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Mizuno MP-18 SC Irons Review

50 Words or Less

The Mizuno MP-18 SC irons offer more forgiveness than the MP-18 blades but without giving up much in looks or feel.


Everything about playing blades is awesome – the look, the feel, the shot control, the way they let everyone know that you’re a player.  Everything, that is, except the results you get when your ball striking is a little bit off.

With the MP-18 SC, Mizuno seeks to give you everything that’s great about blades with a little more forgiveness for your off days.  I tested a set to see if they were able to hit that lofty goal.


The Mizuno MP-18 SC irons are designed to blend seamlessly in a set with the MP-18 MBs.  They’re able to do this because they look nearly identical at address.  If you have the two irons next to each other, you can see that the MP-18 SC has a fractionally thicker top line and a touch more offset, but if you hold each one individually they’re hard to tell apart.

In the bag, the MP-18 SC is as classy as a player’s cavity back can be.  Like the MB, there’s no paint fill, just matte and polished chrome.  Putting these in your bag definitely sends the signal that you’ve got game.

Sound & Feel

One of the top reasons to play a Mizuno iron is the feel, and the MP-18 SC irons don’t disappoint.  Pure strikes are soft yet crisp.  Just as important, you get excellent feedback on the quality of your strike.  For players looking to make the move from good to “I need him on my scramble team,” that feedback is invaluable.

Since it will invariably be asked in the comments, I’ll deal with the SC vs. MB comparison now.  My opinion is that, on the course, you would have to be Tiger-like to tell the difference.  In a hitting bay, testing them head to head, you can feel that the MB is a hair softer and the feedback is a little more defined, but you really have to be looking for the difference to notice it.


During my recent fitting at Club Champion, the Mizuno MP-18 SC was a close second to the Miura irons that I ended up bagging.  The reason?  They gave me all the subjective things I wanted with the added benefit of forgiveness.  Mishits with the MP-18 SC retained 3-5 more MPH of ball speed compared to the MB.  That could easily be the difference between finding the green and finding the lake.

What better players will also appreciate about the MP-18 SC is that this boost in forgiveness comes without a less of ball control.  You can still hit all the shots that you’re capable of with these irons, and there will be very few surprising results.

One of the things that Mizuno is emphasizing with the MP-18 irons is the ability to do a blended set.  I mentioned earlier that these irons blend with the MBs aesthetically, and I saw the same thing with launch and spin.  Regardless of where in the set you make the switch from SC to MB, you’ll see the same penetrating launch and strong ball flight.


In my opinion, the Mizuno MP-18 SC is the highlight of the company’s current line up.  It’s a perfect blend of great looks and feel with the performance boost that good-but-not-pro players need on most days.  Whether you use a full set or blend the Split Cavity with the Muscle Back, I think you’ll be very happy with your choice.

Buy Mizuno MP-18 SC Irons HERE

Mizuno MP-18 SC Irons Price & Specs

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  1. Were mishits punished less with these compared to your iblades or you think forgiveness was pretty comparable?

  2. Hi Matt- I’m about 12- 15 handicap . Could I play these or Ping i200’s? Or would I be better off with another set like Apex or JPX900 forged?

    • Matt Saternus


      I think all four of the irons you mention are more similar than different. I’d work with a fitter to find out which one performed best for me.



    • Fred T Crewse

      Enjoyed reading a couple of your articles….particularly hybrids vs long irons and muscle vs cavity back irons……

      I am a “super senior” , 72 yrs old and carry a legitimate 11.5 idex

      Thx again

  3. According to Mizuno, the amount of offset on the MB’s and SC’s are the same. The MMC’s have the most offset of the the MP 18 iron line-up.

  4. How would you compare/rate the SC’s to titleist 718 CB? Your reviews are excellent.

    • Matt Saternus


      Thank you!

      The SC is much more forgiving than the CB. I think the average player would be shocked by the difference. Beyond that, it’s all the subjective stuff: what do you like the look and feel of.



