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The Mizuno T-22 wedges look great, feel great, and perform wonderfully.  Four sole options to fit different swings and conditions.  Grooves and CG designed to maintain high spin.

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Wedges are one of the most interesting categories in golf equipment right now.  We’re seeing companies branching into game improvement, the CG moving in all directions, high toes, full face grooves, raw faces, and more.  Mizuno’s new T-22 wedges put the focus on the skilled player with features designed to keep spin consistent and long lasting.


At address, the Mizuno T-22 is a compact wedge that frames the ball without much excess.  Mizuno calls the shape a “Modified Teardrop,” but you can’t accurately characterize the entire line with one term.  The shape of the head shifts as the loft changes.  Lower lofted wedges are more iron-like with a leading edge that’s closer to square.  The higher lofted wedges are more rounded – taller in the heel with a more curved leading edge.  Shown above is the 56 degree wedge, the middle of the loft range.

The Mizuno T-22 wedge comes in three finishes – satin chrome, raw, or denim copper (shown).  While I respect everyone’s preferences, I think you’re mad if you don’t get the denim copper.  This is among my favorite finishes that I’ve seen on a wedge, and I’m excited to see how it ages.

In the bag, the focus is primarily on the finish as the branding is restrained.  With the denim copper finish, the paintfill is mainly black with the running bird logo left empty.

Sound & Feel

The Mizuno T-22 wedges earn the “Nothing feels like a Mizuno” tagline.  Even with a range ball they feel soft and crisp on impact.  It’s the kind of sensation that has you immediately raking over another ball so you can feel it again.

That feeling comes from the combination of Mizuno’s one-piece grain flow forging and an underlay of soft copper.  Do note that the raw finish does not have the soft copper underlay, so it may feel slightly different.

This wonderful feel is paired with a very quiet impact sound.  Because it’s so quiet, the difference between a pure strike and a mishit is quite small.  Similarly, the feedback through the hands is modest.  Players will need to pay attention to the strike to discern the impact location.


Reading through the technical highlights of the T-22 wedge, it’s obvious that Mizuno put a premium on spin.  What impressed me is that they aren’t just focused on high spin – they’re also designing for consistent spin, spin in wet weather, and long lasting spin.

High spin – as we learned in a recent Golf Myths Unplugged HERE – starts with precisely located CG.  Mizuno gets that from Spin Weighted Blade Design – making the upper portion of the blade thicker or thinner.  The result is above average spin at every loft.  That higher spin is evident throughout the range of wedge shots, from pitches to full swings.

To combat moisture, Mizuno laser etches HydroFlow Micro Grooves on the face.  These are designed to “release moisture and reduce spin drop off.”  To test this, I gave the face a healthy spray of water before hitting each shot.  They performed as advertised, retaining an above-average amount of spin.

Finally, to give each wedge a longer life, Mizuno used Boron-infused steel.  Boron makes the steel harder, which should keep the grooves fresh and spinny for more rounds.

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While a lot of effort was put into spin, Mizuno didn’t forget about the sole.  There are four grinds offered in the Mizuno T-22 wedge – S, D, C, and X.  The S Grind is the fullest sole, and it’s offered in the widest range of lofts.  The other three grinds are offered in five lofts each.  From D to C to X, the relief in the heel and toe gets more extreme, allowing the face to open more easily.  Mizuno labels the X as being “for short game artists.”

In my testing, I found that the difference between the grinds was noticeable but not as extreme as with other brands.  This is consistent with Mizuno’s focus on the better player.  The leading edge stays visibly closer to the ground with the X Grind vs. the S Grind with the C splitting the difference.  It’s also worth noting that the sole of the X Grind wedge (above, right) looks wider than the others despite having a lower bounce.  I thoroughly enjoyed the X Grind as the low leading edge made me confident with open-faced shots, but the wider sole provided enough insurance in softer conditions.


In the T-22, Mizuno has delivered a traditional-looking wedge with modern performance enhancements.  Skilled players will appreciate the consistency of the spin across situations and time.  The four sole options give golfers plenty of choices without overwhelming them.

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Matt Saternus


  1. Bobby Spalding

    I’ve been very pleased with my T22 purchase (GW/SW/LW). Granted they are brand new, but I am getting the best spin numbers of any wedges I’ve owned in the past, and the feel of these clubs is top-notch.

    • Appreciate your taking the time to share. I’ve just ordered my first Mizuno irons ever and am considering a wedge fitting at one of their centers. Will keep your feedback in mind as I go through this process.

  2. Graeme Rockett

    I’ve used Mizuno irons previously and they were really good. I’m not deciding to go for Mizuno wedges but you know price dictates so I’ll be going for T22 instead of T24. Little concerned as to how he grind will affect my game. I mean I’m a mid handicap anyway so may not notice to much so I’m really looking forward to changing to them from Cleveland

  3. These wedges are 59.99 on carls golfland right now. For the price they can’t be beat.

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