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Miura KM-007 Putter Review

Miura Putter (7)

50 Words or Less

The Miura KM-007 putter has a great shape.  Elegant and simple.  Nice blend of artistry and engineering.  Perfectly minimalistic.

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Miura is one of those brands that the average golfer may not know much about, the avid golfer might know them, but the golf freaks certainly know them.  In hand, every golfer will agree that any Miura club is something special.  With a well established reputation placing them at the top of the industry for forged irons, Miura introduced putters to their mix and created simple, elegant designs that scream perfection.

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I have to be 100% honest here.  When I saw a picture of the Miura KM-007 we were getting in to review, I wasn’t all that impressed by its appearance.  I thought, “This putter looks fine, but I don’t understand all the hype.”  Wow…what a mistake.  As soon as I got the KM-007 in hand, I felt stupid.  Very stupid.

The initial presentation of the putter in its protective bag makes you realize you’ve entered a different realm of golf clubs.  You pull it out of the bag to see the black and yellow Miura mallet headcover.   Then you remove the cover to find one of the most perfect looking putters you’ve ever seen.  With no marking on the putter except the sight line and the sole branding, this putter lets its craftsmanship and design do all of the talking.  I was completely blown away by how perfect the KM-007 looked and I couldn’t wait to get it out on the course as soon as possible.

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Sound & Feel

Classic can be used to describe so many aspects of the Miura KM-007 putter.  Upon contact, the KM-007 produces a classic “click” that will only come from a finely forged steel.  Throughout the range of putters I have reviewed to date, this KM-007 putter finds itself as one of the front runners for most appealing sound off the face.  The Miura KM-007 is still one of the softest feeling putters , but it still maintains high levels of response.

When it comes to forged clubs, golfers use the term “buttery” to a painful extent.  I’ve felt a lot of these so-called “buttery” clubs and it’s usually an overstatement derived from someone being excited about their new clubs.  Well guess what: the Miura KM-007 feels buttery.  I officially know what buttery feels like in a golf club now.  The feel is so smooth and delicate that if it wasn’t for the clicky sound and high response, you would never guess there’s a chance in hell that you have a big hunk of metal attached to the end of the putter shaft.

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I am not much of a mallet or mid-mallet kind of guy these days, but the results I was seeing on the greens with the Miura KM-007 have me second guessing myself.  It seems like some putters roll the ball in a direction and some putters set the ball on a line that just tracks down its path like it’s on mission to find the center of the cup.  The KM-007 really puts the ball on a great line and a nice end-over-end roll because of its precision balance, stability, and sheer mass.  This is one of those coveted putters that sets the ball on a line and lets you watch it barrel its way toward the hole with confidence.

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I feel like I’ve entered a special club now that I’ve had an opportunity to spend some extended time with a Miura golf club.  My experience with the Miura KM-007 was nothing short of eye opening and has left me intrigued by what else Miura has to offer.  A quick browse around the Miura website will show you a common theme of Miura’s “commitment to tradition” and their aspirations for the “purity of the strike” which is why so much care and attention to detail goes into all of their products, especially their putters.  With a forging process that gets a metal grain as close to perfect as humanly possible, it’s no wonder that Katsuhiro Miura has supplied clubs to many major winners and is sought out by many for unmatched perfection.

Price & Specs

The Miura KM-007 putter retails for $450.

It weighs 360 grams and comes standard with 4° of loft and a 72° lie angle.

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  1. is it face balanced or toe balanced?

  2. Is it possible to adjust the lie angle of the KM-007 putter to 63-68 degrees? I am looking for a forged putter that matches the lie angle of my wedges. I prefer my wedges to be about 5 degrees flat. Thanks in advance.

    • I asked one of the leading Miura experts in America, Chip Usher of Usher Golf, and here’s his reply:

      “I personally would not bend one lower than 68*. It can be bent more, but there is a risk of hurting/pinching the hosel.”

      Hope that helps!

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