Mizuno T24 Wedge Review

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The Mizuno T24 wedge is a compact, Tour-style wedge with above average spin.  Higher CG helps keep spin consistent.  Five sole options.


Making golf clubs is a balancing act.  You need to offer new technology, or you’ll be viewed as yesterday’s news.  You also need to maintain classic aesthetics, or no one will want to play your gear.  Mizuno’s approach to this problem has been to offer two wedge lines – one that pushes the envelope, one that plays the hits.  After updating their “modern” line with the S23 [review HERE] earlier this year, they’re giving us a new Tour-style wedge in the T24.


When I first set eyes on the Mizuno T24 wedge, I was struck by the compact size.  This is a classic teardrop shape with an unapologetically small footprint like its predecessor, the T22 [review HERE].  The profile changes slightly as you move through the lofts, with the higher lofted wedges having a more rounded leading edge (56 degree shown above).

In the bag, the T24 has a very clean look.  There is loads of empty space, putting the focus on the mid-sized running bird and “T24” logos.  The loft and bounce designations are tucked neatly onto the toe of the club.

Mizuno offers the T24 in three finishes.  Soft White Satin (above, top) has a copper underlay.  Denim Copper is the most eye catching, in my opinion.  The Tour Raw (above, bottom) will be favored by players who like to see their wedge age and rust over time.

Sound & Feel

On my first few swings, I was struck by how quiet the Mizuno T24 wedge is.  Even though I was indoors, impact was below average in volume, a muted “knock.”

This quiet sound tries to enhance the softness of the feel, but I would rate the feel average.  These wedges are a one-piece forging using Mizuno’s Boron-infused steel, which adds to the wedge’s durability but, in this instance, makes it a little firmer than expected.

Surprisingly, I found the feedback from the T24 wedge to be fairly limited.  There is a little added sweetness to perfect strikes, but all shots around the center of the face feel good.  Because this wedge is so quiet, there’s virtually no audio feedback unless you completely skull the ball.


Two of the key technologies in the Mizuno T24 wedge are designed to enhance spin, and that’s the first thing I noticed in my launch monitor testing.  From the first swing, the spin was above average.  Given the T24’s compact size, what surprised me was the consistency of the spin.  My spin numbers changed very little from pure strikes to moderate mishits.

This high spin can be attributed to Mizuno’s QuadCut+ Grooves and the Spin-Weighted Blade Design.  QuadCut+ Grooves is Mizuno’s name for the tighter groove pattern on the T24.  Per Mizuno, this “increases spin rates on all shots.”  Spin-Weighted Blade Design refers to the thicker upper portion of the blade that raises the CG.  This is a trend we’ve seen across OEMs for the last couple years.  A higher CG promotes higher spin and lower launch due to gear effect [Gear Effect explained HERE].

As we see with most premium wedge lines, there are numerous sole options for the Mizuno T24 wedge, labeled S, D, C, V, and X.  The S Profile is the fullest, meant primarily for a full swing wedge.  Next is the D Profile which Mizuno describes a “mid bounce with moderate relief.”  The C Profile has higher bounce than the D but more “generous” relief, allowing for more face manipulation.  The V and X Profiles both have aggressive relief but the V has high bounce, the X low bounce.  From 46 to 52 degrees, Mizuno only offers the S Profile, but that is not an option at 58 or 60 degrees.

What I found in my testing is that even the S Profile is a fairly versatile sole.  Because this is a compact club with a thinner sole, even that fuller profile can be opened up a bit.  Those who are extremely shallow or play in very firm conditions will definitely notice the benefits of the C or X Profiles, but the majority of golfers will be well served by the S and D Profiles.


For the golfer seeking a classic, compact profile at address, the Mizuno T24 wedge is a winner.  It incorporates a more modern CG and higher spin while still looking like a traditional short game tool.  The five sole profiles offer plenty of options for building a versatile wedge set.

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Mizuno T24 Wedge Price & Specs

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  1. Craig Trzebny

    Really appreciate all the reviews, thanks.

  2. #doublesecret

    Pick me pick me pick me!!!

