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Ogio golf apparel represents an interesting place in the apparel market that has a current feel without going too far over the top.

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I’m going to guess that when you think of Ogio and golf, you think of golf bags.  MAYBE you think of luggage like suit cases and backpacks, but I bet you didn’t think of high-quality golf apparel.  In the recent past, Ogio entered the golf apparel world with a refined line of clothes, and quickly followed up with a line of shoes, all worn on tour by PGA Tour pro, Aaron Baddeley.

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Function, function, function.  Function and performance is the absolute most important attribute of any piece of golf equipment you will buy.  Ogio has understood this with their golf bags for years, but making sure they maintain this standard in a totally different field like apparel is no easy task.  I’ll be perfectly honest and tell you that I had high expectations for the performance of Ogio’s golf apparel based on their golf bag’s reputation.  As I’d hoped, the clothes were super comfortable to play in.  The pants the and the shirts are easy to move in, do not bunch up, and breath remarkably well on the golf course.  The biggest battle that golf apparel companies seem to face is comfort meeting function and Ogio has achieved a very satisfactory blend of these two attributes.

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Some golfers are on the course to be noticed while others are out there to maintain a traditional appearance.  Then there’s the group of guys that are right in the middle that want to look current, but hardly want to look like a caricature of the latest golf ads from the Sunday paper.  Ogio finds that sweet spot right in the middle of modern colors, cuts, and designs without looking like a pack of magic markers exploded all over you.  You can pick and choose from the Ogio line to find a variety of different colors with varying degrees of character while at the same time finding pieces that still have a traditional feel to them depending on your tastes.

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In today’s world of high end golf apparel, we’ve seen pricing get complete out of control.  I wouldn’t tell you that Ogio is one of the least expensive options out there, but at $90-105 for a pair of pants and $60-80 for a polo, they are from the most expensive option out there.  For a moderate price, you can find some well-made clothing with a little bit of flare to it for your next weekend four-ball and know that it’s going to hold up well for you.

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If I’m perfectly honest with you, I wasn’t sure what to expect from Ogio‘s golf apparel.  I was embarrassed during conversations with Ogio leading up to the review because I think I showed that a little too much but they assured me that I wouldn’t be let down with what I would experience with their clothes.  Sure enough, the clothes arrived and I had a positive experience.  The feeling that I get from the current state of Ogio’s golf apparel is that the Ogio brand has a tremendous upside and we’re only going to see more products beyond clothes, shoes, and bags from them in the future.  I have no direct insight on this, but Ogio just seems to do too many different things well to not keep the ball rolling by adding to its growing product line.  Going forward, I’ll be making sure to pay close attention to Ogio for more than just their golf bags.

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  1. My wife just got me one of these ogio polos. I was surprised there was zero stretch in the synthetic fabric and I could barely move. The cut looks cheap and fits poorly compared to other, much less expensive, brands. Definitely stick to their bags instead. Their clothes are second rate. This polo went in the trash after one wear.

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