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Lamkin Comfort Plus Grip Review

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The Lamkin Comfort Plus grip is designed for the player who wants soft grips but doesn’t want to sacrifice durability.  Tacky feel.


When I was first becoming a gear head, many years ago, I tried a full set of soft grips.  It took all of two weeks to start seeing wear spots.

Since then, I’ve tried “comfort” grips here and there but avoided them for my gamers because I’ve never found anything with real durability.  The Lamkin Comfort Plus seeks to break that trend.


Like the other 2018 Lamkin grips, the Comfort Plus is neither too plain nor too bold.  In standard and midsize, it’s a black grip with red and white accents near the top and bottom of the grip.  For those that play an undersized grip, it’s white with blue accents.


The Comfort Plus is, as the name suggests, very comfortable in your hands.  It’s soft and has a lot of give when you squeeze it.  In addition to being easy on your hands, the extra cushioning soaks up a lot of the sting of mishit shots.


Since it’s designed for comfort, the Comfort Plus can’t use cord, harsh textures, or patterns to create grip and traction.  Instead, it uses tack.  Lamkin has used an unbuffed finish on the Comfort Plus to make them as tacky as possible.  I found that the tack is very durable and needs only a quick wipe with a wet towel to be revived.

Though it doesn’t have the bold textures of Lamkin’s other 2018 grips, the Comfort Plus uses visual cues to promote consistent hand placement.  The red and white stripes were a good reminder to keep my hands in the same place on every shot.

Most important, I found that the Comfort Plus is very durable.  I installed one on my primary practice wedge and hit hundreds of shots over the course of a few weeks.  After all that, there was no noticeable difference from a new grip.  For the player that doesn’t practice much and plays once or twice a week, these grips should last a full season at the very least.

Finally, like the TS1 and Sonar grips, the Comfort Plus has a reduced-taper profile.  Lamkin is using this in all of their 2018 models to help golfers have more consistent grip pressure between their left and right hands and to make the entirety of the grip more playable.  For some golfers, the larger diameter in the right hand will also make hooks less likely.


The Lamkin Comfort Plus proves that a grip can be both comfortable and durable.  If you want something that will be easy on your hands, soak up the sting of mishits, and last at least a full season, give these a try.

Buy Lamkin Comfort Plus Grips HERE

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  1. Michael Monte

    I currently use Mid Size Winn Dri-Tac grips and find the do wear quickly, I’ll be giving these a try and see how they perform. #SecretGiveaway

  2. Received a Lamkin grip in special promotion by Lamkin. Put it on my 3 wood Big Betha. Had never tried Lamkin before. Love it. Now, if it just lasts. I really get tired of changing my grips every year like I do with the Winn grips I used.

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