Maui Jim Pohaku Sunglasses Review

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With optics that enhance contrast and make it easier to track ball flight, the Maui Jim Pohaku sunglasses are a great choice for protecting your eyes and enjoying your time on the golf course.


If you take a quick glance at my review on the Maui Jim Kapuna sunglasses, you’ll see the frame style is completely different from these Pohaku sunglasses.  What may not be so obvious is the lens differences, which I’ll also explore below.  One of the beauties of Maui Jim is a wide variety of styles and a tight repertoire of lens, all intended to suit your individual needs.


Mother Nature couldn’t have been nicer for testing the Maui Jim Pohaku sunglasses.  She provided blistering bright sun, beautiful scattered white clouds, plus dark skies with spitting rain – all in one day.  The performance of the Maui Rose lenses was awesome in all conditions.  The tint was dark enough that my eyes felt relaxed in the direct sun, but light enough to continue to enhance contrast even when light levels dropped.

Maui Jim claims the Maui Rose lens color offers the highest contrast of their lenses and is best for fast moving sports – and I couldn’t agree more.  A golf ball off the driver is what I consider fast, and I was able to follow the ball better than with any sunglasses of recent memory.  The rose color is very subtle, so the ball, friendly clouds and sand all still looked virtually white.  The clarity of the Maui Pure lenses was indeed ‘pure’ throughout my field of vision.  I couldn’t observe any appreciable difference in clarity between these Maui Pure lenses and the Maui Brilliant of the Kapuna review.

Speaking of field of vision, the Pohaku frames are great un-obstructionists.  More on that next section.  One final note regarding performance – the great fit didn’t allow much air movement for me, resulting in the need to wipe sweat from around the nose pads a few times.  Overall, the sunglasses are very lightweight, thanks in part to innovative magnesium frame fronts.

Style & Fit

The curvature of the Maui Jim Pohaku sunglasses provides a performance inspired take on the rectangular style.  The matte blue color is a nice departure from the typical black, glossy frames seen on most golf courses, and it pairs well with the Maui Rose lenses.  Branding is minimal.

Even with no adjustable features, these are one of the best fitting sunglasses I’ve worn this year.  The curvature keeps the frames close to your face, minimizing sunlight from the sides.  The fit is firm around your head at your ears but in no way uncomfortable.  More of a secure feeling, like you’d want if on a boat.


In the end, the Maui Jim Pohaku were the opposite of my assumptions.  Based on their size, I expected the sunglasses to be heavy – they’re lightweight.  I assumed the Maui Rose color would make everything look pink – it made colors more vivid.  And the secure fit surely would get uncomfortable – wrong again.  Bottom line is Maui Jim makes outstanding sunglasses.  The Pohaku are a great example, combining a stylish and functional frame with the excellent optics of the Maui Pure lenses in Maui Rose.

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Matt Meeker

Matt lives in sunny Orlando with his wife who allows his golf obsession to stretch the limits of normalcy. He's also a proud coach with The First Tee of Central Florida who loves teaching kids about golf and life skills.

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  1. I once had some dark polarized lenses for my Oakleys and found them terrible for golf. The ground was so flat and I could could not see the ball well on the ground or in the air. This was especially true in shady areas and had to remove the glasses. Since then I have not tried any polarized lenses for golf, thinking that they would all be the same. Does this happen at all with Maui Jim’s? Thx for your response.

    • Matt Meeker

      Thanks for sharing your observation Alex. What I’ve discovered is every company’s offerings are different. The technology, combination of technologies, and lens colors really makes a difference. Some brands encourage polarization, some state it’s bad for golf. As far as Maui Jim, their polarization is a positive as it relates to golf in my book.


      Matt M

  2. I have a couple of MJ that I use for driving and such and a pair of Bolle that I use when I’m at the beach. I didn’t have the Pohaku glasses, mine were the plain MJ Sport. with a gradient lens. I can attest to the lens quality and optics though as being one of the best.

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