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50 Words or Less

The Nike Vapor Speed driver is one of the best drivers of 2015.  It combines forgiveness with low spin and a neutral CoG.  Nike’s adjustability remains the standard for ease of use.

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I like to think that when it comes to golf equipment, I’m a little smarter than the average bear.  I’ve tested tons of gear, seen even more, and I thought that made me immune to a lot of the illogical hype that surrounds this industry.  Reviewing the Nike Vapor Speed driver showed me that I still have a way to go.  Despite naming last year’s Covert 2.0 as one of the best off-the-rack drivers of the year, I had zero expectations for the Vapor Speed because of the hype surrounding the Vapor Flex.  But that is why we test – to get past the hype (or lack thereof) to find one of 2015’s best drivers.

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The Vapor Speed is the largest, most forgiving driver in the Nike line up this year.  It has the same crown graphics as the Vapor Flex or Vapor Pro, but it’s substantially larger.  This is the large footprint that you’d expect from a 460 cc driver, and the shape is round and symmetrical.  The sole of the Vapor Speed is as distinctive as any on the market with a huge splash of Volt yellow filling the cavity.

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Sound & Feel

At impact, the Vapor Speed produces a sound that’s average in volume and very solid.  It’s a medium pitch without any metallic shrillness, and it really enhances the solid, high-quality feel of the club.

When hitting shots with the Vapor Speed, I was able to easily tell where I hit the ball on the face, but I didn’t get much of the twisting that usually comes with mishits on the toe or heel.

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It only took a few swings for me to realize that the Nike Vapor Speed driver is more than just “the forgiving Vapor driver,” it’s one of the best of the year.

The first thing I noticed was the high, consistent ball speed.  From my first warm up swings to the end of a tired testing session, the Vapor Speed kept my ball speed where I like it to be, even on mishits.  What was even more impressive was how consistently low the spin was.  Many of the shots that I hit were below 2000 RPMs, and I had to really work to get one over 2500 RPMs.  High ball speed and low spin, with a dash of solid launch angle, is the recipe for long drives.

Of course, long and OB isn’t very useful.  Thankfully, the Vapor Speed is also accurate.  What I found – through careful, intentional mishits, of course – is that unlike many forgiving drivers, the Vapor Speed does have a neutral center of gravity.  What that means for you is that shots hit on the center of the face will fly straight, not hook.  Shots on the heel will fade and toe shots will draw, but the curves were very modest and never turned into ugly hooks or slices.

Finally, though it’s no longer new, Nike’s FlexLoft adjustability still deserves recognition as the easiest-to-use adjustment on the market.  With the two rings, you can select your preferred loft and ball flight.  Not only are these adjustments easy (no instructions or charts needed), but they make a visible impact on the club at address and the ball flight.

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Once again, Nike has bucked the too-common view that they’re “not a golf company” and produced one of the best drivers that you can find.  The Nike Vapor Speed driver is the most forgiving of the Vapor line up, but don’t let that stop you low handicappers from giving it a try.  It’s low spin, accurate, and it has the forgiveness you want for those swings that aren’t your best.

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  1. IF you still have the Vapor Flex do me a favor, take the stock Diamana S+ out and install it in the Vapor Speed, then retest. MONSTER !!!!!

  2. Nice review Matt! In your opinion how does the Speed compare to last years Covert 2.0 driver?

    • Matt Saternus


      Both are excellent. Very similar clubs. If I was gaming the Covert 2.0, I would check out the Speed to see if I could get more out of it.



  3. Hi Matt

    Firstly great reviews on your site , easy to understand for all levels of golfers and enough detail for golfers who have been in teh game for a while.

    Have you had a chance to hit the Vapor Pro Driver ? And if so how would you compare that to the speed ?


    • Matt Saternus


      I tested the Flex but not the Pro. The Flex looks a lot like the Pro, so I might guess that they’re similarly geared towards better players. The Speed is really forgiving and really good.



  4. I tried out the Vapor speed and got really high spin numbers. I tried the 915D2 and get a lot better spin numbers. Did you test the D2? If so, what where your numbers in comparison?

    • Matt Saternus


      Bill tested the D2, you can find his review here. I would suggest that it’s probably a shaft issue because I haven’t heard of anyone else getting high spin from this head.



  5. Jerry Baranowski

    Enjoyed your review. Have had a chance to hit the Speed Driver on a simulator and definitely liked it. Looking forward to getting it out on the course.

