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The Nike Vapor Flex driver is the company’s most adjustable 2015 club.  Smaller head and the ability to dial in your preferred ball flight make it a good choice for better players.  One of the best looking drivers of the year.

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For 2015, Nike is releasing a family of three drivers: the Vapor Speed, Vapor Pro, and Vapor Flex.  While the names might lead you to believe otherwise, the Flex is actually the driver most geared towards better players.  It’s also the only driver that’s packing Nike’s new Flex Flight technology which allows the golfer to move the club’s center of gravity forward or backward to adjust the ball flight.

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As soon as you look down at the Nike Vapor Flex driver, you know that it’s a players driver.  At 420 cc, the Vapor Flex is one of the smallest drivers on the market, and its pear shape enhances that “players” look.

Overall, this driver has a lot going on visually, but it manages to keep from looking too busy.  The graphics on the crown are subtle and far enough from the ball that they shouldn’t be a distraction.  Similarly, the sole has a lot going on – large branding, big splashes of “Volt” yellow, and the names of the various technologies – but it’s well-executed and looks good.

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Sound & Feel

Players who like the more traditional size and shape of the Vapor Flex driver will also appreciate its conservative sound.  At impact, this club produces a very muted, dull sound that is miles from some of the noisy Nike drivers of the past.  In addition to this traditional sound, players get very clear feedback.  Pure strikes feel great, and mishits can be precisely located.

When it comes to changing the way the club feels in the swing, few technologies can match Nike’s new Flex Flight.  When the weight in the “Low and Back” (Mid) position, you can really feel the weight in the back of the club, and the club feels heavier overall.  With the weight moved forward (Low), the head feels much more balanced and the club feels lighter.

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The most standout thing about the Nike Vapor Flex driver’s performance is that the Flex Flight technology really works.  The combination of changing the feel and changing the CoG made a big impact on my numbers and my confidence in swinging the club.  For me, the Mid position (weight back) was much more comfortable and the higher launch helped me to add significant distance.

Nike’s other signature technologies that have carried forward are still noteworthy.  The FlexLoft 2 hosel functions just like the original – it allows you to control the loft and face angle simply and efficiently.  It cannot be overstated how nice it is for the adjustments to be simple – pick your loft and your preferred direction – as opposed to the adjustments that require a reference book.

The Vapor Pro also has the cavity back design that was first made famous in the Covert drivers.  This current iteration is the most advanced, featuring RZN, FlyBeam construction, and a compression channel.  All this translates into a 420 cc driver that performs like a much larger one.  To be clear, this is not the most forgiving driver out there – you will lose ball speed on mishits – but it’s not as difficult to hit as its looks suggest.

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Overall, the Nike Vapor Flex driver is a great choice for the better player who wants a lot of adjustability.  In addition to dialing in the loft and face angle you prefer, you can also change the ball flight and feel of the driver with Flex Flight.  While this club is definitely geared towards better players, the occasional deviation from the sweet spot should still end up in play.

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