2016 Bridgestone B330 B330-S B330-RX B330-RXS Golf Ball Review

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50 Words or Less

The new Bridgestone B330 line up offers more difference between the models in the long game.  Great performance, as we’ve come to expect from Bridgestone.


As much as we’d like to believe that our hands are every bit as sensitive as a Tour pro’s, the reality is that, as long as the logo is the same, most of us wouldn’t notice if someone changed our golf ball.  Bridgestone is seeking to change that with their new B330 line by making each member of the family more distinct.  I put each ball to the test to see if they succeeded.

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The differences between the four different B330 models starts with feel.  Off the putter, each of the four produces a distinct sound.  The B330 is the firmest, and it makes a “tock” at impact.  The B330-S is markedly softer, producing a “thock.”  Interestingly, the B330-RX has a sound that’s between the B330 and the B330-S, a hair softer than the former and markedly firmer than the latter.  The B330-RXS is the softest of the group but only by a small margin over the B330-S.

In the long game, the RX and RXS models feel a bit easier to compress than their standard counterparts, and each produces a slightly different feel off the irons and wedges.

Short Game

Interesting, while Bridgestone sought to make the balls more different, I actually found that they performed more similarly in the short game than previous generations.  All four of the B330 models produced wedge spin in the middle of the tour ball range.  Yes, the S and RXS models spin a bit more than their counterparts, but the difference isn’t huge.  I think players will benefit most in their short game by finding the B330 model that gives them the best feel rather than seeking a couple hundred more RPMs.

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Long Game

Where Bridgestone really made each ball unique is in the long game.  When you think about it, it makes perfect sense: Bridgestone’s ball fitting centers on the driver.  With all their data, they know exactly how to maximize driver distance for different players, and that’s what they’ve done.  As someone who swings less than 105 MPH, I found a measurable ball speed boost from the B330-RX and B330-RXS compared to the B330 and B330-S.  Within the two families – standard and RX – the “S” model spun more off the driver, making it a better fit for low spin players.

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By making each of their new B330 golf balls more distinct, Bridgestone has taken a great step towards making their balls fit more golfers.  The important thing to recognize, however, is that that change makes picking the correct ball more critical.  Pick up a sleeve of the B330 that fits your speed, and see if they don’t help you hit longer, better shots.

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  1. I’m currently giving the RX a try over the pv 1.( though I do like the performance of the pro v1 ,I’m more of a feel player so the softer pro v one seems better )
    Off the TEe does not seem as big a problem yet , however I’m really more concerned about the control around the greens since most amateurs miss 90% of the greens in regulation so chipping and putting is paramount .
    With that bit of information is the RX still the preferred choice ?

    • Matt Saternus


      Is the RX outperforming the Pro V1 around the green? If so, then that would be the right choice. Some players will prefer the RX, others the Pro V1. There’s no way for me to make a blanket recommendation.



  2. steve norman

    i mistakenly have received a gross of logo printed 330 rx balls ,,,i had recently switched to the 330rxs from the pv1x and was very satisfied with the increase in distance and still had the soft feel around the green,,,i had lost considerable swing speed and was no longer generating a 100+ mph driver swing,,,is there that much difference in the rx and rxs that i should be concerned,,,im currently an 8.7 index player but will probably get back to being a 6 to 7 by the end of the summer i hope(after some injuries heal up)

    • Matt Saternus


      There’s some difference, but it’s not night and day. For me, the biggest difference is feel with the putter, and that’s only noticeable if I’m looking for it.



  3. Matt, I’m a 9 index with a driver club head speed of 112. I game the B-330S usually. I picked up a sleeve if the RXS and used them for 9. On hole 9, I hit driver about 285 and had 162 to middle of green. I hit an 8 iron dead solid perfect (Ping G). The RXS hit the green and backed up 18 feet! A little much for my game. My question is a general one that I’d love to get your thoughts on. Did the RXS’s lower compression likely cause the excessive spin? Just curious because I’ve never backed up an 8 iron that much. I’d expect the 330S to hit and skip up about 4 feet.

    • Matt Saternus


      I’m not an expert in the science, but it seems like your explanation is correct. At 112 MPH, you’re way above Bridgestone’s threshold for the RXS.



  4. Matt

    I have been a very happy B330 RXS user since 2015. What should I expect if I now rebuy the
    B330 RXS in the 2017 model year. I’m 68 with a Driver swing speed of about 95 MPH. I carry 4 wedges and like knowing the ball is going to hit take one bounce or no bounces and stop. I really try to focus on distance control on my wedges. Will i be happy with the newer RXS or should I stick with the older generation. Thank you

    • Matt Saternus


      I would guess that you’d be happy, but obviously I can’t say that with certainty. I’d try a sleeve of the new ones now before the old ones are gone.


  5. Mike Balady

    Found on course,best ball I ever used.wish ball was cheaper on a fix budget.

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