  6. Chuck Urwin

    Hi Matt, I am a retired 68 yr old PGA Professional. I tried the Nike Vapor Speed & what I really liked about it is I could feel where the ball was hit on the face. It felt solid & I liked the flight of the ball! After reading your review I am buying one this week & looking forward to feeling the hit, working the ball, & having fun! Thnx so much & keep doing what you do best, helping all golfers!

  7. Paul schweitz

    Nice review, but the 2015 vapor speed at g…s….. For just over 100.
    Would love to find a tour issue speed head reasonable,
    Thanks paul

  8. I posted regarding Cleveland Altitude and Bertha 1.5 and my inability to hit my PING G5 12 degree long but really high. Some guy at Golf Galaxy Indianapolis Fit me… I dunno if he is an expert like you but he didn’t seem full of Bs or in a hurry. He said he sa no reason I should get the 1.5. He had me warm up with a wedge. I hit 30 balls many badly. He then handed me a Callawy driver of some sort. He gave me some stance adjustments, said I was swinging at 69mph.. Embarrassed I tried harder. He switched shafts, said an A flex suited me, and then head and said a 10.5 wasn’t out of uestion. We looked at more clubs. He told m to try the Nike listed here. I told him its green! I had come in to try the Cleveland Altitude that Golf Galaxy had online for about $135 in stiff and I think 9.5 only. Anyway taped the Nike, you know I don’t know what loft, might be set to 11 and one notch closed. I hit it pretty well, computer showed a flight that wasn’t ballooning like my G5 and some of the Calaways tended to. I bought it along its some new shoes. A flex shaft, and he thought the Nike adjustability I’ll be very handy for me once I get my hand timming in sync better with my arms. By the nod of the session I was swinging 79. He said if I train and brake 85 buying a stiffer shaft isn’t the end of the world. Off to the links feeling prepared and not guessing and throwing gum at the wall. Thanks for the good page and advice.. I have a good arrow, now I will train and have nothing to blame anymore.

  9. Oh Imagree about feeling the ball too. While no hosel hits I could feel when it was nearer the toe or heel, I his a couple right to lefts on the sim. And most were dead centerish, the Callaways sounded better but balloon for me and went right ish a lot. I thout the 1.5 felt good and sounded good, but fitter said with my relaxed swing speed the extra twoish inches and a little more mass would pay off in at least 15 yards . The Nike was the only driver of the bunch that had me going beyond 200yds with rollout every time. Again the real world will tell. I’ll o’at back in a week.

    • Ok based on what I posted., when I go play will a super soft ball, or do you have a recommendation of a ball to use? I use my daughter’s toss asides, and whatever I find or am given. ?

      As inconsistently as I used to play, I’d like to limit the variables I am introducing to the game. My putting a solid I’m in love with a STX TM putter I found at the American Legion pro shop bargain bin, that some goof told me was junk,,, but I am suddenly about 70% at 7 feet and better than 50% at 14 Nannnnnnnaaaaaaa. Nnaaaaannnnaaaaa.

  10. Thanks buddy.

  11. Did I die and go to golf heaven? Took the Vapor range, thinking what an ugly green space weapon I have; I should dust off the MacGregor woods, or just return the green thing and grow a pair and just learn to deal with the 12 degree Ping G5.

    Money and time well spent, I warmed up with my seven and still wondering if I should take the green thing back, let. It rip and it sailed about 185 like an arrow, I hit four more longer still before I duffel one. This set to 10.5 and “left” is working well. I wish I got fitted and test drove clubs other than used ones long ago. I predict my daughter will see it and say, “what is that” and give me her very well worn T.M. R1. Hope this review helps another cheapscate spend money, but spent wisely. I wonder what alt. universe me is typing about the Internet special Cleveland Altitude 9.5 stiff shaft this me almost bought for a $50 savings?

    • Hi I’m struggling to understand the left and right settings on my vapor speed driver. I’m looking for a slight fade bias so do I set it to the right or left position? Cheers Paul

      • Matt Saternus


        If you want the ball to go right, you need a slightly open face. The “Right” setting should be what you want.


  12. Vincent Walter

    Follow up… I’ve been playing a making par more than I ever did before. Love that Vapor driver, I’d love it if it were purple!

    (Bought used set of RBZ graphite shaft irons helped my game too).

    I had my daughter and her golf team-mates cracking up; I said I want to keep a Roman Candle in my bag, because I’m putting it in the cup and lighting it when I Birdie this year. It’s gonna happen (trust me I’ve been playing awhile and have not Birdie’d. Hope my ramblings are humorous and motivating for readers. Cheers. Thanks again Matt!

  13. Jessica Howells

    Very interesting, good job and thanks for sharing such a good blog. Your article is so convincing that I never stop myself to say something about it. You’re doing a great job. Keep it up.

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