch makes the pants even more comfortable.


Oxford enters 2019 with another well executed apparel collection for today’s man.  The addition of odd pant waist sizes offers a better fit for those of us typically stuck choosing between tight or loose.  And if you hate ironing or travel, I highly recommend the Oxford performance sport shirts.  I’ll wrap this review up with the simple phrase found on the back of the Spring catalog:  “Clothing driven by design that inspires you to Make Today Lucky.”

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  1. Mitchell Dario

    I cannot seem to get to the Oxford golf apparel website to order merchandise. I did in the past, is Oxford out of business

    • Great question Mitchell – and one I can’t answer fully. I don’t see the brand listed on the Oxford corporate website (that lists all their brands). A quick search did find OxfordAmerica which seems to have the apparel you/I recall, but no “about” page which is suspect.

      If you learn any more let us know.

      – Meeks

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