  3. Let’s just say I may get some audio feedback hah #DoubleSecret

  4. For whatever reason I’ve been so smitten by the recent Mizuno wedges. Interesting about the sound, I wonder if a firmer ball (v1x/zstar XV) would help with sound? #DoubleSecret

  5. Great looking wedge. #DoubleSecret

  6. Decent looking wedge. I’m curious about how the turf interaction was on pitch shots. I played a previous model and loved the way it looked and felt but was not happy with how it interacted with the turf. #DoubleSecret

    • Matt Saternus


      I found the turf interaction unremarkable, which I mean literally – not amazing, not horrible, not bad, not good, just fine. If I was steep, they offered some help but didn’t fully bail me out. When my swing was good, they felt nice in and out of the turf.



  7. I have played Mizuno irons and wedges for years. This looks like a good update to the previous MIzuno wedges

  8. Great as usual for Mizuno, except for those of us who couldn’t resist the blue T7’s earlier this year!


  9. Michael McDonald

    I play 919 Tour irons. Part of me wishes Mozuno wedges could just be an extension of their irons, while part of me understands that wedges are their own class of clubs. Still, are these wedges like swinging 919s or 923s?

    • Matt Saternus


      The T24 wedges are more closely aligned with Mizuno’s Pro series, though both lines (JPX and Pro) include a pretty wide range of models.



  11. #DoubleSecret Nice review, Matt.

  12. These look pretty nice. I think the next thing to change in my bag will be my wedges. #DOUBLESECRET

  13. Grant Chaney

    Key will be if they get tour pro adoption. Like the grind options and the stock shaft. Will give them a look. #doublesecret

  14. G.H. Lockwood

    Always liked my Mizunos but have become a pxg guy. #DoubleSecret

  15. Mizuno leaves no #doublesecret in what appears to be a rather straightforward line – perhaps that is its strength…

  16. Love the different sole grinds, but not too sure how they will compete with Vokey.

  17. Keith Herring

    Looks good but maybe a little too rounded to my eye.

  18. Scott Hedrick

    Big fan of Mizuno wedges! Had them in bag for several seasons. Way better feeling and consistent grinds vs others premium wedges on tour.

  19. Scott Hedrick

    Correcting my previous text.
    Still love Mizuno Wedges.

  20. Never really considered their wedges before! Irons are great, so will demo the wedges first opportunity…#doublesecret

  21. Patrick Kilcoyne

    I have previously played with Mizuno irons and wasn’t disappointed. #DoubleSecret

  22. I love my Mizunos #DoubleSecret

  23. Chris Proulx

    I’ve read a lot of great things about these new wedges. The 50* wedge is definitely going into my bag next spring. #DoubleSecret

  24. I have used Mizuno wedges for years. Love the teardrop profile behind the ball. Everyone should shortlist these!

  25. Todd Williams

    I’m a Cleveland guy but those look good #DoubleSecret

  26. Jonathan Gangano

    🤫 #doublesecret

  27. Patrick Burke

    Give me that spin. I’ve never really hit a club and thought “ that’s not loud enough”. Always interesting to “ hear” you say that in your reviews.


  28. currently game these in the copper finish and can confirm they are insanely eye catching! feel and spin are both great too #doublesecret

  29. I think Mizuno makes the most underrated wedges. They feel great and look great. #DoubleSecret

  30. Chris Tierney

    Those are beauties. #DoubleSecret

  31. Randy Siedschlag

    In zipcores but always willing to find what’s right. # DoubleSecret

  32. Time to update my wedges – Mizuno to get a good looking into

  33. Time to update my wedges – Mizuno to get a good looking into

  34. I was fit for T22’s (50-S, 55-S, 60-X) at the Mizuno Experience Center in the Atlanta Braves stadium pavilion. If you’re interested in anything Mizuno, I highly recommend it – it’s much cheaper than other fitters (although those others will have many other brand options). I really enjoyed the T22 and would describe it very similarly to much of what you’ve said of the T24. I found it to be especially good on strikes toward the toe side of center, which is where I prefer to hit wedges on full shots and pitches. This wedge will be really good for a lot of folks.

