LA Golf Shafts Ozik TP 125 Putter Shaft Review

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Utilizing advanced materials, the Ozik TP 125 from LA Golf Shafts brings enhanced stability to the putter head while reducing vibration through the shaft.


LA Golf Shafts – who? Putter shaft – what?  Those were my first reactions when Matt asked me to review this new product.  But after listening to Matt’s podcast with LA Golf Partners’ John Oldenburg, it all started to come into focus.  LA Golf Shafts does things differently, including partnering with tour players – in this case Bryson DeChambeau.  Bryson is a technical oddity in his approach to golf and strives to remove variables that affect performance.   The Ozik TP putter shaft is the result of his involvement in the design process and his investment in the company.

Important note:  know thy hosel.  The only straight shafted putter I had to utilize for this review was my Scotty Cameron Monterey and I strode into Club Champion with it and the Ozik TP shaft for help in the build.  Master fitter Doug Guido was quick to recognize that my putter has a shaft over hosel design and wouldn’t work.  The Ozik TP is a 0.370 parallel tip shaft that inserts into a plumbers neck.  In the spirit of exploration, Doug volunteered his gamer Newport and also shared his observations – which matched mine as if he had cheated off my paper.


The matte black putter shaft with silver OZIK graphic really looks sharp paired with a stainless head.  The red LAGP logo provides a pleasing splash of color.  Less obvious in grey is an elongated TP accompanied by mathematical equations and futuristic symbols that may hold the key to alien contact.  The OZIK TP also comes in white.


Stable was the first word to come to mind with the Ozik TP shaft installed.  With the stock metal shaft, I felt the head when swinging freely in the air.  With the 125 gram Ozik TP, the putter felt like a unified club – shaft and head flowing as one.

Striking the golf ball, the stability of the Ozik TP was even more noticeable.  Reducing vibration and head twist, feedback was more focused and feel seemed heightened.  Sound was crisper.  There’s also a 135 gram shaft for golfers with heavier putter heads or those wanting a heavy putter overall.


Unlike feel, where I instantly recognized a difference between the steel shaft and the graphite Ozik TP, I found the difference in performance more difficult to quantify.  Roll remained consistent to my naked eye.  Forgiveness also appeared consistent.  I simply felt like I was putting better with the Ozik TP.

Logic leads me to believe that stability must result in some performance improvements, but it would take robotic type repetitive testing to empirically assess.

Hitting more putts increased my comfort factor, and I expect that as my confidence builds over time, performance will improve.  It does seem evident that the stability and improved feel could translate into more solid contact and more consistency, all leading to a strong potential for improved performance.


The most noteworthy reveal of stability came with some off center strikes on long, cross green putts – solid, not harsh.  For golfers who utilize longer putters, LA Golf Shafts offer the Ozik TP in a 180 gram model.   Thinking about the physics of moving the grip further from the head, the advantages of the Ozik TP really come into play.  Reduced vibration and greater stability – I think Bryson is onto something.

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  1. Dustin Ziegler

    Any additional testing or general comments? Thinking of trying it out in an armlock version myself.

  2. Thank you for the review. I have a question since i was thinking about doing this exact upgrade on my newport, i was wondering how your master fitter matched the .370 to the .355 bore of the plumbers neck hosel ?

  3. How does this compare to the Stability shaft?

    • I haven’t spent any time with the Stability shaft in a putter Brian. If you get the chance to hit some putts with both please share your findings with us.

      – Meeks

  4. How would you compare this to the Stroke Lab shaft? Are they the same thing? Thanks

  5. I am looking for a 33 inch putter length, does it come in different lengths?
    If not and you need to cut down, should you order the heavier version to account for the loss of weight after fitted?

    • Matt Meeker


      Since it’s been a while since that post, I visited the LA Golf Shafts website – simple to do with the links in the review. Currently their putter shafts come in two weights, but that corresponds with lengths – standard and long. So for your scenario, you’d want the 135. I recommend you verify directly with LA Golf.

      – Meeks

  6. Hi Matt,

    i am using scotty cameron new port 2.5, is it possible to change the shaft to this LA Golf Shafts Ozik TP 135 Putter? because from what i heard the shaft doesnt fit in scotty cameron newport 2.5


    • Matt Meeker

      The shaft only fits female style hosels Kelvin. So no, you won’t be able to utilize an LA Golf putter shaft to the best of my knowledge.

      – Meeks

  7. Hi Matt,

    what do you mean by fits female style hosels? does it fit in scotty cameron newport 2?

    thank you

    • Matt Meeker

      I don’t want to get into the birds and the bees here Kelvin, but take a look at the photos in this review and compare to your shaft and putter head. It’s actually the language LA Golf uses on their site. As I stated previously, you can not use this shaft on your Newport 2.5. But yes, it does fit with the Newport 2.

      – Meeks

  8. Tom Mitchell

    I have a Scotty Cameron Golf select Can I put this shaft in it? What about the hosel. How will change the dynamics and weight?????

    • Matt Meeker

      It depends on which model/hosel you have Tom. Some Select putters are compatible, some are not. Take another look at my review – it’s spelled out clearly.

      – Meeks

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