LA Golf Bel-Air X Putter Review

la golf bel-air x putter cavity

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The LA Golf Bel-Air X putter is noticeably more stable than your typical Anser.  Consistent launch angle thanks for Descending Loft Face.  Unique aesthetics.


Last summer, LA Golf made the surprise move of adding a putter to their established line of high performance golf shafts.  With a huge price tag and an ad campaign that took direct aim at putting’s biggest name, the LA Golf Putter turned a lot of heads.

New for 2023, LA Golf is back with four new putters.  Both the bombast and the price have been turned down substantially, but the technology is still there.  I tested the Bel-Air X to see if that combination will have more golfers bagging an LA Golf putter.


When you take the LA Golf Bel-Air X putter out of its head cover, the first thing you’re struck by is the forged carbon fiber.  The look of this material is unlike anything I’ve seen in a putter.  It has hints of Damascus steel, but it’s more layered than swirly.

A second look reveals that this is a multi-material putter.  The majority of the head is forged carbon fiber, but the face and neck are stainless steel.  There is also a “high-density weighting system” in the heel and toe, but LA Golf doesn’t specify the material.  All these different materials are black, giving the Bel-Air X an overall stealthy appearance.

LA Golf Bel-Air X Putter address

At address the original blade version of the LA Golf Putter [review HERE] was much larger than a traditional Anser-style putter.  The Bel-Air and Bel-Air X, however, are only a fraction of an inch longer from front-to-back and heel-to-toe.  That difference does seem bigger in the playing position as the cavity is noticeably larger than the golf ball.

The Bel-Air putter is the same as the Bel-Air X, but it uses matte carbon which doesn’t have the layered, intricate look of the forged carbon fiber.  If Anser-style putters aren’t your thing, LA Golf also offers the Malibu and Malibu X.  These are fang-style mallets with matte carbon or forged carbon heads, respectively.

Sound & Feel

The combination of a stainless steel face, carbon fiber body, and LA Golf P-Series shaft [review HERE] gives the Bel-Air X a very solid, muted feel.  The LA Golf putter shaft “cleans” the feel of impact.  On mishits, the character of the impact feel doesn’t change, but you’re still able to determine the strike location.

Striking a Tour quality ball with the LA Golf Bel-Air X putter produces a mid-pitch “tock” that’s slightly above average in volume.  The feedback on strike quality comes primarily through volume because, like the feel, the sound doesn’t change on mishits.  Pure strikes are slightly louder than off-center strikes.


The exotic look of the LA Golf Bel-Air X putter hints at the technology inside.  There are three key features that make this noticeable more stable and consistent than your traditional Anser.

First is the high MOI (over 6700 g/cm²) achieved through the multi-material construction.  Because the carbon body is much lighter than steel, more weight can be put in the heel and toe.  LA Golf’s “high-density weighting system” makes up almost 55% of the total head weight, which makes this putter more resistant to twisting.  That translates to off-center strikes holding their intended line.

The second key technology is the Descending Loft Face.  From top to bottom, this putter has lofts of 4, 3, 2, and 1 degree.  This is done to create consistent launch angles and roll out regardless of the strike quality.  In my testing, I did see a measurable improvement in launch angle consistency compared to a standard milled Anser.

Finally, the Bel-Air X has an LA Golf graphite putter shaft.  This shaft is both very heavy and heavy stable.  It’s impossible to say how much of this club’s stability of owed to the head versus the shaft, but the combination is extremely stout.

Leaving aside all this technology, the Bel-Air X plays like a standard Anser.  It has a 4:30 toe hang, which I found very comfortable.  The only thing that was off-putting was the alignment line which is about 1/4″ closer to the heel.  This required some getting used to, but the forgiveness in this putter smoothed the transition.

LA Golf Bel-Air X Putter sole


If you want a technological upgrade without leaving the comfort of the Anser-style, the LA Golf Bel-Air X putter is the flat stick for you.  At $600, it is pricey, but given the inclusion of a $400 shaft, you could look at it as a bargain.  You can also save $100 by opting for the standard, less exotic looking Bel-Air.

Visit LA Golf HERE

Matt Saternus


  1. Ron Owens

    How about reviewing something, anything the average golfer can afford!

    • Matt Saternus


      You might consider reading more than one article before posting something this stupid. We spill gallons of digital ink reviewing budget friendly products such as the new laser from Shot Scope, clubs from Takomo, and more direct to consumer golf balls than I can readily name. We cover the entire golf industry. Some of the gear is expensive. That’s life.


      PS – Free advice: If you’re commenting to try to build backlinks to your site, you might consider making the comments pleasant so the site hosts don’t remove the link.


