Mizuno JPX-900 Fairway Wood Review


50 Words or Less

The Mizuno JPX-900 fairway wood is the best of Mizuno’s new woods.  Very solid performance with quality adjustability.


Despite four different modes of adjustability, Mizuno’s JPX-900 driver failed to impress.  The JPX-900 fairway wood also has an above average amount of adjustability, but it doesn’t need to hide behind moving parts – it has the performance to be a real contender for a spot in your bag.



Like the JPX-900 driver and hybrid, the JPX-900 fairway wood is topped with a matte blue crown.  When you get past the color, this is a very conventional fairway wood.  The face depth is average, making it well suited for tee shots or shots from the turf.  The shape is round and symmetrical, and the size is slightly above average.


Sound & Feel

The feel of the Mizuno JPX-900 fairway wood is definitely the best of their new woods.  While still slightly hollow feeling, it’s the most solid of the bunch and the quietest.

In terms of the way the club feels during the swing, more sensitive players will notice a difference when sliding the weight from front to back.



Though it offers far fewer options than the driver, the JPX-900 fairway wood has more adjustability than most fairway woods.  In addition to the adjustable hosel which changes loft and face angle, there’s a weight in the middle of the sole that slides forward and backward.  This makes the club higher or lower launching, assuming all else equal.

Overall, I found the performance of the JPX-900 FW to be quite solid.  Regardless of the weight’s position, it was fairly easy to elevate and low spin.  It’s also less hook-prone than the driver or the hybrid.



While it doesn’t stand out as the longest, the straightest, or the easiest to hit, the Mizuno JPX-900 fairway wood is a very solid club with meaningful adustability.  If you’re looking for a versatile club that you can tune to your preferences, this one is worth a look.

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Mizuno JPX-900 FW Price & Specs


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  1. You should revisit the JPX 900 Driver. I can’t take anything you review seriously if you don’t think it’s one of the best drivers available in 2017.

    • Steve Davey

      I agree, its a belter of a club.

    • Mizuno Steve

      Agreed, it’s the most accurate driver I’ve hit and after swapping out the stock shaft with a Tensei White (no charge upgrade) made it a low/mid launching missile. I can almost place my drives like a long iron, but with much more distance. I also have the JPX900 fairway wood and CLK. Accuracy machines indeed!


    I agree also the longest and most accurate I’ve hit once your dialed proper into settings. I also have the fairway woods and hybrids but I did move up to the CLK.

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