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The Linksoul Loreto Collection adds stylish off-course pieces to the brand’s comfortable and performance inspired golf apparel lineup.  Innovative fabrics, exceptional attention to details.


The Linksoul Loreto Collection was inspired by the coastal town of Loreto in Baja Mexico.  The colors and materials of the collection reminded me of a blanket I brought back from Mexico years ago, which turned out to be a wonderful backdrop for the photos you see here.  And while you may think of Linksoul as a golf apparel brand, the Loreto Collection is about extending the day’s journey beyond the golf course.


Laid back, yet upscale.  Each piece of the Linksoul Loreto Collection seems perfect for relaxing on a beachfront barstool or beside a backyard fire pit.  Coming off the golf course wearing the Monterey microstripe polo, you’ll find the Anchorage Seawool Shacket – yes Shacket –  a stylish midweight layer you can slip on when the temperatures start to drop.  The clever name is a mashup of being heavier than a typical shirt, yet lighter and less bulky than a jacket.  On the style front, the Shacket features a rounded cut at the hips for a polished look.

Seawool was also a new word for me, and is in fact a revolutionary new fabric that blends polyester made from recycled plastic bottles and upcycled oyster shells.  I appreciate companies like Linksoul that strive to be earth friendly.  It’s even better when doing so results in a better product.  To me the Seawool feels sturdy like wool but softer.  It’s also naturally odor resistant and thermoregulating.

Creating a cohesive collection is more than colors that work together, it’s also paying attention to details.   If you look closely at the photos you’ll note that the top buttons on all three tops were stitched with turquoise colored thread.  And take a look at the beautiful fabric band that runs up the button line on the Shacket, another detail that adds to the upscale look – well done, Linksoul.

Hoodies are trendy these days, and Linksoul took their Ojai Lux Terry Hoodie to the next level.  100% cotton and sturdier than a typical performance quarter zip, the Ojai Hoodie looks and feels substantial and inviting.  And once again, details abound with ribbed cuffs and side panels and a dual layer hood.

I’ll close out the style section with the lovely Printed Heather Quills Astoria Shirt.  Lightweight and breathable, the DirLoft fabric has a luxurious feel that matches the stylish look.  You won’t see me sporting this shirt on the golf course, but the full button, button down Astoria is my ideal shirt for dinner in the clubhouse.


Let me start with the Monterey Performance Polo – it’s a near perfect fit for me.  And I only use “near” because I never use absolutes.  At 5’ 10”, 165 lbs. with a fairly athletic build, medium is my go-to size, and the Monterey medium was spot on.  Shoulder seams aligned nicely, sleeve length covered my biceps, and the torso length was perfect for keeping a nice tuck.  Overall the fit was athletic without being form fitting.

The Astoria full button (as Linksoul calls it) was also a fantastic fit.  The only difference from the polo is the length, which is ideal for wearing untucked.  Likely obvious from the description above, the Shacket is cut to be a comfortable second layer.  I liked that it had room in the shoulders for grabbing a pass that’s a bit high, and that the sleeves rolled up neatly.  As for the Ojai Hoodie, it’s roomy without looking like it’s just oversized.


Spring weather has brought a general warm up in the Carolina Lowcountry, but far from hot enough to evaluate the “Triple Chill effect” of the Monterey’s performance fabric that features brrr technology.  Learning that Triple Chill refers to “mineral cooling, active wicking and rapid drying,” I’m looking forward to feeling comfortable playing this summer.  What I can state is the polo had plenty of stretch – true to the Linksoul golf roots.


This was my first in-depth look at this brand, and I’m thoroughly impressed with the Linksoul Loreto Collection.  It has me dreaming about vacationing at a resort in Mexico – looking sharp and feeling comfortable.   I’ll end with this gem from Linksoul co-founder and CEO John Ashworth: “Our focus is on delivering exceptional comfort and performance, all while staying true to the soul of golf. With an unwavering commitment to sustainability and style, Linksoul’s Loreto Collection is for golfers who seek more than just clothing; they seek an authentic experience.”

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