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Innovative, practical, refreshing. Odyssey introduces a feel never before seen from them.



Odyssey putters have always been a reliable option for those golfers that prefer the feel of an insert.  Although Odyssey has had multiple non-insert options over the years, their bread and butter has always been urethane inserts.  With the Metal-X line, Odyssey has introduced a whole new option for the golfer looking for a feel somewhere between a urethane insert and a milled metal face.



The Metal-X line from Odyssey looks pretty simple and basic from afar, but once you get close it looks like a finely engineered piece of equipment.  The classic black is a nice finish with some sleek branding on the sole and in the cavity.  The focal point is the new metal insert that we had not previously seen in an Odyssey putter.  The milling in the face is not a traditional mill pattern, but rather oval depressions milled into the insert.


Sound & Feel

The sound is somewhat interesting in the Odyssey Metal-X putters.  It’s definitely “clickier” or “more clicky” (you pick whichever feels the least awkward to you) than the urethane inserts, but it’s significantly more muted than one might expect out of a metal face.

Along with a softer sound, there’s also a significantly softer feel than you would expect out of a metal face, but much firmer than you get out of the urethane inserts.  See the pattern developing here?  The reason for this in-between feeling is that although the putter head is metal, and the top layer of the insert is aluminum, there is a mid layer in the insert that is urethane.  This allows Odyssey to provide a firm feel but maintain more control over how soft it will actually end up being.  This control was necessary after extensive field research with Tour pros all over the world.



The Odyssey Metal-X putter line gets the job done by putting a better roll on the ball than seen in previous Odyssey lines.  Rather than try and just rewrite Odyssey’s own words regarding why the Metal-X rolls the ball better, I’ll give you exactly what they said:

The 6061 aluminum striking layer’s oval depressions create a mechanical lock with the golf ball dimples to enhance friction and impart a proper launch of the golf ball, which creates a much more controlled and consistent roll.

Now, I don’t know if I can confidently tell you that this milling pattern is actually responsible for rolling the ball better, but I can tell you the putter certainly puts a good roll on the ball.



A major challenge for any golf manufacturer is providing equipment options for any preference while maintaining a satisfactory profit margin.  For my money, I think Odyssey has always been one of the brands that accomplishes this the best.  With the introduction of the Metal-X line, Odyssey has filled a gap in their offering by providing a feel between their soft urethane inserts and their solid metal milled faces.  Is the middle ground necessary?  I don’t know, but it’s nice to have a wider range of options to really find a perfect fit for your putting needs.



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