  35. David Martin

    Playing T22 wedges since they came out and waiting to try out the V grind T24.


  36. Randy Porter

    Played Cleveland wedges for a long time, but switched to Mizuno and have been very pleased. They are versatile, spin well, and provide feel and feedback that is consistent with my Mizuno irons. #DoubleSecret

  37. T22 user very curious about these.
    D or V grind ? #doublesecret “nothing feels like a mizuno”

  38. Andrew Grosvenor

    Glad to see Mizuno getting back to traditional wedges. They have always been good can’t wait to try this one

  39. Thank you for the helpful reviews! I like Titleist wedges best myself.

  40. Phil Olsberg

    # double secret
    The Mizuno wedge looks great. I like the different profile options for the club. Definitely will lok into this as I am not happy with my Vokey SM9 50 degree gap wedge.

  41. If I didn’t just add MG3 wedges to the bag these would have a chance!

  42. Corey Albrecht

    Nice looking wedges, great review as always!


  43. Love my Mizuno wedges! Might have to try these! #doublesecret

  44. Picked up a couple of these in 54.10 S and 58.10 V in the raw finish and I’ve been extremely impressed. It’s important to get the right grinds for your swing. I agree with everything you said in the review and it’s why I usually come to your reviews to see if I want to test something. We’re very similar in what we conclude. Thanks Matt! #DoubleSecret

  45. I’ve been playing Mizuno wedges since the T20 came out – am now gaming the T22. I just love the perfectly proportioned compact head and spin control they have. I’m glad they put the Loft/Lie on the sole with the T24, I had to buy different colors (raw, blue and copper) in order to distinguish them easily in the bag.
    I will definitely be going into the T24 when my current wedges wear out. #DoubleSecret

  46. I used to play Mizuno wedges and went away from them for a while, but I’m really considered adding these to my bag. I really enjoyed your review!!

  47. Love my T22’s but starting to wear. Needs some new T24’s. Pick me. #DoubleSecret

  48. Hi Matt, I always enjoy your reviews. I have been playing Mizuno wedges for years. I have played with all top ranked wedges, but I always come back to Mizuno. They just have a good feel to me. Can’t wait to play the T24. #DoubleSecret.

  49. Love my T22 wedges so I’m sure these are nice also but don’t think they look as good. Blue ion finish all day!

  50. Love Mizuno wedges! #DoubleSecret

  51. These wedges look so clean and sharp! Thanks for the review. #DoubleSecret

  52. Does the head feel heavy like some of the older Mizuno wedges?

  53. James Jaworski

    Thanks for this in depth review. I do enjoy the Mizuno quality in all of sets I own and play.

  54. Mizuno irons have always been my favorite, and I wanted these to kick the SM9 out of my bag. But they did not.

  55. Michael Haley

    Appreciate honesty in the reviews and good feedback on them as well.


  56. I’ve always thought Mizuno products are some of the best because of their near perfect forged irons. I would assume this new wedge will be just as good as the others.

  57. So Matt did you like the wedge? How does it stack up against your Edison?# Double Secret #

  58. Love Mizuno stix .
    # DoubleSecret

  59. Great review, thanks.

  60. I really would like to try Mizuno wedges one of these days, and these look really promising. The copper ones are stunning. #DoubleSecret

  61. Looks good but doubt it will take the place of my SM9s.

  62. Thanks for the review!

  63. With so many OEM’s now offering higher CG wedges how similar or dissimilar are any to the Edison wedges? Edison either seems to have started a trend or taken it to higher level. Always great reviews here. Thank you! #DoubleSecret

    • Matt Saternus


      Edison’s CG is still higher than any other OEM, plus there’s the versatility of the Koehler sole.



  64. I oSnly played Mizuno irons and no reason to change. I love the feel and the forgiveness
    GO MIZUNO !!!

  65. Are Mizuno worth the money??


  66. I love the reviews that this site does of clubs and equipment I may have otherwise not seen. This has already lead me down a few rabbit holes and even contributed to some purchase. Thank you! #DoubleSecret

  67. 👍🏾#DoubleSecret

  68. Play the T20, would love to update to T24s…


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