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Odyssey White Damascus Putter Review

Odyssey White Damascus 1 (3)

50 Word or Less

Artistic Odyssey putter that also comes with superior feel and performance.

Odyssey White Damascus (3)


Damascus steel is one of the most desired metals for putter freaks everywhere, however, the average golfer may not even be aware of this metal being used in high end putters.  Odyssey has always been dominant in the Japanese market where they hold a significant portion of the high-end market share where they find players demand more than the standard putter offerings.  Well Odyssey listened, and they gave them the White Damascus line.

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The first thing you’ll always noticed about finished damascus steel is the swirl in the metal.  This swirl is created by a process of forging different types of metal together, repeatedly folding and twisting it, and then completing an acid etching process to bring out all of the different layers.

Based on the significant amount of handwork that goes into creating damascus, the steel can be very expensive.  Odyssey kept this in mind when creating a production line of damascus putters and used the damascus steel only on the insert.  The insert looks unlike anything you are going to see on the major putter market and is topped off with a nice milling across the entire insert.

The sole of the putter also has a damascus look to it, but this is just a finishing on the putter and not actual damascus steel.  Nonetheless it still looks great and makes for a unique looking putter that you surely won’t see many of when you are out on the course.

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Sound & Feel

The sound on the Odyssey White Damascus is pretty basic.  It has a softer click to it than most metal faced putters because the damascus is actually a thin layer of steel backed by a urethane mid-layer.  The putter is still going to give you a noticeable enough “click” for those of you that are anti-insert players.

The feel is solid and responsive while maintaining enough soft characteristics.  In addition to its unique appearance, damascus steel is also significantly harder than the standard metals we’re used to seeing in putters.  This is the very reason damascus is often used for high-end swords and knives.  As such, you will notice that the White Damascus is a little firmer than a Metal-X or any of the urethane inserts.  I would recommend this putter for someone looking for a softer feel than a milled face, but a stronger feel than a typical insert putter.

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I vividly remember the first time I took the Odyssey White Damascus out to the course to put it through its paces.  The putter arrived at my house on a Friday evening, I went to the course on a Saturday and went straight to the putting green.  At this point, I hadn’t even carpet-rolled this putter so it was truly the first time I was going to be using it.  I dropped three balls onto the green, hit one putt from about 8 feet, and immediately thought “this is the best putter I have ever used up this point in my life.”  I spent about an hour and a half just putting around with this putter and continued to feel the same way.

The ball pops off the face comfortably and under control while maintaining a nice, true, end-over-end roll.  The performance of the Odyssey White Damascus is exactly what you would expect out of a finely-tuned piece of equipment from a high-end putter manufacturer.

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Naturally, I ended up moving to a new putter because it’s never the player, it’s obviously the putter.  What I will tell you is that the Odyssey White Damascus is always one of the putters I turn to when I need to find my stroke.  I know it’s always going to give me a good response and put a good roll on the ball, so it’s just a matter of me doing my job.  The White Damascus is truly a putter where its beauty is matched by its performance.

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