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Easy to align and aim. Easy to track your swing path. Good feel. Reliable Odyssey performance.

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Golfers looking to get their putts more on line and smooth out their stroke.

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The look is probably the most important piece to the Odyssey Versa story.

To quote Odyssey:

“The Versa line of putters offers Odyssey’s latest breakthrough innovation, Visionary High Contrast Alignment. The black and white contrast accentuates the face angle at address, through the stroke and at impact, improving concentration and allowing you to align your putter more accurately to the target.”

The Versa comes in five different head shapes including both blades and mallets. Additionally, each putter can be purchased in a white/black/white or black/white/black color configuration. In the #7 mallet head, you can also buy what Odyssey calls the “90,” which takes the same color alignment concept and rotates it 90°.


1° off line is the difference between in and out

Versa Align

Sound & Feel

The insert in the Versa is supposed to be closer to the favored White Hot insert from the original XG line. The sound of impact is soft and muted as you would expect from a non-metal insert. Though the feel is muted, it offers the golfer ample feedback. Previous Odyssey lines seemed to have a slight loss of touch and feel due to their non-metal inserts, but the new White Hot insert in the Versa certainly does not lack the feel and response one desires in their putter.

I have tried just about every putter from the Versa line, and I have found that they all feel really good. Personally, I think the Versas have been the best feeling putter Odyssey has put out to date. I have owned every #7 mallet Odyssey has made, including tour issue, and my Versa feels better than every single one of them. I found the exact same thing in comparing the #9, #1, and 2-Ball shapes of the Versa line with their predecessors.

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So the big question at this point is, “Does the Odyssey Versa alignment concept work?” The answer is an absolute yes. I ended up quickly realizing that my eye fits a white/black/white combination better than the black/white/black. With my eyes, I have found it easier to set my putter square to my target every single time with the Versa.

Recently, my putting has not been as good as it usually is, and I haven’t quite understood where I was going wrong. After some time on the practice green trying every putter in my house, I ended up spending a lot of time with my Versa #7 because it was really starting to show me things I wasn’t seeing before. The Visionary High Contrast Alignment was showing me right away that I was starting to address the ball with a pretty open face. During my backstroke, I was able to see how much I was moving the putter to the outside and then cutting across the ball at impact. I doubt I would have been able to see this as clearly with any putter other than the Versa.

The Versa has not saved my putting, but the new Visionary High Contrast Alignment has definitely giving me some valuable information to help me on my way.

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With the Versa, Odyssey has taken a fairly basic concept and created one of the biggest stories in golf. We have seen a lot of big professional names put a Versa in the bag and have great success (Lefty and Big Easy come to mind). There’s a simple reason for this; it works. The feel of the Versa is as good, if not better, as anything Odyssey has put out, and the visual aids are more than just a slick paint scheme. If you think it is a bold marketing move made by Odyssey, then I challenge you to go spend some time trying out all of the different models and color combinations. Even if you decide the Versa isn’t for you, I will 100% guarantee that you will understand and see the value in what Odyssey has brought to market.

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Price, Specs & Manufacturer Notes


Specifications vary by model. View Odyssey’s Lineup HERE.

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