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Matrix Speed Rulz Shafts Review


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The Matrix Speed Rulz shafts come in three different shaft profiles – A, B, and C-Type – for optimal performance for a range of players.



Matrix is long known in the golf industry as a maker of very smooth feeling high-end shafts and has had some major hits with shafts like the THPD, White Tie, Red Tie, and the Black Tie.  As clubs have evolved, the shaft market has needed to keep up by changing their designs to accommodate newer head designs without sacrificing speed and performance.  The Matrix Speed Rulz shaft line is Matrix’s latest attempt to modernize their lineup to give golfers an optimal setup with modern club heads.



I’ve always been a fan of Matrix’s looks with their lines of shafts.  They always have a little bit of a futuristic look without going overboard.  The Matrix Speed Rulz line is no exception.  The color scheme is a basic red, black, and white but the visible Mangsa material weave is a cool touch.  You can actually feel the bumps of the Mangsa weave which gives the Speed Rulz a little extra aesthetic flair.



While all three Matrix Speed Rulz shafts have that signature smoothness that Matrix is known for, all three shafts still certainly have their own unique feel.  The A-Type has a firm tip section, a medium firmness in the middle of the shaft, and a softer butt end.  The end result is that the A-Type feels a bit softer, like the club kicks toward the end of the shaft at impact.  The B-Type Speed Rulz has a stiffer butt and mid section which creates a little bit more counterbalance feel for the modern heavier club heads.  For my money, the Type B is the right in the middle, the “just right” Goldilocks shaft of the lineup.  The C-Type is more stable (read: stout) with a smooth profile.  This is going to be for the faster swinging players looking for a smooth, firm feel.



True to what we preach at PluggedInGolf, the three Matrix Speed Rulz all perform differently and the end result will vary based on the player swinging them.  On paper, it would seem the A-Type is supposed to be the highest launching, the B-Type in the middle, and the C-Type the lowest.  I actually had a slightly different experience.

Matrix Speed Rulz Type A LM Data

The Speed Rulz A-Type felt soft, responsive, and easy to hit.  That said, I never quite felt like I could really tear into the ball, but man, this shaft was super accurate.  I would argue that my accuracy was better than the data above, I just left a couple of outliers in.  If you subscribe to the theory of sacrificing yards for accuracy, this shaft is a no brainer.  The A-Type is also very easy to launch in the air.

Matrix Speed Rulz Type B LM Data

As I mentioned before, the Speed Rulz B-Type is my Goldilocks of the Speed Rulz lineup.  I was generally pretty pleased with all of the numbers.  I had a nice medium trajectory, nice low spin with good roll.  The only thing I would have liked to be a bit different would be a little more speed to increase my carry a bit.  Of the three shafts, I actually launched the B-Type the lowest of them all.

Matrix Speed Rulz Type C LM Data

I think the C-Type is a great shaft if you have the swing for it.  Even at 113 mph, I felt like I couldn’t get the shaft to kick.  It felt good, it wasn’t hard to contain, I just couldn’t maximize it.  In the hands of a player that swings about 4 MPH faster than me, he said there was a noticeable kick, and he really liked what he was getting.  Though higher launching and spinning for me than the B-Type, the C-Type still had a nice piercing flight.  For me, swinging the C-Type in a lighter flex is key, but others may experience differently.



Staying current, innovative, and ahead of the curve while staying true to your roots that have made you successful isn’t easy in the golf industry.  Matrix has done a solid job with the Speed Rulz shafts making a lineup of shafts that are better suited to modern equipment but still have the signature smooth feel that Matrix fans have stood behind for so many years.  As we always preach though, the answer as to which shaft is best for you can only truly be found through proper testing and fitting.  As my data shows above, all players will experience different results so thankfully Matrix has three different options to optimize your club setup as best as possible.

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  1. Hi Mr. Bush,
    I am playing the C type in 70 gr. since few months. I do not have your swing speed but I am agressive swinger. Dispersion is excellent and feel is very good. I did not try the B type but I tried the A type in 60 gr. It was to light for me.

    Very good shaft. Quality wise, I put it in the same category of 757 speeder evolution which I also love and play in a another driver.
    Best regards,

  2. Smash seems down in these tests, would you say the shaft is responsible for that or is it the head used in the test and your swing characteristics? I believe in another article you mentioned having a negative aoa, is that a factor?

    • Clay,

      Can you point me to the review where I mentioned I had a negative aoa? Just so I have a place to start in that portion of your question.

      I used my gamer head so I wouldn’t say “yes, it was the head” but we always stress that just because a head is ideal in a certain shaft combo, it may not work in another.



      • Bill,

        I looked this up, it was the Rogue 125 shaft review where Matt actually stated you were a “higher spin player”. I think based on your chs vs spin I just interpreted that as a negative AoA, I see from rereading that article that it was never actually stated. I apologize if my assumption was incorrect.


        • I would say my aoa is pretty neutral. It can fluctuate a bit either direction of zero depending on the day as well as the frequency of playing/swinging a club.


  3. does your company make a-type 59r

  4. Mark Perencevic

    all the reviews I read are about driver shafts. What I would like to know is how the Speed Rulz shaft plays in an Iron and what I can expect. I have Speed Rulz A flex in my Wilson 300 irons. Thank You

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