        I want to see the premium product reviews as well as the budget product reviews, to help me determine if I’m getting value for my dollar. Speaking of which, Miura irons, especially the KM 700’s would be an interesting read/review. Thanks for all you do. Cheers!

  2. Matt,

    Do you like the face tech better in these than the Sweet Face in an Evnroll?

    • Matt Saternus


      I haven’t rolled an Evnroll in a long time, and I don’t know that I’ve ever had one on a launch monitor. Generally, I think that the claims Evnroll makes about their face are a little…strong…for my taste, but that isn’t to say that it doesn’t work.



  3. Geez Matt…Your response to Ron was terrible. Very disappointing!

    • Matt Saternus


      I’m sorry you feel that way.


      Adding this a bit later: Tom, I’m not sure how long you’ve been reading Plugged In Golf. This August we’re celebrating our 10th year online. I’m incredibly grateful for the readership that allows us to keep doing this. However, I’ve also endured 10 years of daily nonsense from people like Ron who contribute nothing but feel the need to be critical (cue the world’s tiniest violins, haha). At some point, people need to be made aware that they can’t come into my house and spit on the floor without being told to leave.

      • Shady Andy

        Matt, I’ve been reading your golf information for years, and thought your response to Ron was Perfect! Always call out douchebaggery.

      • Matt: Have been a fan of your reviews on PluggedInGolf (and your prior reviews on other golf forums)…
        “+1” on appreciating your effort to review this LA Golf putter , and delighted to see your measured (and to-the-point!) replies to Ron on calling out non-value-add comments left on your site… Your website, your rules!

        Please continue to provide these insightful & trusted reviews… and continue to ignore/ don’t feed the trolls!

    • I thought Matt’s response was relevant and appropriate. Golf equipment, accessories, and apparel has various price points and PIG does an excellent job of serving the market. Thanks, Matt.

    • He was completely honest. Disappointing? Lol

  4. Matt, please do us all a favor and delete comments that complain about price. It’s a scourge of golf equipment reviews everywhere. When a car reviewer reviews a new Ferrari, the comment section isn’t deluged with complaints that Ferraris are expensive.

  5. A critique of the bel air is that it’s only right hand orientation. After trying one – that my wife was considering purchasing, the bel-air almost convinced me to change from left handed orientation to right.

    • I know this is almost a year later, but as a fellow lefty I’m pleased to let you know that both the bel-air and Malibu are now available in their respective “X” models for us lefties. I can’t afford one at the moment and am pleased with my Bettinardi SS7, but if it happens to misbehave during a time that I have some spare cash, both are on my short list to test.

  6. Tom Francis

    These complaints about price are everywhere. And always annoying. I’m really interested is the concept of this putter. Thanks for reviewing it.

  7. Darren Finch

    Hi Matt,
    I never comment on these review post, however on this occasion I feel compelled to do so.
    I have been reading your newsletter reviews for many years now and I fully appreciate your open and honest reviews.
    Also your podcast is first class
    I fully stand by you in calling out Ron for his completely stupid negative comment. Especially when you test equipment from the cheapest to the most expensive out there.
    Keep doing what you are doing, it’s great.

  8. This putter is truly a huge leap forward in tech that actually works.

    I have never purchased a new putter in my life, picked one up in a store on a whim- not even knowing what is was or reading any review and walked out of the store with one 30 minutes later. It’s that good. I love blade putters and hate the look of mallets but I cant deny the advantages that the stability of the mallet head brings. This is the best of both worlds.

    When the golf world catches on to this thing, it will be very popular. I think it will be a hit.

    On the comment about price. Stupid comment by the OP. Is it expensive? Yes. Will it give me happiness and enjoyment for years to come? Yes. Would I have bought it when I was a starving student? No. That’s why I can afford one now.

  9. Regarding Matt’s reply to Ron.
    Matt, I’ve been reading your reviews for several years and have found them to be helpful and professionally written. But in these times of severe divide in the U.S., or for that matter any time, I believe you could have made your point easily, without referring to Ron’s comment as stupid.

  10. I posted my own review on another website, and came to similar conclusions and I really like adding the Belair X to my collection. I find it sad when so many people have comments that are so vitriolic in nature. Geez, if someone doesn’t want it or it’s over budget, keep moving. I want a 009 Circle T, but it’s over my budget. Doesn’t mean I hate SC or a reviewer, based on my economic situation. Firing on a manufacturing company for its’ sales price? Makes no sense and firing at you for reviewing? Never adds value to the purpose of the conversation, which is to help golfers decide to give a product a try or pass… IMHO

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