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The Lamkin TS1 grip is an excellent choice for the player who wants a firm, responsive grip without the harshness of cord.


When it comes to grips, players who want something responsive are likely to get something corded and rough.  With their new TS1 grip, Lamkin is giving those players an alternative: a grip that provides feedback without ripping up your hands.


The TS1 grip has a distinctive look but doesn’t go over the top.  At first glance, your eyes are drawn to the ribbon of red near the middle of the grip.  You’ll also notice the silver grid pattern under the upper hand.  Despite these interesting details, traditionalists will still be very comfortable with the TS1.


The Lamkin TS1 is the firmest of the company’s new 2018 offerings.  This offers maximum feedback on shot quality, something the better player demands.  The downside, of course, is that stinging mishits are transmitted at full volume.

What I noticed first when I laid my hands on the TS1 were the different textures throughout the grip.  There’s a distinct feel in the “grid” section, another in the “ribbon,” and still another in black, lower portion.  These sections aren’t wildly different, but they offer a subtle cue about consistent hand placement.

Lamkin lists “tacky” as one of the TS1’s features, but I find it to be a very mild tack.  Of course, if you clean your grips regularly you will preserve more of the tacky sensation.


The first thing I wondered about when testing the Lamkin TS1 was how good the traction would be.  I’ve been devoted to cord grips for years, and I wasn’t sure that plain rubber could give me the same grip.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that the combination of light tack and textured rubber gave me all the control I needed without squeezing the life out of the club.

Something that is new for Lamkin’s 2018 collection is the profile.  All of their club grips feature less taper than traditional grips.  This means that the lower portion of the grip is very similar in size to the top of the grip.  One clear benefit is that you can choke down and still have a similar feel in your hands.  Many players also feel that a reduced taper prevents a hook.

Finally, I found the different textures to be a subtle but clear reminder to keep my hand placement consistent.  Grips that promote consistency are a big trend right now, and the TS1 achieves this without the drawbacks of a rib.


The Lamkin TS1 grip is a welcome addition to the market because it provides something new.  Golfers can get responsive feel without the harshness of cord, and they can have a hand placement reminder without a rib.  I expect the TS1 will make converts out of a lot of players in the coming seasons.

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