Mizuno JPX-900 Tour Irons Review


50 Words or Less

The Mizuno JPX-900 Tour irons is another entry into Mizuno’s crowded iron line up.  A fine iron for better players, but lacking in distinguishing features.


Since I started playing golf, Mizuno’s line up was easy to understand: the MP irons were for the better players, everything else, be it MX or JPX, was for…not-better players.  With the introduction of the JPX-900 Tour irons, that line has been thoroughly blurred.



The JPX-900 Tour iron is a sharp looking stick.  The top line is thin, the sole is thin, and there’s very little offset.  The whole thing is done in a matte grey finish, a little unusual for Mizuno, but it should wear well over time.


Sound & Feel

Forged from 1025E carbon steel, the JPX-900 Tour is the only new Mizuno iron that lives up to the company’s reputation for quality feel.  Hitting this iron pure feels fantastic, and the minimal cavity back ensures that you’ll get plenty of feedback on mishits.



If you were looking for surprises from this club’s performance because it’s in the game improvement JPX-900 line, you will be disappointed.  The JPX-900 Tour iron is a very standard better-players iron.  Its distances are short due to the traditional forged construction and weak (traditional) lofts.  The forgiveness is virtually non-existent: you’ll get out what you put in.

On the plus side, the JPX-900 Tour does give you full control over your golf ball.  If you’re a skilled player, you can flight the ball up and down with ease and hit fades and draws on command.


My biggest question after having tested the Mizuno JPX-900 Tour iron is, “What does this add to the line up?”  Outside of the different finish (matte vs. chrome), there’s nothing to distinguish this from the MP-5.

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Mizuno JPX-900 Tour Irons Specs & Price


Matt Saternus


  1. Hi Matt, can you compare foregiveness of iBlade and 900 Tour? Do you have iBlade already in play? Thanks

  2. Hi Matt,

    I moved from MP32s to Ping Anser 2s a few yrs ago, but am now at the cross-roads of wanting to upgrade to ‘newer tech’ so trying to decide what set of irons to get next.

    Hcp Index of 7.3 – Swung & hit fitting irons for the iBlade (i.e. 7 iron) & JPX 900 Tour (i.e. 6 iron) both with Nippon N.S. Pro Modus3 105 X-flex as that’s the recommended standard factory shaft for me.

    Both felt great, but looking for a bit more ‘granular’ feedback on the comparison from someone who’s played both sets out on the actual course, with varied lies, slopes etc etc…

    Many thanks

    • Matt Saternus


      The biggest difference is that the iBlade is more forgiving. I’m more and more impressed with them the longer they’re in the bag. Whether it’s launching thin shots or maintaining ball speed on heel/toe shots, they’re really playable for an iron this small and workable.



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  5. William Brunson

    I just want to order a 3 iron

  6. Kevin Hammer

    I’m playing the JPX 921 Tour irons and love them. In the old days, I’ve played Mizuno MP9 and older Hogan Apex blades, just prefer these clubs instead of the game improvement chunky clubs even thou I’m a 12 handicap. My question is, how do you compare the JPX 900 Tour to the 921 Tour as I have an opportunity to buy new at a cheap price for my second bag. Thanks!

    • Matt Saternus


      The changes within that line are more tweaks than overhauls, so I would guess you would get along with the 900 well.


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