  5. Matt,

    Need a real straightforward opinion here… I was pretty much sold on the TM 790s, but had concerns about distance consistency. I’m a 7 and am getting a little better. Can I handle the SC in a combo set with the Hi Fly’s. ?

    • Matt Saternus


      The jump from the P790 to the MP-18 SC is pretty big. I have to say I’m just confused about those two being your finalists. Regardless, I don’t think a 7 should have a problem with the SC, but it’s certainly not the most forgiving iron you could play.



  6. Jake Bowman

    Hi Matt,
    I am currently an 8 handicap but strike my irons fairly pure; most struggles come off the tee. I have a steep swing with a SS of around 95 for a 7 iron. I am trying to decide between the MP-18 SC, p770s, or p750s. Thanks!

    • Matt Saternus


      I would recommend getting a fitting. All of those heads can work well, but you need the right shaft.



  7. Martin Spreadbury

    Hi Matt
    I’m a 10 handicap player, currently playing with Mizuno MX200 irons (about 10 years old I think)
    My ball striking is reasonable (I’d say solid maybe 80% of the time with 7 to wedge) and I hit a ok distance (7 iron 160 yards) and quite high. I think a weakness is my 6 to 4 irons and I don’t feel I have the same reliable ball striking. My aim is to move to an 8 handicap over the next 2 years and i play 2/3 times a month
    I’m looking to upgrade my irons and have looked at the Mizuno MP-18 SCs, Mizuno JPX-900 forged, Taylor made M1/M2 and Taylor made P790 as options
    I would also consider a mixed set.
    Do you have any advice for me? It will be a big change switching from the very forgiving MX200 irons but I do want to have some more feedback from the clubs

    • Matt Saternus


      You’ve got some nice choices there. I would strongly recommend getting together with a fitter to find the best shaft for your swing, then the head that works best with that shaft. Either of the Mizunos you mention will be a very big change from your current club. The M1 and M2 are fairly similar. The P790 is interesting because it looks much smaller but offers a lot of forgiveness and distance.



  8. Love these irons – going to be interested to see how these compare with the JPX 919 Tours – seems to be a lot of overlap there.

    Once the #SecretGiveaway is over, I’ll take the time to try them side-by-side.


    Good review Matt ! ! I have a question: between the jpx 919 tour and the mp 18 sc, which one is more forgiving? right now I am playing the callway forged 2013 irons. are the jpx 919 or the mp 18 sc more difficult to swing than my cally´s?
    I am just going to order a new set of mizuno´s but I have to decide between the jpx 919 tour or the mp 18 sc. Your advice will help me to make the decision.
    Thank you very much in advance, greetings from the Canary Islands.

    • Matt Saternus


      Those two are very similar. I would say they would each be similar, maybe a touch less forgiving, than the Callaways you mention.



  10. Matt,

    When comparing to PING players irons (iBlade or future…) you would give the edge to ping on forgiveness? How would you compare to iblade otherwise: feel, distance, workability, etc.?

    • Matt Saternus


      Yes, PING has a substantial forgiveness edge. There’s no difference in workability. Distance will depend on fit and specs. Feel is personal, I prefer PING.



  11. Still playing Mizuno MP 60 irons. Ready for an upgrade. Do you think I would gain any forgiveness with the MP18 SC? Good review.

    • Matt Saternus


      I think you might see a slight improvement in forgiveness from the MP60 to the MP18 SC.

      Easy to see why you stuck with those – one of Mizuno’s best!


  12. Dennis Lindley

    Currently playing Mizuno MP62 irons that are 9 years old. I am 6 hdcp., wanting something a little more forgiving and added distance. I have been fitted for my existing shafts. Considering MP18 SC, 919 Tour or forged and would like your input.

    • Matt Saternus


      Why not try them all in a fitting? Those are all in the same ballpark, so the one that works for you is going to be a matter of preference and fit. I would guess that the 919s will be longer than the MP18.



  13. I totally agree with everything you say about these irons. I had them when they came out but unfortunately traded them in for JPX919 forged. Now back with the SC’s with XP105 stiff shafts. Love your reviews.

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